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    Had my 20 week scan yesterday and was shocked to find out im having a baby girl ! so this is Ellena-Mai Dix which will be shortened to Ellie-Mai

    so excited 

  • A girl! Congrats KD3 - I have two myself and they are wonderous things! Love the names too.

  • thank you

  • Hi Sjay88.

    We dont know what we are having yet but hopefully in my next 20 week scan we will get to know.

    I just cant wait.........

  • Hi everyone, we were wondering have any more of you had your 20 weeks scans? Are you finding out what you're having?

  • Hi Danielle. I will have my 20 week scan on 14th april. So just waiting for it.These days I am just having alot of headaches...

    Hope everyone is enjoying there pregnancies...


  • I've been feeling great besides the headaches!! They are awful!

    Been having slight ache in lower abdomen which has been checked out and there doesn't seem to be any obvious cause for. 

    Had official 20 week scan this week which confirmed what the private one said. Girl and all is looking healthy. She has long legs apparently!

  • Hi. We just had our detailed scan. We are having a girl yeaaaaa. I am so happy. Just bought so many pink clothes for her. August seems so far away now. 

    Congratulations on your baby girl Birdie_. My little princess even has long legs.

  • Yey we are both having tall gorgeous girls ????

    ive stopped buying newborn clothes now in case she's too long for them! 

    Happy shopping..

    roll on August!!!

  • Hi,

    I hope it's ok to join here.

    I'm due on 31st August with my second child. I have a little boy who is about to turn 3 and now we're expecting a girl.

    It's a slightly complicated pregnancy as they have found some abnormalities with baby's heart but we don't know yet how serious - or not - this might be.

    So I will be having cardiac and anatomy scans quite regularly.  The next is at 28 weeks.

    I also have a scan next week to check the placenta as I have placenta previa which caused some bleeding.

    I got my son's baby clothed out the attic recently to sort and wash them. Luckily they are mostly gender neutral and I have swapped some boys bits for girl baby clothes at the children's centre. I have also been busy knitting cardis, hats and longies. 

    We haven't sorted anything else yet. The main thing we need is a cot and mattress.

    Hello to everyone else, and congratulations.  Ive not read many past post so I hope all of your scans went well.

  • Hello Lak - and welcome to Due in August! It's lovely to have you here with us.

    Congratulations on your pregnancy! How nice that you're having a girl, and you've already got a little boy. Does he know what's going on yet? Is he excited about having a sister?

    Sorry to hear about the abnormalities they've picked up. Really hope it's nothing too serious and that all the experts look after you and your bump well. 

    And wow! at your knitting! I'm impressed. I never could knit baby clothes - too small and fiddly for my fat fingers!

  • Thanks for the welcome Helen. Jonah knows there's a baby in mummy's tummyand he said all along it's a girl baby.  I don't know how much he really understands though.  I imagine it will be quite a shock after having me to himself (I ama sahm). He starts preschool around the same time too.

    I love knitting baby clothes!  They're so cute and hardly take any time to finish off.


  • Hi all

    just wondered how everyone is doing, symptoms etc. 

    not long to go now 

    hope your all well xxx

  • Hi. I had my GT test last week. Havnt received a call uptill now so seems like everything is ok. Looking forward to 28 week scan. Can someone tell me when does third trimester starts? I am 26 weeks 6 days today.

    Hope everyone is enjoying their bumps.....

  • Hey, hope again. Nice to see you! How are you? 

    And you, too, KD3 - sorry, we missed your last post. Hope you're doing OK too.

    How are those bumps? Fancy posting up a quick belfie for us to admire?


     Not the best picture of me but good of the bump the difference in a month is huge

     I got married a month ago and you wouldn't have known I was 6months pregnant 
  • Wow, KD3, what amazing pics!  Your wedding pic is absolutely beautiful - I hope you had a really special day. 

    And you're right, a month really does make a difference to a bump! 

  • thank you yes it was perfect and Ellie-Mai was a good girl and didn't really pop out until a week later. can wait now 10 week count down has begun 

  • Lovely photos xxx

  • How is everyone....its countdown now until August!

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