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  • I've been feeling little movements for a week or so. Am only 15 weeks so thought it was a bit early but second baby so maybe that's why. Trousers are getting really tight this week but we've been away on hols and stuffing our faces so not sure if it's just fat rather than bump lol!!

    One born every minute starts again soon! Who's gonna be watching it? I've always loved it but did see it from a different perspective since having my first! Hope you're all starting to feel better. Xxx

  • Whoop whoop...WOW WOW WOW

    Thank you so much for the little treats.....they are great. I will post a picture.....but do not want to spoil the surprise for everyone else.....who has theirs?

    xxx Thank you Made for Mums xxx

  • Ahhh so glad they arrived hearts&stars! How many weeks are you now? I remember the very early flutters of movement - but I didn't start to really feel them until about 21 weeks. And please do post a pic of your treats in a few days - we'd absolutely love that!

  • Hi Danielle

    I'm 19weeks on Tuesday....nearly half way. x

  • Oh wow! The time is flying hearts&stars! Are you going to find out the sex of your baby? In fact are any of you August girls going to find out?

  • i am i am dying to know the sex of the baby, i still think boy have done from day one but my other half says girl and so does a friend of mine. we find out on the 24th march then we are going to buy the first outfit. the only thing we have brought so far is a cuddly dumbo its so soft. we have pram etc and cot and christening outfit for both a boy and girl as its family tradition. but cant wait to start shopping properly x

  • We're going to find out cos we have a little girl already and if this one's another girl we have all the clothes etc but if it's a boy I'm going to get on and start selling some of her baby clothes to buy boy clothes. Can't wait to find out!

    This has been a much easier pregnancy than last time with less sickness etc but not sure if that really means anything! Xxx

  • Hi lovely August peeps - thought I'd point you in the direction of this thread - prizes to be won, just by sharing your pregnancy symptoms

  • I can't wait to find out.

    we are having an early gender scan on Saturday! Fingers crossed he/she is in a good position!

    i woke up at 15 weeks with a teeny little bump and its growing every day now ????

    Now 16 weeks. Had midwife check yesterday, everything seems ok. Heartbeat 138bpm, was so amazing hearing it. I really want my own Doppler now.

    Haven't felt any movements yet..


  • Oh Birdie, show us your tiny bump! And do let us know what you're having, or even post your scan pic?

  • Oooh Birdie how exciting! Let us know how you get on! I'm now 15+6 and have suddenly sprouted a bump the last 3-4 days. Seems huge suddenly! 

    Will take a pic for you tomorrow. Sure I wasn't this big til 18 weeks last time. It also seems really firm all the way round from one hip to the other whereas I'm sure it was more compact in the middle bit only last time?? Starting to worry I'm going to end up huge by the end! Xxx

  • This was me on my due date with my little girl. Quite a compact bump. Think I'm going to look like a bit of a whale this time!

  • Hi all, new to the site, due 14 August 2015 - or 09th - the consultant has changed the date twice now. lol. I have a high risk pregnancy due to Asthma, Diabetes and having no thyroid. Also I have the classic large bump of a diabetic pregnancy. Let's just say you can't hide the bump any more.

    I lost my last baby at 21 weeks so crossing my fingers that I go 'all the way' this time. So far so good though as had a scan at 18 weeks yesterday and the Consultant advised all is looking well this time around.

  • Am 18 weeks in Sunday, having a beautiful baby girl found out through private scan, due august 16th x

  • Hi Victoria246: welcome to due in August! How interesting that you had a private gender scan - were you hoping for a girl?

    Hi again Cynegyth (we said hello on the other thread!): welcome to you, too! Glad to hear all is looking good this time round. We'll be keeping our fingers firmly crossed for you, too!

  • Hi girls image im also due in august do any of you know what sex your having? X

  • So we have our first baby girl on the forum. Congratulations Victoria249. Now next is Birdie. We are still waiting.....

  • Hi amanda87, congratulations on your pregnancy and welcome to the Due in August 2015 Birth Club!


    Here it is..

    found out we are having a GIRL !!

  • Aww! Big Congratulations Birdie_! what a cute little bump and what a lovely scan pic! Have you got any name ideas yet?

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