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Due in April 2016 Part 2

Hello everyone,

This is a new continuation thread for the Due in April 2016 Birth Club Part 1peeps, as the original thread has become huge and now has so many pages, it's getting a bit hard to load.

We've posted a link to this new thread on the old thread, so hopefully everyone will be able to find it easily enough.




  • Morning everyone 

    in 8weeks today and have my first appointment on Monday. So hopefully will get my scan date very soon. Hope everyone is feeling alright. Cx

  • Morning, hope your appointment goes well Monday Charlotte. I'm 8+4 but my appointment isn't until the 30th,  it's the longest wait ever! Xx

  • Oh that is a long time to wait. My weeks are flying in just now. Cx

  • Morning ladies. Im 10 weeks today got my booking in app next week Saturday & blood test  this Thursday. 12 week Scan the Thursday after hope the next two weeks fly by!! Hope your appointment goes well Monday Charlotte :) 

  • I can't wait for things to start happening, really looking forward to having a 12 week scan date xx

  • nalc12. I got all three appointments come thru at the same time.. the blood test has to be done a few days before the nuchal scan to do the combined test then my booking app & scan 5 days after that xx

  • Hi teeteee, I have my booking in appointment and blood tests both on the 30th it's done in one appointment at my drs and then she will book my scan there and then xx

  • Oh maybe it's because yours is through your doctors. Mines all been booked through the hospital. with my other two the bloods were done on the same day as my booking apt don't know why they've changed it little bit annoying going to them seperately within days of each other hospital parking prices are a joke too lol xx

  • Yeah that does make matters a bit costly doesn't it! Hope all goes well :) xx

  • Hey ladies!

    10 weeks today-argh! Had my booking appointment yesterday so now I have my blue notes book and a bunch of freebie bounty things lol 

    she couldnt take blood so have to go back for the phlebotomist on Thursday! I havent missed the constant blood tests and urine samples lol

    nausea has turned into sickness :( couldn't even keep down water the other day! Hoping that because I didn't suffer with this level of sickness with my boys that maybe this one is a girl! Happy either way though lol

    consultant led care again :/ so can tell I will be spending a lot of time and money in hospital! Can't wait to get my scan date through, just want to know that everything's ok and then I can start to relax a little! X

  • Thank you nalc12 hope yours all goes well too :) xx

  • Hi all. :-) I hope you're all well. 

    12 weeks today! I'm so excited for my scan on Wednesday! Going to be at a different hospital I've never been to. I'm not looking forward to the bloods along with it. :-( 

  • Aww let us know how it goes mummyfee.. Can't wait for mine 12 days & counting lol I hear you on that one I am not looking forward to the blood test Either gonna be a right big baby squeezing my other half's hand off lol xx hope all goes well :)

  • Thank you Teetee! Xx I shall! You too. :-) You must be very excited! I can't wait to see baby. 

    Oh gosh I will be the same, even the thought of it is making me squirm! Blah. :-( But anything for baby hey. 

    Is anyone feeling fatigue? I'm feeling very heavy headed and weak. 

  • Definitely so excited! Hope the next 12 days fly by!! Lol and definitely anything for baby that's what will make me "man up" aha

    ive been sooo tired constantly this last week.. I get up an within a few hours I'm shattered!! Xx

  • Agreed I've never experienced tiredness like it. I had a really good sleep last night and woke naturally yet I've still had a nap this afternoon xx

  • 10+1 the sickness has returned and my nipples feel like they are on fire. Pregnancy is delightful 

  • i cant wait for my scan date, had 2 early scans due to history both with baby and heartbeat but its been nearly 2 weeks now and Im starting to panic that when i get to the next scan babys heart will have stopped or something, had a dream that i had my scan petter through with scan date of 14th October so lets see when it comes through! my main symptoms are swollen boobs, extreme tiredness, all day nausea (with on/off vomiting) and bloating (cant go toilet) lol xx

  • I feel your anxiousness rabiaandriz.. I had a another scan at 9weeks 5 days last Thursday thru sheer paranoia baby was fine.. I have my 12 week scan next Thursday gonna be so anxious till then.. xx

  • i know, am constantly on edge trying to keep busy lol xx

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