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  • I was booked in to be induced on Wednesday 3rd August as throughout the pregnancy I had suffered with gestational diabetes and previous growth scans had indicated baby was on the large side. I was offered an elective c-section several times during my pregnancy however having had one with my first child I declined as I knew recovery would be long and painful. 


    The night before the induction I couldn't sleep as I was very anxious about being induced, I did not know what to expect and if i'm honest I would have preferred to have gone into labour naturally - The next day I arrived at the hospital at 10am, I was reviewed by the doctors and given pessary at 1pm, I was then allowed to leave the ward. My mum and dad were the only other people to know I was being induced and I knew they would be worried so I went home to them for a few hours so they could see I was ok. 


    We returned to hospital at about 4pm as I was beginning to have tightening they were coming every few minutes but they were painless like braxton hicks. The doctors reviewed me again but decided not to check for dialation until the pessery had been in place for 24hrs. I was tired from my sleepless night so I sent my husband home at 8:30pm thinking I would go to sleep. 


    At about 9:30pm I start developing a burning cramping pain in my vagina. I remembered this from my last pregnancy so asked for some paracetamol hoping this would be enough to ease the pain so I could go to sleep. The pain however got steadily worse and at 10:30pm I was given some oral mophine. By 11:30pm I literally felt like my vagina was on fire I was begging for the pessary to be removed however the midwife suggested I have a bath so off she went to run me a bath. 


    By the time she came back the pain was unbearable I was literally climbing the walls and so the midwife agreed to remove the pessary. She did an internal at the same time and I was 4cm dilated - it was then decided I would be moved to the labour ward. By now it was about 12:30am I was given gas and air and told to ring my husband. I was then placed on the monitor which recorded my contractions were about 3mins apart and lasting for about 40secs. 


    I was in so much pain I immediately booked my epidural unfortunately for me there was only one anesthetist on duty and she had 4 other epidurals to do before she could get to me so I had no choice but to endure this excruciating pain with the gas and air. The next 4hrs I spent exhausted in pain, I could bearly keep my eyes open.


    The anesthetist eventually came at 4:30am and gave me the epidural. It was fantastic as I was finally pain free. Soon after this my waters broke. I was examined again and I was 8cms dilated but baby was still very high. I was told immediately if baby didn't come further down by 8am I would have to have a c-section. I still has 3hrs so rather then worry I thought I'd try and get some sleep however baby was still on the monitor and soon after the doctors came in showing concerns about her heartrate - after an hour it was decided a c-section could not be avoided so around 5:30am I was taken to theatre. After was seemed like at eternity my baby girl Ammya was born at 6:09am on Thursday 4th August weighing 8.10lbs.



  • We love this thread so much. hastiek, can not believe your cheeky girl ended up being breech! We are so glad all ran smoothly with the emcs. Also, please can you pop us over on PM your name and addy. 

    Sweetie Pie, your section was about 20 days ago now - how are you feeling? And how is your darling girly? Also, please can you too, pop us over on PM your name and addy. 

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    Birth story. 

    Esmae Rose Mulcahy was born on 12/08/2016

    Woke up on my daughters 5th birthday having niggling pains ignored them all day we went to adventure wonderland and the pains were getting worse just put on a brave face all that night had continuing pains ignored it as I knew I had my last stretch and sweep booked on the 12th at 1 o clock. Went for stretch and sweep and was 4cm dilated had a huge bloody show after the stretch and sweep and pains started ranking up immediately. Texted the girls God mum to make her way over as she lives an hour away; she got here for 2.30 went up hospital as pains were every 4 minutes. Got seen on triage however was moved straight to labour ward. Kept active until I requested a water birth luckily it was free. Bounced on ball until pool was run. Gas and air was making me feel sick so just breathed through it. Got in water and felt do much better.  Continues just breathing through until I felt almighty pressure started pushing was pushing first 13 mins then Esmae Rose was born she had pooed in waters I was completely unaware until she was born. She weighed 8lb 5 1/2oz born at 6.26pm and 46cm long. She's perfect x

  • I'm absolutely loving these birth stories! Sweetie pie - yours got me through a night feed last night!!!

    also - thanks Danielle for Matilda's lovely wash cloths, they arrived this morning! I'll take some pictures when I open them x

  • Aww congrats ladies

    our little one made a speedy arrival in the end Just 2 days over. on the 24th I had a sweep at 40+1 I was 1cm dilated and 50% effaced. this is our first baby so we just had no clue what to expect.  Come 10pm after more of the usual tightenings I had all week it all kicked off. Projectile vomit, none stop pooing, my waters went with a bang and I was sweating horrendously. Come midnight I was wheeled in hospital pushing at 7cm. They got me into delivery in minutes and by 2:42am baby was born. I used hypno birthing breathing techniques and had no pain relief. As his head kept getting stuck they had to perform an episiotomy and with one more push his head dropped out. Next push and his body came. 

    Miles Matthew 7lb 6oz, 25th Aug, born 40+2


  • Congrats ladies :-). Such gorgeous babies :-).

    Maximus enjoyed his first bath last night using the lovely wash cloths that you sent. Thank you so much they are great so soft :-).imageimage

  • Hooray emmarose! Congratulations on your beautiful boy! That's quick going there, well done you! How are you guys doing now you're home? 

    Thanks so much for the piccies Jellytots1989, LOVE THEM!

  • All ths babies are looking beautiful 💖💖💖. 

    Yeap still here 2 days over now. A few pai s here and there but nothing to hit the all systems go button for, but we will get there 😃😃😊😊. 

  • So I've finally found time to sit down and write my birth story. Charlie John Carson was born on Sunday 21st August at 5.58aM weighing 10lb 2.5ozz it's a long one guys. 

    Had a sweep on Friday 20th and was 40+6 said she managed to give me a good sweep and I was around 2cm dilated. Woke up at 2am with strong tightenings got up to toilet and back to bed same again so decided just to time and see. They were coming every 8mins. got up and had a shower went downstairs as didn't want to get partner up too early. He woke at 4.30 and came down they were coming every 7 mins by then. Held off until 8am and was about 5 mins apart I called hosp and was told to go in. Went and Got checked and was about 3cm so sent home. Managed at home until around 1.30pm but pain became intense and was every 4 mins so called and back in was 4cm so admitted. Midwife suggested birthing pool so I went in that. Stayed in there for ages and really enjoyed it. Started to get gas and air around 6 was checked and hadn't progressed Any further. Pain started to become unbearable (baby was back to back so was feeling everything in my back which was unbearable) got out pool and had diamorphine. Was very very sick come 10pm i was checked and was around 7cm they could feel big bag of waters but babies head was very high so they werent keen to break them incase cord came down and got trapped they decided to get a doc to check and advised me on an epidural because of my back pain. Anethnatist came and tried epidural 3 times but my body was rejecting it. Finally they got it to work after 4 attempts but then after 1 hour it wore off and contractions were worse than ever. During this time doctor decided to try and break waters which was successful. Anethnatist came back to try epidural again and again after 3 attempts we managed slight releife. At that point babies heart beat started dipping with contractions so decision had to be made and they decided after examination babies head was not coming down so I needed a section epidural again wore of and I was whisked along to theatre with my amazing other half by my side and given a spinal. Waited 15 mins and my body also rejected that so I had to be put to sleep. Was absolute gutted to be sleeping when my baby was born. Anyway off to recovery when they tried to sit me up I had a terrible headache so they kept me in high dependency for the nigh. That whole day was a blur. Moved to ward next day where midwifes were so grumpy and horrendously unhelpful kept taking reactions to pain releive and was constantly sock they then used an injection which is used with cancer patients to stop sickness and it worked wonders but had to be used a few times as it kept coming back. Finally after 3 nights in hospital I got home. Delighted to be home I then developed the worst headache I have ever experienced which would only releived when I was lying down. After being sick in pain and unable to sit up at all my partner called maternity unit where I was taken straight back in. I had developed a post dural puncture which is a hole left in the spine leaking fluid and causing an imbalance in the head (the only thing that makes it better is lying really flat). as I was on fragmin jags to stop blood clotting they had to wait as couldn't do the procedure until blood was able to clot. Then had to be re admitted to hospital. I had the procedure done today and it seems to have worked I've never felt releif like this ever. It's been the absolutly most horrendous week of my life but i look at my perfect boy and he is worth every second. He is now 5 days old and I feel like I have missed out on so much with being so ill my partner has literally been Superdad and done absolutly everything for us. His bond with Charlie is amazing and I have never been so thankful to anyone in my whole life. Now home and feeling better time to start enjoying my family.

    sorry it's so long 

  • imageimageMy beautiful boy 💙💙

  • Cripes Fee0806, what started out as a really good labour got really scary, really fast. And then having to have another procedure so soon after the birth - what a week you've had. We hope things are slowly returning to normality (or normality with a baby!). How are you healing now? And how is your beautiful boy doing? 

  • My boy is doing fantastic he is just absolutly perfect so content and alert. I'm feeling literally like a new person since I had the procedure done and it's just so nice to be home after being stuck in hospital for so long x

  • Hello all - lovely catching up on birth stories - here is mine written during the 4am feed! William Oliver Roberts (7lb11) arrived 9 days late but in just time for tea at 16.52 on 30th August.

    I had false labour all Saturday night then very slow early labour started after another sweep on Sunday afternoon. Luckily contractions were 45mins apart Sunday night so I could nap in between. Not so by Monday night and I was gutted at 10pm Monday - after 48hrs of contractions - to be told the cervix was now fully effaced but still only 2cm dilated! Offered to walk around hospital for an hour or two or go home for as long as I could manage, so decided to go home.

    Finally admitted to delivery suite when I was 4cm dilated at 4.50am Tuesday. Felt like a big achievement! Then had lovely mobile epidural a couple of hours later and spent a pleasant pain-free morning bouncing on my ball and chatting to my hubby and the superb male midwife. Progressed to 6cm by 8.50am as expected but then things stalled and at 12.50pm it was still the same. The midwife wondered if the baby's brow was coming out first but the doctor who re-examined me wasn't sure. Luckily another doctor I had taught when she was at medical school was around and she kindly came to re-examine me at 3pm. She was much more confident that the head would right itself. She also crucially spotted that my bladder was swollen and over a litre came out when they put in a catheter. I'd been too busy chatting to notice that I hadn't peed enough.

    They had just set up a hormone drip to speed things up when I suddenly started feeling contaction pains very low down on one side. The midwife encouraged me to press the epidural button several times in a row because the drip would make contractions stronger. Despite doing this three times (and having properly numb legs) I felt the very low pain increasing and feeling like pressure. At the same time baby's heartbeat was moving lower and lower and becoming tricky to monitor.

    The midwife decided to re-examine me and we were all stunned that I was fully dilated and the head was right there ready to come out. Plans for pushing positions went out of the window as I was numb so it was good old fashioned lying / half sitting with legs braced. Seemed to work though as 10mins later I was holding my baby boy! No stitches needed luckily and we were on the post natal ward within two hours. The end made up for the long drawn out start!


  • lexy32, thank you so much for sharing your birth - dare we say it, but it sounded brilliant - nice and smooth. 

    Mind if we ask lexy32, but what do you do for a living as we noticed you said you taught at med school). 

  • Awww what a great story lexy! And a male midwife! Wow! He is gorgeous. Where did you find his lovely sleepsuit from? I love that! X

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    Well Lynda-Lee finialy arrived yesterday 12:09pm 9pounds7

    Went into full blown labour Sunday afternoon. I stayed at home for aslong as I could but ended up going to the hospital at 7pm. So soon as I got there I was taken up to the delivery room with a lot of pushing it turned out that her head was stuck. The only choice was to use forceps in theater. So suited and booted off I went. After 2 contractions and a few pushes she was out safe and sound. I only had 2 stitches in. We stayed in over night and we were home by 2pm today. So glad she is here. She has settled down to family life so well. Xxx 

  • Hooray Lizabee! We are so happy for you! Little Lynda-Lee kept you waiting, but wasn't it worth the wait! She is perfect! 

  • Congrats lizabee! She is beautiful! X

  • She is just amazing. My oldest was away until today so they met for the first time. I cried because as soon as my oldest said hello little sis. Lynda woke up and looked into her eyes. It was just perfect xxx

  • Liza she is just perfection!!!

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