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Nuchal Scan and Blood Test (April 2015)

Hi Girls, Was wondering if any of you are having the nuchal scan and blood test? Do you get this free where you live or do you have to go privately for it? If privately who are you using to have it done and if you don't mind me asking how much are they charging you? x


  • I think I will I did with my youngest with my oldest it was just the nuchal scan not the combined test, it's free where I am I didn't realise it wasn't everywhere.xx
  • No we have to pay which I think is terrible. I don't understand how they work that out? How they can decide by area if you have to pay or not. Cheapest I've found it for is ??119!!!
  • Hi popped over from due in March 2014.

    In Wales they offer the combined test (scan and bloods) and are done at 12 weeks.

    I believe in England you have to pay privately for it - but some places may offer it. It depends on the NHS trust probably.

    It doesnt seem fair that services vary so much depending on wehre you live.image

  • I live in England and I got the combined scan and blood test for free with my little girl. No mention of any charges. I will be having it again as was a big reassurance.
  • Babiseren I think it's really bad that they do that. It should be the same for everyone.

    Chip01 where abouts are you? I'm in Cheshire and the doctor told me we have to pay for it :/ x
  • Hiya! I remember I had the nuchal scan with my son. I don't think I had a blood test tho... I'll have the nuchal scan again this time and if I'm offered the blood test I'll do that too. X

  • When I paid for it with my last two little ones I went with a company called baby bond who are very good but they charge ??189 for the test!! That's really expensive!!!
  • I am in Lancashire so not a million miles away?!?!?!?
  • Just don't understand how they work it out image never mind will just have to save the pennies up to have it done x
  • We get it for free here (I'm in the West Midlands). I don't think it was available when I had my first two though. 

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