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  • Thankyou image how many children have you all got already?

  • Congratulations birdie.....Now we have two baby girls on the forum... 

  • Loving your photos Birdie & Mrs Willoughby!

    I was 20wks yesterday and got scan tomorrow, we are not finding out the gender.

    Did you all get your yummy treats for being in the Aug birth club? Loved the Oreo Chocolate and baby did too!

    Thank you

  • Hi amanda this is my first baby.

    I have also received my treat. It is really nice. I had my sixteen weeks appointment with the midwife yesterday. We were able to hear the baby's heartbeat for the first time. It was so beautiful. We have a 20 week scan next month. Cant wait to find out the gender. 

    I am planning to go to mothercare's outlet tomorrow. They are having a really good sale. Thinking of getting some furniture. I will buy clothes after scan. I am even crotcheting baby flip flop booties these days. They are really beautiful. I will attach a pic when they are ready.

    Have a wonderful second trimester all you lovely mommies....

  • Hi Hope Again


    It that the Mothercare at Rotherham? I do not think there are many in the country, I plan to go there in the Easter break (I work in a school), can't bring myself to look at anything until after tomorrows 20wk scan.

    You will have to let us know what it's like xx

  • Yes it is the one at Rotherham. I will definately let you guys know what its like. Previously I use to think the same way that I will do shopping only when the third trimester begins but now I realise that there is no harm in taking advantage of the sales. I will be going to Rotherham and Doncaster outlets tomorrow.

    Will keep you guys updated xxxxx

  • At what time is your scan tomorrow hearts&stars?

  • Hi Hope again

    This is my first and you may have seen from previous posts we needed IVF and donor eggs so we are very cautious especially as I had a MC previously after IVF treatment

    I live not far from Doncaster and work in Cantley, so the outlet you speak of is not far from my work, what shops are there for our babies, I have not investigated yet.

    My appointment is at DRI at 9am xx

  • Congratulations on your healthy scan and a girl Birdie! How exciting! I can't wait to find out but have another month til my scan. 

    You'll be in your scan now Hearts&stars!! Hope it's going well... Let us know! Xxx

  • Yes, had my scan and all is well....whew! Little one measures a couple of days behind what I am but nothing to worry about, it was so cute, wriggling about and scratching its head, it even flipped over onto its belly .... xx

    Thank you for asking, Mrs Willoughby, hope all is well with you xxxx

    Hope again - hope you are having a great shopping trip. x

  • Fab news hearts&stars! So glad it all went smoothly. Did you get a scan piccy?


    Not sure if this will come put clearly, but here is my scan picky at 20wks +2days

  • WOW! It's the best thing to see isn't it? x

  • Aww your baby is beautiful hearts&stars. It must have been such a wonderful experiance. I just cant wait for my scan next month. So you are choosing to keep the gender a surprise image 

    I had a really good time today in shopping. There were many things that I liked but I stayed firm at my decision to buying furniture only. I bought one wardrobe. Really pretty. One changing unit. They were in really good sale...

    I will be paying another visit next month now.

    Take care ladies and enjoy your bump.......

  • Hello everyone,

    New to this, so not entirely sure how it all works! 

    Im pregnant with my first baby, due August 6th. Very excited! 

    Had a 20 week scan last week, was amazing and so formed, couldn't believe how clear it was!! 

    Sam x

  • Hi Sjay88...

    Congratulations on your scan. Yes 20 week scan is really exciting. I will be having mine after three weeks. I am so impatient for it. Do you know the gender or you are keeping it a surprise?


  • Oh wow how exciting!! 

    I'm impatient already and only half way...

    were keeping the gender as a surprise as I feel it'll make me work harder during labour.

    do you know what your having? 


  • Hi Sjay88 welcome to the group and congratulations!! What a great scan pic! Ooh, a surprise, exciting! i was so impatient with all 3 of mine, i had to find out, the suspense would have been too much for me! Hope you enjoy chatting to everyone here, they are all lovely!

  • Hello emma

    lovely to meet you image 

    my fiancé is a GP so had to look away for a lot of the scan so he didn't see what sex it was. it was so hard not finding out as I just want to shop and prepare. 

    Thanks for the comments on my scan pic, seems to be doing some kind of 'cool man' sign with his/ her hand! A little wriggler. 


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