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The Due in April 2018 Big Birth Announcement Thread!

Hello everyone!

April 2018 is around the corner, so we thought it was time for the members of the Due in April 2018 birth club, to have your own special thread for your birth announcements.

Please use it to tell us all about your labour and birth, and your first moments with your newborn – and we'll come and shower you with congratulations and this gorgeous super soft Gerri Giraffe comforter, thanks to those lovely people at Gro Store. (And if you fancy posting a picture too, we'd love that!)

Good luck everyone! We can't wait to hear all about your baby's first few moments!




  • Hi had a really good labour waters broke early in morning when to get checked to be told I was 2cm already that was about dinner time to being 5cm at 10.06pm from then till 10.45pm to having my princess Evie rose.

    my labour was 39 minutes in total had a vbac  delivery  which I wanted and only had gas and air.

    Had skin to skin as soon as I had her and fell in love with my princess as soon as she was on me best feeling ever. 

  • imagemy gorgeous princess x

  • 😍😍 ah bless her! Congratulations. It’s strange to think we had the same due date 🙈 Good to hear you got your VBAC delivery and wow, what a lovely length of labour 💖

  • Great story babygirl and sounds like you had the ideal labour. Lovely name and gorgeous girl 💖💖

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  • My birth story:
    On Saturday I went into hospital with reduced movements. All was ok but was booked for a routine scan on Monday to check everything. On Monday I was told baby's growth had dropped and due to reduced movements and being full term at over 37 weeks they recommended inducing me.
    So I was induced on Wednesday morning at around 11.10am by a propess being inserted. Within an hour I began having period style pains. They gradually got worse and I had a constant dull ache with worsening pains every so often. Was told it was just to propess working.
    As time went on the pains got worse and worse. I had paracetamol and codeine and a few baths. They then gave me tramadol because I was struggling at about 9pm. My waters went around 11pm/12am and the midwife in the induction suite gave me a pad and said they'd monitor the loss. By around 1am on Thursday morning I was in absolutely agony. My husband went to find a midwife who came over to monitor me and then she noticed how intense and regular my pains were, despite my earlier pains just being dismissed as propess pains. They hooked me onto a monitor and a student examined me, looked shocked and asked to examine me again. They realised I was 9cm without anyone realising I had been in active labour. I was wheeled on my bed from the induction suite to the labour ward where I pretty much needed to start pushing straight away. Finally got more pain relief - gas and air - for the pushing and she was out in about 6-7 contractions and around  minutes. Baby Hallie Mae born weighing 5 pounds 13 ounces 💗


  • Well done you ❤ great story xx

  • Baby girl and Lisl well done on your birth stories, both gorgeous little girlies 💗💗 xxx

  • Around 25 minutes it should say I pushed her out in x

    Thanks Becky! 💗

  • Are you home now Lisl? X

  • Not yet no. She's not feeding off the breast so staying in tonight too x

  • Ahh well done Lisil. She is truely beautiful 💖 I can’t wait now 👏🏻 Xxx

  • awwwh beautiful babies. Well done leisl. You did really well with just paracetamol 😂 bess you. I hope you an baby can go home soon xx

  • She is truly gorgeous Lisl, and as MrsG said, you did amazing to deliver with just paracetamol!! 

    Lets hope she can get going with the feeding overnight so you can get home tomorrow......

    try and get some rest if you can, hugs xxx 

    I am desperate for my little one to come out now, but I could still have a month 😔

  • Congratulations Lisl, it sounds like you did amazing and quick for an induced first labour too! 

    Hope you get home soon and start life as a new mummy 🎀 xxx

  • Hey ladies we are at home now. Came home yesterday afternoon. Still struggling with feeding but she's had formula too ups so is eating. Midwife will becoming round today so going to discuss with her. 

    Thank you for all the congratulations. Can't wait to see all your little beauties xxx

  • Hi Lisl, so pleased you are home, how’s the feeding going?  Xx

  • Okish. Midwife came yesterday and said she thinks the issue is me having big boobs but my nipples being a bit flat too. She recommended getting nipple shields and a pump so went and bought both. Only used the shields so far. They are helping her latch a bit but she is still very lazy when it comes to feeding off me and always stops for ages. I'm also finding it quite sore too. She's had formula still on 2 occasions l'm just taking it each day at a time. I'm glad she has been able to feed a bit off me though.

  • Follow what works for you Lisl - don’t put too much pressure on yourself over the feeding - I was the same with my first, he was to prem to feed off me and my body wasn’t ready to start producing so it didnt work out.  Perhaps expressing is the way forward at the mo, to get her the taste and help your milk Come in? 

    Are you managing to get any sleep? X

  • Sleeping is ok. We sleep when she does at night so very broken but able to get 2-3 hours in each time. I think I was putting too much pressure on myself with the feeding but just need to go with the flow.

    You've made me feel better about it do thanks Mrs Fish. I just feel bad because it's meant to be the most natural thing isn't it. I was leaking a bit last night though so it is coming in a bit I think xx

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