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Due in April 2023

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Hi I'm a first time pregnant due on 18/04/2023


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    Hi ! I just found out today , I'm due on 20th of April 2023 ❤ I have a 8 year old , a 15 month old and now found out im pregnant with our third 😅 
  • I think I am due in April too!
  • I think I am due in April too!
    Hi ! 👋 
  • Hi! I am also due April 15 2023. Any tips for anxiety ? 
  • hi guys!!! I got my bfp today at 10dpo!!!! Evening test too! Took two as couldn’t believe it. We tried last year for months but nothing so had given up until this month. I know this is due April 2023 and I’m more due end of May 2023 but there’s no forum for that and I needed to tell someone before I burst! Husband isn’t even home yet!! 
  • Hi girls how are ypu all feeling ??? Only 3 months to go before we meet our babies. :) what gender are ypur babies ? I found out im finally having my boy after 2 girls ! I'm so happy 💙💙💙
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