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  • Congratulations to you all.

    Hope I can join...I am 8wks today, we had our 7wk scan last week after the 6wk one didn't show too much. Our little star was measuring small but they think it was hiding so couldn't measure it properly.

    This is the furthest we have got, after MC & previous failed IVF attempts, please little star stick xxx

    Merry Christmas to you pregnant ladies xxx

  • Last Dec 04 they gave me a scan Burt couldnt see any sac so they gave me a schedule at Dec 18 but I'm so nervous not to see anything and can't wait to know if I'm OK and the baby too so I decided to have a scan on the 17th lolz i am so happy and tears fell into my eyes once I heard the heartbeat of my baby.. @Birdie 💝

  • I'm hoping I can have one at 7/8 weeks Because of history. I can't wait till 12 again and then not see anything 😢 

    yeah atleast you can have a relaxing Xmas and be a bit more reassured everything is ok xx

  • Hi all, I am tentatively joining you as had my early scan today due to previous mcs and my medical conditions.  I measured bang on my dates at 7 +2 but don't feel safe at all yet. I have another on 6th Jan and then my 12 wk on 23rd. I am so pleased to have found this site and thid group as it's hard to know what yo say to 'real' people, especially those that don't understand why I am scared.

    I am looking forward to getting to know you all and sharing this journey.

    Merry Christmas to you all! Xx 

  • Hi starangels83 and welcome to MadeForMums - especially welcome to due in August 2015! I know how you feel having had a MMC myself - it's hard to relax and feel safe as you say. We're wishing you well though and it's great you have those scans booked. Please let us know how you get on.

  • Hi ladies 

    merry Christmas !! 

    I just found out i am pregnant (after TEN positive home tests!!) I think im due around Aug 20th which is also my birthday :) this is my second child my little girl is 10.. Feels like I'm pregnant for the first time again. 

    I know it's early but we're telling parents on Xmas day as they're coming for dinner. My mum will suss me out as I not only look like crap,but I won't be having wine! That is if Im not sobbing in a corner somewhere.. I told my OH I'm cancelling the whole thing earlier on he doesn't know what's hit him bless him and neither do I!! what the hell are these hormones ive turned Into one of those evil furbys! Hope it doesn't ruin my Christmas , really need to have a word with myself. Anyone else a tad... Snappy??! Xx

  • Hi Emilia,

    I find my patience short sometimes,  and my family are all too quick to tell me to chill, relax etc, which I find really annoying.  I have 2 friends who had a similar exp to me, they tell me not to be too hard on myself and that I am doing great, which I find calms me :) i am 6 weeks pregnant with IVF after ttc for 2.5 years, I think we are entitled to be a lil nervous which comes across as snappy sometimes :) 

    Have a super Christmas,  enjoy sharing your fab news and rem you got this far your doing great :)

  • Aw Thank You that makes me feel better. And amazing news for you congratulations!! Xxx 

  • Happy Christmas everyone! Hope everyone is doing great today

  • Welcome Emilia35 - congratulations!

    And Merry Christmas to everyone!

  • Merry Xmas all! I am definitely snappy! My husband finds it funny! i have been so tempted to tell my family today but have resisted! After the mmc we agreed we'd tell close family for support in case it happened again. 

    Roll on next week when i can finally get a doc appointment!

    🎅 Xx

  • tired already too, and not even 6 weeks! 


  • Starangels83 how was your 7 week scan? We're you able to see much?

    im getting so impatient, think ill opt for a private scan if my doc says no!


  • Hi birdie sorry for the late reply, not feeling well lately, I celebrated Christmas at the hospital due to pain I over worked and stress..

    Wow its great to hear having lots of October moms.. Have a healthy 9 months mommy's take care always💝 and congratulations to all of you

  • Hiya, I'm due 28th August too 😊 So tempted for an early scan as we did for our DD at 7 weeks and would be nice to do the same this time. Not sure we can justify the cost this time though! How's everyone's symptoms? I'm OK at the mo just exhausted with sore boobs! Looking after a 17 month old doesn't help... No sickness yet but dont think it started til 6 weeks or so last time so will look forward to that 😉 xxx

  • I'm also tempted for an early scan... I have a midwife appointment on the 11th January which seems ages away! I managed to get through Christmas without flaking too bad.. We had guests staying.. But today I feel pretty sorry for myself! Sick and exhausted Putting it mildly. I played out in the snow with my little girl and ended up retching in a corner and nearly started crying!! She gave me a big hug and her toy to cuddle (bless her) it's hard to explain to anyone what all day sickness is (can't refer to it as just morning!) hows everyone else feeling xx 

  • No sickness as yet. Absolutely knackered all the time though.

    my midwife app is 9th jan but I'll be almost 8w by then.

    im going to look into private scan. not sure how much they are. X

  • Helloooo :) 

    well 3 pregnancy tests later and a whole lot of sickness and I think im about 8 weeks, with my third (LAST!!!!....but yes 3rd) lol Not sure how I feel yet tbh, morning sickness blues kinda clouding everything :( 

  • Hi,

    I just found out on wednesday that I am pregnant. Due around 31st august. I am five weeks pregnant right now. After three miscarriages I pray that this one stays. My first scan is on 7th january (reassurance scan) at 6 weeks due to previous history. I am trying not to get my hopes too high. But i am really scared.Hope everything goes well for all of you ladies.

  • Congratulations hope again. Best wishes to you!! xx 

    I haven't actually been sick but feel it on and off all day. Attempted to clean the kitchen and one look at the poor carcus of the Christmas Turkey was enough to leave the whole thing. I just made a brew and went back upstairs... A bit later I heard my other half scrubbing away. Normally i would feel very guilty about that, in fact, I would probably have never left the kitchen in that state ever. Needs must!! 

    I'm just trying to find that one perfect meal that will satisfy this hunger/sickness. I fancy absolutley nothing.. Because the thought of it makes me want to gag..and at the same time I fancy EVERYTHING. in between that all I want to do is stay in bed. 

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