Due in August 2018 - Part 2



  • Hi ladies. im sad to say that I will be leaving the August group. I had a scan this morning At 16 weeks but there  no heartbeat. I’m having to go in on Friday to deliver the bab and it’s safe too say I’m beyond devastated. I wish you all the health and happiness in your pregnancies.xxx

  • Oh calebleake I'm so so sorry to hear this. I really am thinking of you. Sending you massive ((( hugs )))). I hope everything goes ok for you on Friday and I hope in time your heart break will heal. Xxx

  • Aww no Caleblake  sorry to hear of your loss 

  • Oh no :( devastated for you cakeblake. Theres no words :( i really hope it goes as well as it can 💟💟💟

    Kgraham, hope all goes well, be thinking of you xxxxx

  • Oh calebake I am so sorry. I cannot imagine what you're going through. Sending you strength and love, I hope in time you will heal xXxXx

  • Sorry to hear caleblake. Thinking of you at this tough time. Sending you lots of love and strength. 

    Kgraham hope all goes well for you xx

  • Omg caleblake so sorry to hear that I can’t imagine what your going through sending you all the love 💕 

  • Well can't go for scan and bloods today due to the snow. Have to wait until Monday now 😔

  • Aww kgraham try not to worry xxxx

  • Caleblake I am so sorry to hear such sad news x Thinking of you xx 

  • Thinking of all the ladies having tests. My first amnio didn't go to plan as membranes not fused. Finally got it done last Friday and had initial results back as all clear. Full test results due in a couple of weeks. The amnio was not nice but not as bad as I thought. I did have a few anxious days after as my tummy felt funny ect Fingers crossed for you xx

  • Nadialms I'm glad to hear your amino went well and so far results are looking good xx what was your risk ratio? Xx

  • Kgraham thank you x We were 1:77 

  • Thinking of you calebake. 

    Please take care f yoir self xx

  • So sorry to hear that Calebake... Stay strong ❤️

  • Calebake im so sorry to hear your news. Thoughts are with you. Xxxxx

  • Hi ladies, hope you've all been looking after yourselves in the snow. It's lovely to catch up on all your happy news and my thoughts are with those awaiting test results or who have had sadder news.

    I've been a bit quiet recently as had a bit of a scare at my 12 week scan due to suspected fetal abnormalities. They sent me to a fetal medicine department to be fully checked out as they couldn't visualise anything apart from a heartbeat. Thankfully all ok having been throughly checked out by both a consultant and a sonographer. I've now had blood results back too and am low risk. Bit of a scary, emotional time for hubby and I so glad it's behind us and little nugget seems to be ok. Due date is 27th August.

    We have 16 week midwife appointment and several more scan dates booked to keep an eye on things. Scans are slightly earlier than 20 weeks as been called for jury service at beginning of April. 

    I do have a question for the group, have any of you started wearing maternity clothes and if so where are you getting the from? I have been looking for pair of work trousers but not finding anything suitable. Thanks in advance for your comments.

  • Hi hil82 

    I have started wearing maternity clothes i have been getting mine second hand off ebay and face book 

  • Logged on today to see Calebake your  sad news. Hope that you receive all the support that you need and give yourself time to heal. Hope yesterday went as well as it could

    Kgraham see your going through an anxious time hope snow clears for you on Monday to get those tests 

  • Hil82 glad to see you back and hear everything is looking good! we have the same due date :) 

    im not in maternity yet but starting to get uncomfortable and pretty much living in leggings when I'm not at work ! My sister in law who is pregnant says new look and boohoo online have a good range that won't break the bank.  

    Hope the weather improves by Monday for you Kgraham x 

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