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Due in April 2016


I'm due 2nd April and looking for buddies image

I had a high beta that might mean twins but I'm going to have to wait for my scan on the 10th August so not too far away.

Anyone else due in April? xx



  • Hiya Lou1se! Welcome to the brand spanking new April 2016 Birth Club and congrats on not only your BFP, but also being the first to join! We're sure there will be more ladies joinging you soon! Ooo do let us know how your scan goes, won't you?

  • im due april  aswell ????

  • Hiya Hawk22, congratulations and welcome to MadeForMums and April's Birth Club!

  • Hiya Hawk, are you unsure ????

  • hi lou1se no i did try put a smiley face but came up with ???

  • Hi, sorry about all those question marks popping up - we're aware of this and we think it's when you're trying to use emoticons on iPhone (do tell us if that's not the case please?) and we're trying to work out a fix. In the meantime, there are some emoticons in our message box which might be worth a try instead.

  • hi daniellemfm yes it was emoji from an iphone 

  • I'm due the 2nd of April too! I'm so scared - this is my first.

  • Hello.... first time for me- due in April (I think) I don't understand how they calculate it. I think I'm 3 weeks but when I put in my first day of last period it says I'm 6 weeks. 

    Been having dull period like aches.... is this normal? 


  • You count from the first day of your last period. Mine was 27/06/2015 so I am five weeks today.

    I hope period like cramps are normal because I've been getting them this week. Not too painful and they come and go. No bleeding at all, which I hope is a good sign.

    Good luck xx

  • Hi Saraweez13, congratulations. I remember being terrified too when I found out I was first pregnant. Don't worry, it wears off!

    Welcome dori27! Lovely to have you here.

  • I don't understand that though because I know the exact date of conception so I don't know how they could say I was pregnant 3 weeks before I know I was! Lol. 

    I text the midwife about my aches and she said it's normal as long as that's all they are. Xx

  • It just makes it's easier to calculate as it's almost impossible to pinpoint when you actually conceived.

    Going by health care professionals calculations, I'm 5 weeks but my CB Digital said 1-2 weeks. 

    Thank goodness it's normal - I keep checking for blood just in case. xx

  • Yes so do I!! Is this your first? I found out Tuesday at work in the toilets! Lol. ..I was just trying to rule things out as to why I felt so tired. I didn't think for one minute I would be pregnant really. But the shock has worn off a bit now and I'm feeling excited xx

  • I found out Tuesday too! I was at home as I'm on annual leave, luckily. This is my first - is this your first too? I'm so scared. I keep asking friends of what I'm feeling is normal as I have no idea. X

  • Yes this is my first image I'm trying not to tell any if my friends yet... but it's hard!! All I've noticed really is that I'm ridiculously tired. Apart from that.... I think I feel quite normal lol. I don't know if it's sunk in properly yet though to be honest. Had you been trying? Xx

  • My test said 1-2 weeks I haven't been to the doctors yet I will be booking in Monday I dying to know how far I am

  • I came off the pill in April. I can't believe how quickly it's happened so I'm convinced something will go wrong. Had you been trying? 

    I waiting until Tuesday for my midwife to call me. x

  • I was on the pill! But I'm thinking I must have missed a couple somewhere along the way. It was a major shock, I had to go home from work because I couldn't concentrate lol. Have you been to the doctors to pick up your 'starter' pack? You get it from the reception and fill in as much as you can  before your first midwife appointment. My test said 2-3 weeks. In a way I wish I didn't find out till 8 weeks or something because then I wouldn't have so much time to worry! Xx

  • I have picked one up but I haven't looked at it yet. I feel a little overwhelmed at the moment if I'm honest!

    I know what you mean, I wish I wasn't worrying so much. I keep taking tests to make sure the line is getting stronger! x

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