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Introductions & due dates ;) Aug 15

Hi ladies...thought I'd start a thread so we can all introduce ourselves properly image

This is my 1st baby with my df but I do have 2 beautiful boys from my prev marriage. Eldest is 6 & youngest D's is 3...they r very excited about new baby as are me & df! 

I live in sunny Somerset & am beauty therapist pt & work for mothecare pt so very busy mummy! 

I think I'm gonna b due 14th/15th august. My youngest was born 16th Aug so hoping this one isn't going to arrive on his birthday!! 

I'm already feeling shattered & have gone off loads of foods! Boo! 



  • Hiya! 

    I'm Kerry and due my second baby around 28th August. Got a 17 month old girl already so excited to be giving her a playmate! We haven't told anyone else about the pregnancy yet and don't plan to for a while so it will be nice to talk to people on here instead! Xxx

  • Congratulations MrsWilloughby! What brilliant news!

    If you would like to chat with some lovely ladies due around the same time as you there is a 'welcome' thread for the August Birth Club here:

    Wishing you all the best with your pregnancy! x

  • Hello I'm Claire 29 we now live in Philippines 💝 my home town... I have a 10 year old princess had 1mc last n year November 2013 with my twins, and I'm having a baby that is due on Aug 5 2015..

    I'm so happy to meet ya all 💝 may we all have a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby 💝

  • very little people in the august due date chat it seems! I'm due the 15th image

  • There's lots but yout in the wrong discussion image

  • Hey ladies I am due my 4th baby on the 18th August i have 3 boys already 7 year old and twins who are 4 next month. ???Xx so excited for this baby would be a Dream to have a girl but another boy would be lovely too.????

  • Hi, I'm due August 14th. Lost a previous baby due to complications of diabetes but very happy to report that new baby is well and healthy. I have what I feel is a huge bump already but happy with any size as long as baby is all well which, the consultant says, the little one is image

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