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  • my lil girl doesn't seem to want to come out !! 

    Went to the midwife yesterday and my cervix isn't dilating at all so being induced tomorrow 

    hopefully that will get things moving just scared if I have to have a c section as will have to be put out due to back injuries 

    anyone had any experience of being induced ?


  • Hi KD3, how late are you? If it is any consolation, I was 10 days late with my first and 11 with the second - both kids arrived naturally on the day the induction was due - it's like my body knew the baby was coming either way, so it just happened! There's still time! Please do keep us posted - we'll be thinking of you tomorrow!

  • 9 days today wI'll be 10 tomorrow but my Aunty never dilated with her kids so could be hereditary but we shall see she seems very comftable in there lol 

  • Hi!

    So my little bundle was due on 13th Aug but arrived after induction at 38 weeks due to static growth on 2nd Aug. Very quick delivery - just over an hour from active labour starting to holding my precious boy! Am currently exhausted but exhilarated to have two gorgeous sons and am finding my feet as a mummy of 2! How is everyone else doing? 

  • Hi MummyP 1981, what a great birth story - so glad it was good for you.

  • Hi. My princess arrived on 24th august 12:45. She is gorgeous.  I am so much in love with her. I had a 16 hour labour. For 13 hours I had contractions but I was only 3 cm dilated. But then they broke my water and within two hours I went from 3 to 10. Then there was one hour of pushing and my princess was here.

  • Oh hope again, that's SO wonderful - fancy posting a piccy of your little princess? Also what did you call her! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

  • Hi all congratulations on all the births you your beautiful babies 

    my baby girl finally arrived Friday 21st August at 5:12 am after being induced on Thursday at 10am contractions started at 12 at 8pm they were very intense and had some morphine my husband was sent home at 9 at 1pm contractions were close and intense and was dilated to 3cm so they were going to break my waters but as I rang my husband to come back at 1:30am my waters broke on way down to delivery went from 3cm to 10 in 30 mins full labour from waters breaking was 3 and half hours and gas and air was my best friend lol had to be cut too but all nearly healed now. 


    but here she is introducin Ellie-Mai xxx 

  • KD3, she is absolutely beautiful - you did so well! CONGRATULATIONS! That's some incredible dilation, well done you!!!

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