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Due in April 2019

Hello - and congratulations on your pregnancy! I'm DanielleMFM and it's really lovely to see you here.

If you'd like to join this group and meet others who are also Due in April 2019, please do post a reply on this thread and tell us a bit about yourself.

If you're due in a different month, check out our other birth clubs; you can find them here.



  • Hi,

    I’m due 1/4/19 following IVF/ICSI treatment. Mother of an 8 year old conceived naturally and now super excited to have a long awaited number 2 on the way. 


  • Hi Diz0907, welcome and huge congratulations - we are thrilled for you! We're sure there will be lots more women joining you very soon here! 

  • Hi, just found out I'm pregnant and due 05/04/19. Had one previous pregnancy which ended in a miscarriage. Feeling excited and anxious at the same time. Fingers crossed and prayers for a much better outcome this time. Congratulations to everyone else who's just finding out their exciting news 

  • Hi BeccaT88, welcome to the forum and HUGE congratulations on your pregnancy! We're really sorry to hear of your loss, so we'd love to wish you a super sticky bean. 

  • Hi Becca,

    How exciting! Congratulations on a BFP!  MC is such a worry and I don’t think il ever be completly calm until I have that baby in my arms. 

    With me being due on 1/4 I knew it would be atleast a few days before anyone else joined this thread so a hi!! 

    I am 5 weeks today following IVF and have a scan on the 14th Aug at my clinic...  Eeek! 


  • Hi! I am 5 weeks today and also due on 1st April 2019!!

    We are so excited but trying to keep the news to ourselves for now. This is our first so I'm trying to be cautious!! 

    I wanted to make countdown plaques for each set of grandparents to announce the news, but I'm not sure when to start making them and tell them the news!! 

    Have any of you told close family yet? Xx

  • Hi Fire, 

    Congratulations! That’s a lovely idea for the Gparents. I would advice to keep it to yourself until your 12 week scan. The next couple of months are precious and precautions need to be taken. 

    Our parents do know. But that’s because of the journey we’ve been on to get here (IVF), with all the appointments, horrible procedures and the drugs I’ve had to take etc. (And the fact we needed a bit of help with the cost! 8k! Ouch!!) but so worth it :-D! 

    Have any of you had any symptoms yet? 


  • Yes I think that is good advice! I am aiming to get to at least 10 weeks before I say anything! 

    Aww goodness, I can only imagine how much support your parents have been throughout that time. Understandable to tell them the good news! 

    I've not had too many symptoms yet, my boobs have been quite sore and achey for the past week and I have had a few light stomach cramps similar to period pain, but no sickness just yet! How about you? 


  • Thanks Diz, I'm only 4 weeks 3 days so got a long way to go yet. Glad your journey is going well! I haven't really noticed many symptoms yet only a little bit of cramping but I'm putting that down to it getting comfy. 

    Hi Fire, congratulations. I think the countdown plaque idea is great! We haven't told anyone yet. There's only me and my husband who know so far but so want to tell our parents, sister and close family but I think we're going too wait a few weeks. I think all depends on individual circumstances and when you're ready to share the excitement 

  • Welcome Firefly90, we've spotted your name on the forum - so lovely to see you in this birth club - congratulations! 

  • 10 weeks sounds like a nice time. But like you said Becca it’s when you feel comfortable to. 

    They have been amazing bless them, kind of let us get on with it as it has carried a lot of pressure. Especially with it being my partners first child and his parents first grandchild. I cannot wait to tell my son, he’s longed for a brother or sister for a long time. 

    No symptoms here either. Apart from being super tired and napping when I get the chance. 


  • Hi everyone Congratulations to all of you!

    We have just found out I am Pregnant after 20 months of trying for our first baby! I am due 30th March. Im 5 And a half weeks, and alreday getting a lot of symptoms especialy nausea and exhaustion! 

    We have told my parents, sister and my best friend but telling my partners family and everyone else once we have had our first scan.

    It would be great to chat with you all as this is my first pregnancy and I really don’t know what to expect, what’s normal etc.


  • Hi Gen1991, welcome to the thread and huge congratulations! We're thrilled for you! 

  • Thank you so much we are over the moon and so excited hoping everything will go well x 

  • Hey, congratulations everyone 😊 

    Got my bfp yesterday and again this morning, had my first round of Clomid this month after trying for 4 years, very shocked but very excited. xx

  • Hi Shannonleigh, welcome back to MadeForMums and so many congratulations! Sounds like this pregnancy is a long time coming, you must be over the moon! 

  • Hi Girls this is my first pregnancy so really have no idea what to expect, I’m 5.5 weeks and all week I’ve had nausea and other symptoms but Today I feel nothing apart from my boobs still feel the same achey feeling they have for weeks. I feel fine today, is this normal to be up and down? 

  • HI Gen and Shannon, 

    Welcome to the group and Congratulations on your BFPs! 

    Aw glad clomid worked for you Shannon, I know what it’s like thinking it will never happen! 

    Gen at this stage it’s fine not to feel anything at all I think. I hardly have any symptoms and the ones I do come and go as they please, so try not to stress 😊 


  • Thank you ! This has made me feel loads better! I will enjoy feeling normal whilst it lasts then instead of worrying x 

  • congratulations everyone, didn't think I'd be writing back on here for this anyway since my youngest was only born in October last year and I wasn't planning anymore but today I got a little surprise was really shocked and a little upset, but think that's me just getting my head around it a little now x

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