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  • Hi Birdie_ glad to hear your scan went well and you are feeling a bit more at ease. I found home made ice lollies were great at easing my nausea (although it may not be the weather for them!) i used to use fresh juices and add ginger slices and shredded mint leaves too.

  • Hi ladies hope you're all feeling well. I had a private scan a few days ago.. Saw the peanut and heard it's heart. Was very real all of a sudden! Feel lots more reassured after seeing that. Birdie I'm so tired it's unreal .. Still a couple of emotional outbursts.. Mainly directed at OH but he's learning to just walk off! Feel real nauseous all day every day ... Feel like I'm just moaning constantly and ive lost any vivacity. It takes an effort to put clothes on that even go together! I feel like I'm such a drag to be around at the moment .. i hope this changes soon. 😞

  • im exactly the same!

    deep down I'm so happy on the inside but on the outside a different story!

  • Hello ladies. I had a scan today....Saw the heartbeat. Really happy now. It was a eight week scan and dates were accordingly. Next scan is in about three weeks......

    Good luck to all of you....xxxxx

  • Hi hope again, that's really good news and must be a real comfort. Thanks for letting us all know.

  • Got my letter for dating scan, 10th Feb! Not long 😊 

    im going away that week but am going to drive home for it then go back to our holiday.. As can't delay it!! Luckily only off to Wales for a week. 

    Bought my first lot of 'maternity' wear this week and clothes getting snug.. Obviously don't have a bump yet but need comfort! 

    I don't feel as 'ill' the last few days which is making me worry slightly. Boobs still sore tho, but have a bit more energy. Could be as I've actually had a few days off Tho!

  • Hi. Thank you Danielle. It was such a relief to see at the scan that everything is all right.

    Hi Birdie_ my dating scan is also on 10th feb.I dont feel much well. Somedays I am able to eat and move around easily but since last four days it has been a struggle to keep any food in my tummy. I am getting dizzy too, yawning all the time. Going through motherhood is tough. Enjoy your holidays and dont stress on why you are not feeling sick. You are having sore breasts, it is one of the symptoms.

  • Hi starangels83. Just wanted to know how you are doing? I remember that you had a scan on 23rd. Let us know how it went. Remember you are always in my prayers.

  • Hi everyone,  thank you for thinking of me hope again. I did have my datinh scan on Friday and all was well. I was exactly 12 weeks so due date is officially our 5th wedding anniversary on 7th August.  :-) The hernia has gone and they are happy with how things are. I did have to have a barrage of bloods as am under immunology consultants so they want to check lots of extra as well as normal 12 week ones. Was a 2 person job though as my blood doesn't like to come out and I have no veins. Is anyone else like that too? 

    It's good to see some of you are starting to feel a little more human. It's natural to worry but we need to try not too. Happy mummies make happy babies after all! 

    Have any of you got measured for a new bra? I am wearing my support bra from my first pregnancy at the mo and feel like it fits but was wondering if I should get checked to be safe? I will be 13 weeks on Friday.  Xx

  • So glad to hear from you starangels83. Its nice that your baby is arriving on the day of your anniversary. Dont worry my husband's veins are also very stubborn...image

    That is so good that your first trimester will end this friday. I still have four weeks to go.  I think you should go for the measurement. I will do the same when my first trimester ends.

  • had my 12 week scan yesterday


    my little jelly bean was jumping around kicking like crazy i cant wait to be able to feel it 

    was the most amazing feeling in the world seeing my lil baby i cried as been trying for so long with the pcos was just so amazing 

    8 weeks then find out if a lil boy or girl i have a hunch boy 

    good luck to all you ladies with your scans xxxxxx

  • That's awesome KD3! Thanks so much for posting. Glad you're doing so well.

  • Hi everyone, we just wondered how you're all doing? Should you be approaching your 20 weeks scans soon? We'd love to see your pics so please do post them. Hope you're all doing well.

    ps we'd love to see some bump pics too!

  • 14 weeks today can not wait for 20 weeks to find out what we are having and already my bump feels big

    this pic was taken at 12 weeks

     there is no denying now that im pregnant and i love it
  • You look fab - a very tidy bump KD3!

  • Omg! I'm 12 and bearly have a bulge!

    had dating scan on Tuesday and dates went back a few days. Now due 26/8.

  • Hi. I had my dating scan on 10th february. The confirm due date now is 28th august. I am 13w today, so celebrating the end of first trimester.... I have a one more reassurance scan on 26th february..... congratulations to all the ladies on their dating scans.

  • Hi all

    Glad you are doing well, KD3 you bump is wonderful...really suits you. 

    Hope again, I am glad that all is well with you, I completely empathise with your worries, I had the same before Christmas and after MC myself and needing IVF to get pregnant I was worried sick the MW sent me to to EPU on New Years eve as I had a lot of bleeding and I thought game over, but all is well and we are now 16.5wks pregnant and due 4th August x

    We bought a doppler and have heard the heart beat it is amazing, if I don't ever hear it though I am calm as I know that little star can hide which means you can't hear it, so if any of you get a doppler don't panic, if you do not hear anything.

    Looking forward to hearing how you all get on over the next 5 months x

  • is anyone starting to feel their little one move about yet .

    i have its the most amazing experience every just butterflys at the moment cant wait to feel a full blown kick 

  • I think I have KD3, its like a strange rolling feeling or flutter but occasionally it was a bit painful so I wasn't 100% sure.

    I listened the HB last night with my Doppler and heard a like a movement and then I felt something so I think it could have been little star exciting x

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