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Nub theory

so after only finding out last Tuesday I was pregnant I have been cramming everything baby obsessed into the last 10days 🤣 including obsessive nub theory checking to see if I can see what baby will be. Sent my scan to the nub techs and looks like I’m having my second baby boy 💙


  • Aw congrats 💙 I am also due April... any ideas where I can get my scan looked at?? No idea even where to begin with nub theory?! :( 
  • @Debrel have a look on Instagram if you have it on “the nub techs” you can compare your scan to the ones they have confirmed . But yours looks like a girl from looking at it from what I can gather with the nub theory 💕 are you going to find out? 

    my 12 weeks scan is awful, can’t see the bottom half of baby lol xx
  • @Maybebabynext congratulations! The nub techs are fab aren’t they! The nub theory is 99% accurate with them is it? I sent my 8 week scan to them for the ramzi theory lol and came back 80% boy, so we’ll see end of this month in the scan are they right. If my 12 week scan included the bottom half of the baby I would have sent to them again lol xxxx
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    i cannot out the nub therory at all, any guesses or can anyone tell from my scan? pretty please😁
  • Thanks Bet124, I’ll look them up. Let us know if they were right.
    Anie177 - I cannot see any nub at all on yours, sorry I’m no help x
  • @Debrel thats what i thought, i too sent the scan picture to nub tech last night and they also said 80percent chance a girl so will have to wait and see 😁
  • Anie did we miss it?? Did they send a pic of how they came to that occlusion? X
  • *Conclusion
  • Hmmm, I’m no sonographer but I’m not convinced. In my humble opinion your baby’s genitals are completely out of view due to the leg. 
    It will be interesting to see if they’re right. As long as the bubbas are healthy :) 
  • no me neither but with 3 boys already im hoping there right 😆 will let u know in 3 weeks time 🤞🏻
  • Hi ladies, it's a bad photo as I threw up all the water I drank so had an empty bladder, but do you have any guesses please? Do the two lines mean girl? Its 14+1 so I'd have thought boy parts should show
  • Do you have to pay to send it off to them?
    Just for fun then I had my first scan yesterday what are e all guessing :) xx
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