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  • Hi starangels83. Dont worry. I once read in an article that it can happen in the first trimester that the symptoms may go down and then come up again so its all right. Good luck on your scan. I have my first scan tomorrow. 

  • Hi everyone. Can you please update on your morning sickness conditions. I am six weeks now and the morning sickness has hit me really hard. I didnt have this kind of  

    sickness in my previous three pregnancies.  I am not able to eat anything and if I do then I end up vomitting. My boobs are also getting big. What do you suggest is it too early to get a bigger bra?

  • Hope your scan went ok starangels xx

  • It went well thank you.we heard the heart beat and little pippling was moving heaps. Measuring 1 or 2 days in front.  The only thing that was a little worrying was a physiological hernia. The midwife reassured us that it is quite common at this stage but often isn't picked up as not everyone is as easy to scan and see the details. She said it should resolve itself by 12 weeks but they will look at that more closely then. Has anyone else had this?  X

  • Hi

    I just had my first scan at 6w3d. Everything went well. We were able to see the heartbeat. The next scan is in two weeks.

  • Glad your scan went well. The growth in 2 weeks is huge!  Xx

  • hi guys been a while been away for Christmas has my scan at 7 week all looks healthy with my little jellybean. trying to upload a pic of the scan but it wont let me.

    congratulations to all the new mummy's to be who have joined 

    also had first midwife appointment all seems so real now 3 week until 12 week scan and cant wait have been really suffering from morning sickness though 

  • Hi everyone,

    Starangles I am just thrilled your scan went well for you, that is amazing :) I use acupuncture to relax, maybe give that a go, I do think it works? 

    Has anyone felt any pulling or stretching pains in your lower tummy yet? I am expecting twins so really hope its due to having 2 lil ones in there growing like mad, and not anything to worry about. I would really appreciate any advice/experience?

  • Thank you Starangels. Yes it was a relief to see the heartbeat. My husband was more nervous then me. Looking forward to the next scan. I am only six weeks pregnant and  I am already feeling stretching and pulling in my tummy. I have talked to my midwife and she says it is totally normal..

  • Thank u hopeagain, I needed to hear that :) dry plain biscuits and ginger are supposed to be good for sickness, I have heard you should eat a dry biscuit 15 mins before you get up to stop morning sickness, I dont know if that works as my sickness kicks in in the afternoon :( so exciting seeing the scans, I am rooting for you and its great you only have 2 weeks to wait for the next 1, enjoy it!!

  • Can somebody else tell me they know how I am feeling. So unbelievable tired all the time, to the point I'm floppy sometimes. Feel like nobody understands! Feel terrible. Like every bit of energy has been sucked out of me!

  • Hi ladies, stumbled across this page when i was redirected by the site and thought I'd say hello. I'm due in 11 days but wanted to wish you all and your bubs the best of luck and a healthy pregnancy! It's all very exciting and worrying but let me reassure you, it does get a lot easier. Xx

  • Hi. I am really scared. I feel like my symptoms are going down. I cant tell this to my hubby because he gets so upset.......please pray for me....

  • Hi Hope again

    I am Praying and rooting for you, how are you feeling today? I really really hope you are ok again, please do let us know xxx

  • Thank you BeLucky for your prays. In pregnancy feeling "ok" means that you are vomitting and having morning sickness, in that case I am not ok. Sometimes I feel like I am prepared for anything but all this is a very strong emotional rollercoaster ride......

    I am not having much hope anymore. I am sorry if I am making other ladies scared. I wish and pray for all of you ladies to have a sweet little baby....

    I wont be writting anymore over here. I will be back if there will be good news. I dont want to spoil the beautiful experiance that other mothers are going through over here.


  • Oh hope again, I am so sorry to here how you are feeling. I am wishing you all the best & hope that everything will be ok and we will here from you very soon. take care for now. x

  • Hope again,  I hope you see this post as I have only just seen yours. I will pray for you buy I also want to say that just because your symptoms aren't as prominent that it means the worst. I was the same from about 8 weeks so frightened when I had my last scan. The midwife said not to be. Some days you may feel really sick etc and other days just fine. It is to do with the placenta beginning to take over so the nasties yhat we feel at the very beginning are from the progesterone and yolk sac. Please try to stay calm and remember we are here to support each other. I would hate you to feel alone, it is so hard after mc buy I pray you and the baby will grow stronger by the day. Take care xxx

  • Thank you EmmaMFM and starangels83 for your kind words. After two days of no symptoms, today my symptoms are back with full force. I guess it is right that these things comes n goes and there is nothing one can do to determine whats happening inside. Actually after three mcs I am really hoping that things go right this time. Sorry for my emotional meltdown. But thank you so much for all the support. Will keep you updated about myself.

    Take care xxxxxc

  • Hi hopeagain, we're so glad to see you back. Got to say, totally get where you're coming from - it's so hard to relax into pregnancy having been through what you have (I've been thee too). We're all here for you x

  • I had a private scan today. So worth the money. Feel so much better about everything. Saw the jelly bean and the heart beating away and heard it 😊 dates are spot on, 9 weeks tomorrow. 

    Nausea well and truely here! Although haven't actually been sick this time! 


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