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Stick little bean!🤞🤰

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Hi girls! 
Got my bfp 12dpo after trying for over a year. Should be due around April 23rd but I can't calculate as I haven't had a period since May; oh how difficult my body has to be lol. Didn't ovulate until CD 66! 
The tests with the first response and clear blue, they were from 13dpo. 
These Asda ones ^, the top one was also 13dpo and the bottom 14dpo (which was 2 days ago). I'm just a bit worried that there's no progression. 
I'm currently 16dpo and experiencing a bit of cramping that's coming and going and intensifies when I need to go for a wee. It's quite a dull ache. It's almost comparable to when you have an upset stomach and diarrhoea is on its way 🤦🏻 
If anyone has any advice or similar experiences then please let me know ♥️


  • @Rainbow🌈361 congrats :) I’m just a few days ahead of you. I am also having same symptoms as you as well as occasional back pain. This is my first so not sure what is normal and what isn’t! X
  • Welcome!! I'm 4 weeks 3 days and still fairly symptom free apart from some waves of nausea, more tired than normal and some cramping. Fingers crossed for a sticky bean 🤞
  • Please no longer use this discussion as I've started bleeding so looks like another chemical. 

    All the best for you's♥️
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