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  • Congrats charliefar! 3 omg!

    hope again.. Let's hope 2015 is our year! Good luck to you. Hope your scan goes ok.

    keep us updated..


  • Emilia did you tell your family?

    i only told my parents. thought I should wait before I tell grandparents and other fam just in case. Always have a bit of doubt in my mind coz of history 😞

    im on nights this weekend which aren't helping the exhaustion. Can't stop eating though when I am awake!

    boobs are growing already! Sometimes I have a very mild period like pain which makes me panic. Drs tomorrow anyway and if they won't let me have an early scan then I'm definitely going to go private. Just need to find somewhere that does them!


  • Thank you Emilia and Birdie...image I am in the same boat as you are Birdie but i have got an early scan. I know there is a alot of fear but try to enjoy your pregnancy. Ihave strong faith that this one will stay. I dont get nausea but my sense of smell has become very sensitive so my other half makes sure to through out garbage bags. He is really supportive. It is difficult to tell anyone right now. I am waiting till I start showing......

  • Hi Charliefar and hope again, welcome to August Birth Club! You must be a pro by now Charliefar! And hope again, please let us know how the early scan goes - hope everyone else is doing ok!

  • @birdie - Yes I told the parents Christmas eve and then my OH parents came later that night. It was an emotional few hours! And the next day I told my brothers/sister at dinner. Everyone is sworn to secrecy though...I'm pretty sure they will honour that.. It's so early yet. It's still sinking in myself! I had to tell my family really, we have an annual NYE party that I'm just not up to this year. Now everybody understands at least! 

    Did you manage to get an early scan? I'm just looking into it now. Yes my boobs are so sore..I've also been having cramps and backache. From what I've read this is normal! I just need to see some visual evidence that the little lentil is there now .. like I don't know already with this constant exhaustion and nausea 👎

  • Hmm it didn't go great the doc doesn't feel there is a need for an early scan. But was going to push for one for me and call me but she hasn't yet 😞

  • Sorry to hear your gp doesn't sound hopeful for the early scan Birdie. It frustrates me that so many ladies get different care opportunities depending on where they live and the hospitals they can attend

    How many of you are on second or subsequent pregnancies? This is my fourth pregnancy but I only have one daughter as the other 2 miscarriages where at 5 weeks. I am now 8 weeks and very swollen with water retention,  especially of an evening. I know it's not baby but was wondering at what point you start wearing maternity clothes? I brought bits last time when I was 10 weeks and started wearing them about 12 weeks. Feel like I need them now!   

  • Hi Emilia, this is my fourth pregnancy. I was given an early scan in my third pregnancy due to spotting but that was even at 7 weeks. Birdie the gp wont give you early scan if you are not having bleeding or ache. In my second pregnancy I had a scan at nine weeks.

    Last time I bought maternity clothes at 10 weeks because my boobs began to expand too much. I dont know what will happen this time...

  • last time I had NO symptoms of miscarriage I felt great and had to go to 12 w scan feeling fine, sat around all the pregnant women then go in for the scan to see what I saw on the screen. Nothing. I 'miscarried'  at 5 weeks. It was so traumatic! So I just feel that if it happened again my body would still carry on as everything was fine. 

    for the last two weeks I've had a period like pain but gp didn't seem worried.

    I've been recommended a private place where they do scans and it's only £99 so will def go for that. Just to stop me from driving myself insane! 

    hope again, I desperately want to show! I'm afraid my expanding waist can only be down to the amount of food I have consumed this month!

  • Yippee ive got an early scan on Friday 😊 which will be almost 7 weeks. Fingers crossed everything is ok. 

  • Congratulations Birdie, I really really hope and wish that everything goes fine with your scan. I know the feeling (sitting with other pregnant women, feeling special and then the scan that says that the baby stopped growing). Dont worry you will hear the heartbeat this time. My scan is on 7th january. I will be 6w3d. Stay positive and keep faith....

  • Really pleased for you Birdie. I honestly feel that all women who have had a mc should be given a reassurance scan.  My next one is next Tuesday.  I am still scared as had a horrid dream that I lost the baby. :-( I don't think the fear ever leaves us until the baby is here xx

  • Thank you both. Will update you x

  • Good luck Birdie and Starangles83 really hope the scans give you both great reassurance,  its so hard to relax these early days, hope it gets easier :)

  • Scan went ok. Showed dates are wrong. around 5 weeks but heartbeat there 😊

  • Congrats Birdie that is just wonderful news, its an amazing feeling to hear the HB for the 1st time, right? :) 

  • Yay! Great news you saw the heartbeat.  One step at a time I guess. Will you have another scan before the 12 week one? Xx

  • Hi everyone can i join? Im due 19th August (my birthday! ) with my 4th!! I have 3 boys aged 2, 4 & 7.

    So far been feeling sick on & off but not been sick, my boobs have grown and are really sore and im so so tired. I feel like i want to sleep all the time! Haven't been snappy...yet!

  • Hi kerrieann0777, of course you can join in! Welcome to the group and congratulations on your pregnancy! Wow your 4th and due on your birthday, now that would be the best present ever! Your boys must be so excited about welcoming a new baby brother or sister.

  • Good morning,  today I have a scan booked for 2.40pm. I am 9wks and 2 days. I am scared beyond belief which is mad seeing as I haf one at 7wks and 2 days that was fine.  Ever since I had the dream I lost the baby it has really played on my mind. I still feel sick quite a lot but haven't actually thrown up for a couple of weeks. My boobs are not really as sore though still larger and heavy feeling. Has anyone else had symptoms that have seemed to ease a bit?  I am frightened its because something has gone wrong.  :-(

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