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Oh my goodness, although i am on Month 5 of ttc, i got my BFP yesterday and i must say i was very shocked!! i didn't think it had happened, and after BFN on days 31, 32 33 and 34 of my 29 day cycle i was convinced i had one of those AF's that had gone awol. have been really swollen and was getting stressed that my belly looked big so thought would use the last of many tests up just to convince myself i really need to be getting to the gym to shift the xmas pounds and i got the biggest shock a positive!!!!! i nearly fell of the seat. how when your on month 5 you can be shocked is shocking!

yesterday evening i went and got a CBD so i could take a pic of it, and it felt like my heart had been ripped out as it said not pregnant, i couldn't stop crying. my hubbie insisted i went and got a load of other tests as we wanted to know what was going on and tbh i was devestated. anyway 5 different tests later they are all positive so woo hoo!! what a up and down day yesterday was. for all you ladies who's AF is late hang in there, it can happen! i really didn't expect it, but after 6 days i was wondering what was going on.

good luck to you all, i hope you all get your BFP's quickly.still can't believe it feel like its a dream!


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