Due in August 2018 - Part 2



  • Hello and thank you yes they are all excited including my 2 step children lol. Its sure been trying i misscarried last April so thats made more paranoid.. i have new partner so thats the 11 yr gap :-)

  • Hi Must be mad, welcome to MadeForMums and congratulations. What a wonderfull brood of kids you're going to have. Please do come and let us know how your amnio goes, won't you? 

  • Congrats mustbemad. I hope everything goes ok for you today. There is 10 years between my youngest and this wee bubba. 

    Girls I'm starting to feel proper movement now from baby 😀😀😀 love it.

  • Meme210 - that outfit is so cute! I love georges range of clothes. Kgraham - 5 days ahead sounds like he will be a big boy my SIL just had a ten pounder baby boy... Made my eyes water lol. 

    Lozzyben glad your first scan went well 14 weeks must have felt like ages to wait. Lovely picture though. 

    Welcome must be mad - good luck with your amniocentesos. and welcome! 

    Had my little boys first birthday party sunday cant believe where the year has gone he loved all the balloons and cake. Hope everyone had a nice weekend xxxxxx

  • Girls I have booked a private gender scan for the 10th of March couldn’t wait any longer need to know if am blue or pink so going to suprise the grandmothers on mother’s day with the news I cannot wait I am to excited now 

  • Awww big 1st birthday 😀😀 where does the time go!!!!

    Lizzielouise u bet you can't wait to find out. That will be a lovely mothers day present for the grandparents 

  • Congrats must be mad :) 

    Lizzie fingers crossed little legs are open!

    Has anyone looked at prams yet and have a fav? Xx

  • Thanks Vonnie123 yes it seemed like a lifetime waiting till 14 weeks ! Luckily they have fit me in ok for the 20 week scan. 

    Kgraham my original date was 31st August so I'm surprised they changed it really. 

    Welcome must be mad , how did your amino go ? I hope it went well as it could. 

    I am going to a Mothercare baby event on Sunday so hoping to find out a bit more about prma and baby gear then as I don't have a clue ! They are doing them all over the country and you can book your place online if anyone is interested :) xx

  • Ive bought all my prams (yes multiple lol). my dad bought me a doona which will be my ultimate saviour on the school runs. we had some vouchers for John Lewis and got a price match on a January sale baby jogger so ended up only having to pay £39.99 for it instead of £299.99. They will be the main pram so use all the time but a friend also have me a lovely silver cross travel system which is at my mums as a spare but I won’t use it if I’m honest. It’s a lovely pram but I’m all about the convienience lol 

    I actually don’t have that much left to get now. I need baby monitors, bedding, clothes and that’s about it I think. My sister is buying my Moses basket and a friend is buying a bouncer. Ive been given a bumbo and jumper 👍 

  • We went to a local shop to look at prams, we liked the venici, the egg and the orange which I think is icandy.  weve looked online at Mothercare and both quite liked the look of the mothercare 4 wheel journey, Hubby doesn’t want to go there to look until we are ready to buy and at the moment I don’t want to buy that until after 24 weeks.  We don’t have a mothercare locally.  

  • Thanks every one. Apparently it went very well yesterday wasnt a pleasant experiance. Got 2 more scan pics. Bubba is perfectly happy and healthy and really isnt very coperative when they try to take measurements. Yesterday bub rolled 360 degrees and swam off. Still every one finds how active bub is very funny and probably frustraring too 

  • My baby is always really active when it comes to scans, last time though I’d been exercising before and it seemed as though she was trying to sleep

  • Hi girls, well midwife phoned today and asked me to come in..... my triple blood tests have came back as high risk. 1-84. After talking with my partner we have decided against an amino test but we have gathered up the money (£400) to get the private scan and blood tests done. Booked in for tomorrow and should get the results in 7 working days. Please keep your fingers crossed and say a little prayer for my little boy x

  • I have everything possible crossed for you and little one Kgraham. Positive thinking and all that xx

  • Kgraham I hope it goes well and your little boy is ok 🤞

  • Kgraham everything crossed that your little boy will be fine. Such a worrying time for you just remember we are here. Must be mad thats nice you got 2 more scans, glad babys happy and healthy. 

    Has anyone had a chest infection in their pregnancy yet? Iv got one a.t.m feel rough any remedies or ideas to help... Iv been given antiobiotcs and inhailers xxxxxx

  • Hi vonie 123 hope you feel better soon. I had the flu and a week later an ear infection the week after completely wiped me out. I have had so many colds this preganancy so far is wipping me out. I had anti biotics and ear drops for my ear xx

  • Must be mad did you get a scan that looked for soft markers?

    Thankyou girls, I opted for the triple test as spina bifida runs in my family. That came back fine but the rest high risk. Not a result I was expecting. Had it in my head it would be the other way round xx

  • Aww kgraham everything crossed and you little boy will be fine a scary thing to go through but we’re all here for support as well as your family ❤️

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