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The Due in April 2017 Big Birth Announcement Thread!

Hello everyone!

Well, it's very nearly April 2017 and we know there's been one new arrival from your Due in April 2017 birth club already, so we thought we'd better get this special thread underway for all your birth announcements.

Please use it to tell us all about your labour and birth, and your first moments with your newborn – and we'll come and shower you with congratulations! (And if you fancy posting picture too, we'd love that!)

Good luck everyone! We can't wait to hear all about your baby's first few moments!





  • My Birth Story

    On the week leading up to good Friday I had been having a number of irregular stop and start contractions and painful twinges as well as extreme tiredness.  On Good Friday morning I had been up all night with extreme pressure and pain in my cervix area which was making it difficult to walk so I called the labour ward who said for me to come in and be checked over to see if I was in early labour.  Luckily my sister in law had been staying for the week to look after DD should I go into labour so we headed off.  

    After examination she said babies head was really low and at and arkward angle with the cervix meaning it wasn't bearing down on the cervix correctly causing the irregular contractions and that I was only 1cm dilated.  Best thing was to bounce on ball to try and encourage a better head engaged position.  

    We headed home and for the rest of the day I spent I fair amount of time bouncing away.  That evening at about 6pm had a small pink discharge and the noticed contractions were starting again.  At 10pm had a mucus discharge and contractions were lasting longer but still spread out at irregular intervals.  Went to bed and tried to sleep.  Contractions continued to get more intense and at 4:30am were around 7mjns apart.  Sister in law had gone home so didn't want to wake DD and another family member so I took some parecetomal and tried to get more rest.   Managed to wake at 6am to all contractions gone!! Was so frustrated but then by 10am on Saturday they were back again every 20mins apart so just kept bouncing on ball. By 1:30pm contractions were 7mins  apart lasting 1min so called labour ward and they said that they needed them to be every 3/4 mins lasting over a minute before coming in.  So off phone and more bouncing! Contractions were coming very fast and by 2pm was happening at 4mins called back asked if I could come in.  They said yes and so we headed in on way we realised contractions were now longer called friends to say please could they pick DD up from hospital as we were not going to able to drop her off. 

    When at hospital examined to be told I was only 2cm dilated but baby was in much better position and fully engaged and to go for a walk to get more dilated they would not give me a room until 4cm and in established labor.  We head off get half way round and contractions are every minute lasting a minute and a half and DH insists we go back. 

    Ward say don't have birthing room ready and to wait in lounge so I continue bouncing on ball with intense contractions, some of which are bringing tears to my eyes as so painful. Room finally ready at 5:30pm.  Get in room given gas and air and they start running birthing pool, midwife says that given intensity and frequency of contractions baby looks close to being born 

  • charlamine - did your post get cut off? We're reading your birth on absolute tenterhooks - we know how it ends with your baby, but how did you get there? 

  • My birthing story- 

    On the 7th I had become fed up with being pregnant and decided to try all the wise tales that might bring on labour. I had been nesting all day with a massive burst of energy so cleaned the house top to bottom, took the dogs for a long walk, went food shopping, ate the hottest curry I could stand and did the deed! I soon started feeling sick and restless around 9 pm with the feeling I was leaking from down below. Around 10:30 I heard a pop and stood up for my waters to gush... I woke up my partner straight away who tried to persuade me to go back to sleep. Feeling really sick now and light headed I called the hospital who asked me to come in. I spent the entire night there on assessment ward being told that my waters didn't go! I finally managed to persuade them to scan me to which it showed I had lost my waters ! Was told to come back the next night if labour hadn't started naturally.  Great. I slept the entire day and headed back into the hospital that night . We had a absolute nightmare of them putting needles in for ivs with the nurse doing it wrong THREE times . One of the attempts my father had to tell them they done it wrong as my entire hand had swollen up while shaking with the pain! She hadn't noticed even after me pointing it out to them! After another 12 hours after pessary (contractions did start but stopped after a couple of hours) I was left for an entire day while they tried to find me a bed in the labour ward to start a drip. This entire time being attached to a drip to treat dehydration and to stop infection. I made friends with the rest of the ladies in the room, we wasted time with card games ect. We was all moved into our labour rooms at the same time (which was really lovely of them), I straight away got put on the drip and soon asked for a epidural as I hadn't slept in three days. 12 hours after I held my beautiful baby girl In my arms after 3 hours of active labour and being cut to get my baby girl out x she weighed 6 pound 9 Oz and very healthy . My baby girl is now 10 days old, shes a very happy and greedy baby.  Unfortunately my stiches have come apart but other then that. We couldn't be happier ! 

  • Blimey sazzy, that was a bit of an ordeal - especially getting the iv in. Are they going to restitch you? 

  • Love reading these, can't wait for more 😊 xx

  • My birthing story ❤

    Due to being a high risk pregnancy we had fortnightly scans of our daughter where it was discovered the amnioticfluid levels were low, static growth and she was oblique breech at our 34 week appointment. Our consultant decided to book us in for a planned c section at 38 + 5 weeks (10th April) and in the meantime I tried everything to turn our baby naturally in order to avoid the section! We tried spinning baby exercises, moxibustion, acupuncture etc but nothing worked. At our 36 week scan babys growth had stopped again therefore it was decided our c section was to be brought forward to 37 + 5 (4th April) and I was given steroid injections to help her lungs before birth. On Sunday the 2nd April my partner, eldest daughter and I went to our favourite restaurant for a nice meal - the last as a family of 3. That evening I put my daughter to bed and went to bed myself at the same time as I just didn't feel right. At around half 9 I went to the bathroom to find blood when I wiped and knew straight away that when I called triage they'd have me in. We woke our eldest, dropped her into her grandparents and headed to the hospital with every light we came across turning green for us! Once there they put me on the monitor and checked my waters hadn't went. I was in slow labour so kept in in the observation ward all night, my man stayed by my side sleeping on the chair next to me. We were reassured we'd be taken into theatre in the morning - she was not waiting until her scheduled slot on the 4th, she wanted to come a day earlier! Morning came and my nerves were awful - I've never had any form of surgery before so feared the unknown. Once in the room just before my spinal it all got too much for me, felt so overwhelmed I broke down into tears - the staff and my partner were amazing reassuring me we would both be ok. peadatricians were in the theatre as we were warned as she was so small and early she'd probably be whisked straight off to nicu as she'd need help breathing etc. The procedure itself was straightforward enough - I'll never forget the moment they pulled her out and held her up for me to see her - she let out a huge cry and I fell to pieces in tears as I knew there and then she was ok. The peadatricians told my partner there and then as he cut the cord that she's small but perfect so they didn't need to be there! The relief was instant. The hardest part of all this has definitely been the recovery of surgery. Our beautiful daughter Darcie, born at 10:28am weighing 4lb 15oz makes every pain I have completely worth it! 2 and a half weeks later I'm starting to feel slightly more human again although I'm still restricted to what I can do physically. Thank you for reading my birth story - it's not the birth I had hoped for or planned but I wouldnt change any of it now that I have our daughter currently cradled sound asleep in my arms ❤️

  • My birth story 😀

    On the 5th April i was given a sweep at my midwife appointment. She told me i was 2cm. A few hours later i started to get really strong braxton Hicks but not much pain and they died off before bed.

    The 6th April (due date) i woke up with no pains at all and was really fed up of false alarms. I decided to make plans for the day so i had breakfast and started housework. While doing the ironing (11am) i started to get pains but i just worked on and put on some music. Hubby came home from work to attend a 12noon funeral and pains seemed to be coming every 7mins. I never thought it was the real thing so as hubby was away i went for a 20min walk. When i returned the pains were alot stronger but i held out to hubby got home at 1.30pm. i then showered and rang labour ward. After being stuck in bad traffic i got to assessment unit at 3.30pm. 

    When i got in they done an internal assessment and to my surprise I was 9cm and near ready to deliver 🙈 i was rushed to delivery suite and given gas and air. I was pushing 20mins later and baby Jay was born at 4.21pm weighing 7lb12oz. 

    My waters had stayed intact until just before he was born.. an boy did they pop the noise scared the life out of me 😂 but jay had passed meconium in the waters so as soon as he was born he had to be checked by the paediatrician. Thankfully he never inhaled anything and he was perfect. 

    Jay is now 13days old and i cant imagine life without him. He is such a good baby and fits in just perfect 💙image

  • Oh times recorded were 

    Stage 1 - 5hours 8 mins

    Stage 2 - 2mins

    Stage 3 - 24 mins

  • I'm absolutely loving these stories!  So happy everything has worked out fine for everyone ! Danielle unfortunately and it looks like I'm going to be re-admitted for more IV's as I've not been able to keep any water/ food down aswell as the pain being too much. My episiotomy was three inches long and very deep so sitting or standing is vertically impossible with the wound being open. Thankfully though I will be able to keep Mia with me, which I cannot thank my midwife enough for .image

  • So after having false alarms in two weeks building had mum staying with us just incase. Sent her home for easter weekend along with my other son so I could just rest up. Spent 15th (due date) delivering easter eggs to family during day over at sister in laws in the afternoon started to have a few pains so headed off to do a bit of food shopping. Started waddling really badly and back pain kicked in big time so cut shopping short. Got home and contractions had kicked in started timing them - every 4 mins. Due to false alarms before we went for walk to see if they would ease off nope so off to hospital. Got to maternity unit waiting for sister to examine me and waters broke got take to lovely midwife led unit (so relaxed and calming). Hooked up to gas and air quite quickly. Midwife examined me 6 cm dilated within 20mins of water breaking and within a further 20 mins wanted to push. Had a tear as wanted to push at 9cm. 

    So being up to hospital at 7.30, little Noah was delivered at 10.10pm with gas and air. 

  • Just had a little cry at your birth sophsandava - we hope your little girl is growing stronger every day. 
    Campbello, that sounds like an awesome, fast birth!
    Sazzy, so sorry to hear you're in a bad way - do please come and let us know what the plan of action is for you.  
    Lot82, that sounds a super chilled birth - hope your tear is healing. 

    These are the most wonderful stories - thank you to everyone who's shard theirs so far. 

  • Wishing you a speedy recovery sophs and sazzy.

    Here's little Noah. At moment his getting a little blocked nose and sounds like a pig snorting. Midwife says its normal as just clearing out fluid still. His nearly back to birth weight.

    Some of my stitches have come out but they wont restitch me and i have developed a hemorrhoid-  ladies anusol cream - fantastic if you need it. All i can say is that thank god for my pregnancy pillow so i can sit comfortably.


  • Thank you everyone for your well image. Although Darcie was only 4lb 15oz she's now up to over 6lb exclusively breast feeding. My milk is doing wonders, she's not lost anything just gained! 💗

  • Aww stunning pictures! Soph well done on the feeding, you obviously have good milk 😊 and lot I hope you heal quickly and don't feel too sore! X

  • Wow sophsandava that's fantastic.. my wee jay was 7lb12 went down to 7lb5.5oz and yesterday at 14days was 8lb4oz.. I'm also exclusively breastfeeding so i was surprised at how much he had gained 😀 

    How are you finding the feeding?

  • On the 10th of April I lost my bloody show in the morning at 5 and was having period pains and contracting very irregularly. Oh went to work and i carried on the day with my son.. contractions still irregular. When oh finished work and put son to bed. They started becoming regular and by 10 they was every 7 mins. By 3 in the morning I woke my oh up as they was every 3 to 4 mins. Then my mum come up and I was 6 to 7 again 🤔 then went back to 3 to 4. Spoke to hospital and they said make my way in they can examine me. Got to the hospital at 450 i was 7cm dilated and contractions started coming every 2 mins. This gave me so much ooomph.. no pain relief . Tried tens machine but it was faulty lol. At 655 I began pushing  and 7.07 he arrived 😍 his head come out still in waters then they popped 😭 he had a small poo in sac so was observed for 4 hours and then we was allowed home 😍😍

  • Aww lovely photo Terri! Congratulations xxxx

  • Campbello - the feeding is going fine so far! She feeds about every 2 - 3 hours for only about 10 mins but in those minutes she must be getting plenty that she needs to thrive! im using nipple cream this time as with my eldest they cracked and bled - don't want to go through that again!! congratulations Terri! Sounds like you had a really straightforward birth! Week 3 of the section recovery for me and I'm feeling more human, external bruising has pretty much cleared now xx

  • That's good sophsandava.. im using the lanolin ointment now too as i had a bit of bleeding but all is fine now. Jay is feeding every 3-4 hours for about 20mins.. he must be going through a growth spurt today though as he is looking to feed every hour it is so tiring..  glad to hear your healing is going well 😀

    Oh terri1989 he is gorgeous congrats 😀 glad to hear labour went well for u too x

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