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We have organised a little treat for everyone

Hello everyone
How are you all getting on? It would be lovely to hear how you and your bumps are doing.
We've also got a little treat for you all that we'd love to pop in the post to you, so please check your private messages and your email inboxes: we've sent you a message to check we hold the right postal address details for you. (For UK residents only.)

If we have the right details for you, please post on this thread letting us know we have it right (no need to post any address details here) and, when we see your post, we'll get your treat sent out to you.

If the details we have for you are wrong, please post on this thread letting us know they're wrong. Please don't post your correct details here (it's safer not to) but, instead, message us back or email us at [email protected] and tell us the correct details that way. Again, when we see your post, and we've got the right details, we'll get your treat sent out to you.
Any questions, do post them here and we'll do our best to answer you.

Looking forward to hearing from you all soon!



  • Hi. I have just updated my address through email. Everything is fine. Just celebrating the end of the first trimester....

  • All is well thank you, I have been away but feel exhausted now! Waiting for this new bound of energy to kick in on the 2nd trimester, 16wks and its not happening yet.

    I have updated my address online and will email you my address as well x


  • Won't let me access my profile to check it's the right address. Just says 'oops' error page so will check back another time. 

    Generally feeling good now though and a lot less nauseous! Roll on the 'blooming' phase I'm waiting for though, and would be nice to get out of the 'is she fat or is she pregnant'  phase too lolimage 

  • Hi MrsWilloughby - thanks for posting! If you could just pop you address over to us at [email protected] that would be fab!

  • Mrs Willoughby, I know what you mean, I keep waiting for this blooming phase too...people keep telling me that I look well and that I am blooming, but I really do not feel like it.

    Still it took me an age, MC and IVF to get to this point so I 'm trying not to grumble.

    How many weeks are you?


  • Am 14 weeks so not far into the 2nd trimester so just being impatient really! When I was pregnant with my daughter I was feeling really well by 18 weeks which is when I had the fat/pregnant stage so I only had one thing to worry about at a time! This time I'm already looking thicker around the middle (a small bump when I lie down but not that anyone else would see) so know I'm going to have the issue for another couple of weeks! Feeling and looking exhausted with big black bags under my eyes at the moment! 

    I'm sure in another few weeks we will be feeling much better image plus feeling baby move regularly by then will put a smile on our faces even if we arent! 

    How many weeks are you? Xxx

  • Aww bless you, at least you are staying positive.

    This is my first as mentioned I needed IVF so been through the mill a bit, I was 17 weeks yesterday. I have put on weight everywhere but I think some of that is down to the steroids I have been on and last Feb I stopped exercising so I could max my IVF chances and never really got back into it for the next few cycles as my motivation levels had dropped.

    I am exhausted today, but I have had a busy morning at work rushing about all can't wait to finish tonight.

    Here's to our smiley faces x

  • I'm 14 weeks too..

    no bump in sight image

    Cant wait to find out what he/ she is!! 


  • Hello Birdie_ - nice to see you again! 

    And you, MrsWilloughby, and you, hearts&stars!

    Know what you mean about wondering when the 'blooming' phase will kick in. Never seemed to come in my case!

    Birdie_, do you have a little bump when you lie down? I know that was the first time I noticed mine - round about 15 weeks or so...

    Oh and just to update you all about the treat: it will be winging its way to you three soon. We'll let you now when it's in the post.

    And if anyone else is Due in August - just post on this thread (and confirm your postal address details by updating your profile and then mailing us at [email protected]) to 'claim' it. image

  • Hi Birdie

    Congratulations x

    My bump was quite small at 14weeks..well it was more of a pot belly and still is now, but it does seem to pop over night, so you might wake up one morning with a bigger bump than you remember lol.....don't forget to put your cream on morning and night x

    I'm not going to find out the gender, I didn't have that magic getting pregnant as I mentioned so I want some magic at the end.

    Excited about the little treat, can't wait to know what it is x

    Have a great weekend everyone x

  • Morning all - hope you're all doing well and those bumps are growing nicely!

    This is just to let you know that your treat is in the post. Do please let us know, by posting here, when it arrives. image

  • oooohhh exciting!

    Bump is coming along nicely thank you, I was 18 weeks on Tuesday so not long now till my 20wk scan...gulp. Never thought this would happen, still doesn't feel real xx

  • Ha ha. I know! Amazing how the realisation that you're actually going to have a baby kinda creeps up on you, eh?

    Fancy posting up a bump pic? (You don't have to show your face) We'd love to see!


    I took this on Tuesday, my bump at 18 weeks x

  • Ooh I can def see a little bump there - how exciting! Thank you.

    You'll have to do another one next week and we'll see if we can spot the difference!

    By the way, have you seen our Pregnancy Symptoms thread? Would be wonderful if you could take a peek and help us out (and there are prizes up for grabs)...

  • had 17 week midwife check yesterday all is well 153 beats per minute heartbeat , bump is getting now, plus wedding in 7 weeks crazy crazy time atm but loving every minute. 

    hope everyone else is going well.xx

  • Got my treat in the post this morning... What a nice surprise, thank you! I had forgotten all about it so it Def put a smile on my face! 

  • Our pleasure, MrsWilloughby - enjoy!

    If you get a chance to post up a pic of your treat, that would be lovely - we'd love to be able to tweet a thank you (with pic) to the kind folks who donated some of the goodies.

    (And, you never know, they might then donate some more stuff for another timeimage )

  • what a lovely thing to do, giving them all a little treat xxx

  • Such a lovely thing to do image x

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