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Sleep & feed

My little boy was 5 weeks yesterday, he has been having around 25oz in a 24 hour period an weighed 10lbs at 4weeks 3 days, 
The last couple of nights he has been waking around 4.30am after having a bottle around 1 30am. When he wakes at 4.30am he is still sleeping in my arms but if I try to put him down he wakes up, again settles in my arms, so I'm not sure if hes hungry an I should still give him a feed? Or does anyone have any advice on what to do, as I'm not sure whether to wake him an feed or let him sleep, but would need tips for him to settle back in his crib, first time mummy so any advice is appreciated, thanks x


  • It this age babies will want feed every 3-4hours even at night. And sometimes babies at this age wakes up from night sleep very early (around 5am). Try to make room when baby sleeps as dark as you can, don't talk with him during feed and if possible don't change nappy. Don't make 4.30am feed to long. He might need just a tiny bit to make him going till morning. 
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