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Hello - and congratulations on your pregnancy!

I'm DanielleMFM and it's really lovely to see you looking in on us!

If you'd like to join this group and meet others who are also due in August 2017, please do post a reply and introduce yourself.

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  • Last cycle didn't happen! But we have BD'd everyday up until and after ovulation day, this cycle. 

  • Hello, im 4+3 and im due in early August. I conceived with my first month of clomid as I have PCOS. Im feeling ok but im having a lot of lower abdominal cramping, like PMS cramps. Im nervous about the whole thing! Would love to chat to other women about how they're feeling.

  • Hi Londongirl, congrats on your BFP :-) is this your first?

    Im around 4-5weeks (not 100% sure) after trying for 15months after a MMC.... really nerve wracking but hopeful... I've also been getting cramps, but no bleeding... having an early scan at 6-7weeks so fingers crossed all is okay... 

    How have you been feeling? xx 

  • Hey Guinesrules, great to hear from you. I'm having a scan at 6 weeks too, fingers crossed for us both! I feel ok, crampy all day today, and tired, sore breasts and a bit nauseous. How have you been feeling? what are your cramps like? image

  • Cramps have been pretty bad some days and not so bad on other days... also my hips have been aching! Boobs are really sore & im bloated loads already, but I've heard that can go up & down... little bit nauseous every now & then and really tired 😴 Fingers crossed for our 6 week scans!! Weird timing with Xmas coming up, already struggling with making excuses for not having a drink 😐 But I'm sure I'll make it through- just hoping everything is ok this time 

  • I know! I'm already finding it hard to cover up not drinking!! It's reassuring that we are having similar symptoms. When are you planning to tell people? 

  • My parents know, but that's it.... I'll probably wait until after this first scan to tell any of my friends, just because with our last one we went for our 12week scan and thats when we found out everything wasn't right- so want to be a bit more cautious this time round... how about you? 

  • That's understandable, you poor thing that must have been so difficult. Did you know anything was wrong at all before the scan?

    We haven't told anyone yet, we were thinking if scan was fine we would tell family at christmas and wait until 12 weeks to tell friends and work 

  • Hello – welcome to all 3 of you – and big congrats to each of you on your pregnancy!

    It's really lovely to have you here! 

  • Hello world.. I missed period and it's been only 3 days. This will be my second one after a very long gap like almost 7years. Having cold feet, abdominal  cramps I'm confused whether because of winter or pregnancy. planning to wait for few days till go for confirmation. 

  • Hiya Purvy, good luck when you test - wishing you a BFP!

  • Thank you.. I will keep updating my feelings and BFP.

  • Hello everyone just found out im 4weeks and 2days pregnant with my first child. Ive done 3 pregnancy tests but dont see midwife till 22nd. Alittle nervous as first time and i am also have premenstraul cramps for time to time. Also last night my fiancé went to kiss me after he had a cigerette and i threw up lol.

  • Hi Firespirit, congrats! Im only 2 days ahead of you! Did your GP arrange the midwife appointment? Did it take long for you to get it? I havent heard anything yet. Ive had cramps too, have heard its normal, no vomiting yet! 

  • Hello Ladies !! 😊 Hope you dont mind me joining in on your chat! I'm from the 2ww thread! Did a test on 30th Nov and got a positive straight away! I was wondering if any of you could help work out when i would be due ! 😂 First day of my last period was 21/10/16 so 6 weeks today... but my cycles have been 17 days! And my CB test yesterday said 1-2wks pregnant! Any opinions?

    God I'm feeling emotional today haha! This was all planned but didn't think it would happen so fast! I'm so excited i could burst!! Or cry... again! Haha! Hope you're all well! x

  • Heya londongirl i phoned the gps up yestsrday and they said home kits are spot on now and the fact i had 3 with same results that i am deff pregnant. They said that i can just go straight to midwife and they made the appointment. I keep feeling sickly and want to be sick but i try and not think about it. Same with the cramps they come and go. Congrats to you too x

  • Hi smilelikeyoumeanit congrats on finding out! I downloaded a app on my phone called pregnancy+ from playstore. It is really handed and helps work date out. Hope this helps

  • Thankyou firespirit! I'll look into it !

  • Have you tried it?

  • Yeah I gave it a little go thankyou! I like how it shows you the pics of when it looks like 😍😍😍😍

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