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  • Hi am about to be 32 weeks in two more days and my boobs are so so very sore am trying to find out what that means I have five other kids and never went thru this before omg they really really hurts.

  • Hi Myloves, welcome to MadeForMums and the August Birth Club.

    I remember the tender breasts really well - pretty sure it's them getting ready for breast feeding, but if you're really worried, why not mention it at your next midwife appointment?

  • Thanks and my name is sandy I am due Aug 17 2015

  • i've been getting nipple pain and leaking but only my left boob i spoke to my midwife just said breast pain is totally normal as well as leaking and sore cracked nipple just getting ready to breast feed 

  • Hello ladies,

    I am 31 weeks pregnant now. Will have my 31 week mw appt this week. How much you ladies have been measuring in ur appts? My boobs are not hurting and neither they are leaking. Really the countdown has begun.....

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  • Hope again, I understand that you should measure within 3cm either way of your weeks pregnant, so you could measure anything from 28-34cm. I seem to have measured about 2cm behind my gest weeks all way through, however my baby on the scans appears to be of a good size.

    Personally I think the tape measure this is old fashioned and if your measured by 2 different midwives they come up with different measurements. So many people I know have been sent for growth scans cause MW has measured small, I think its a rule that they have to send you along, it does cause a lot anxiety, but best to be safe I guess.


    Not been on this thread for a bit.

    I'm 38+3 today and am being induced next Friday (31st), gosh I will be looking at my little one very soon x

  • Wow hearts&stars just one more week and your little one will be here. So exciting. I am 35 weeks. Time seems to drag on. I have been having alot of pain in pelvic bone. I have my physiotherapist appointment coming thursday. Growth scan went well. Nothing to worry about. Just desperate to meet my little missy..

    Good luck

  • 38+1 today and the countdown is on!!!!! 

    Pregnancy has Gone so fast!! Getting v strong Braxton hicks contractions now. But baby needs to hold on until next Thursday as I move house on weds eeeek ???????????? 


  • Sjay88 you are nearly there. You are really brave to be moving house at this stage. Hope everything goes well. Let us updated about yourself.....

  • Hopeagain....sorry didn't see the date of your post lol!

    Sjay88...good luck with your move, very very brave xx

  • Ahhh thanks. So crazy of us, however didn't really have a choice as this is the soonest it could all happen. It's fine- I'll just sit there drinking a cuppa directing removal men, husband and family 

  • Hi everyone, we're really hope you're doing well and wanted to let you all know we're thinking of you all as August approaches.

    We also want to let you know we've started a special Big Birth Announcement thread over here, so please do use it to tell us all about your labour and birth – we can't wait to hear!

    A big wave to you hearts&stars for Friday - good luck!

  • Hi everyone, just wanted to pop in again and say we're all wondering how you're doing? Have you had the babies yet? And how crazy is it driving you when people keep asking if you've had the baby yet?!

    We're really looking forward to your news!

  • Due today!!! 

  • Agh! How you feeling Sjay88??? Any signs of baby eviction?

  • Thank Danielle

    After a long drawn out induction, Orla Daisy Rose was born on Monday August 3rd at 22.59 and she weighed 6lb 15oz.

    She's so cute, but then again we are bias!

  • hearts&stars!!! Didn't you do well - she's absolutely beautiful!! So many CONGRATULATIONS!!!

  • Need help! I was due on the 5th and I'm getting so fed up! Today I felt a strange pop inside me but no waters etc. any ideas what I can do to help my LO come soon 

  • Wow she is so cute hearts&stars. So happy for you. I am sure you are just cuddling right now too. Just cant wait for mine to come.

    I know the feeling jenny15. I am having stomach cramp these days and the midwife has said that hopefully your baby is gonna be here soon. I had hot curry and a long walk yesterday but nothing has happened. Try using the birthing ball, it helps. Good luck.

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