Due in August 2018 - Part 2



  • Having contractions now for 22 hours. Am exhausted! Sometimes they are strong and close together and then they are far apart and weak. Have a toddler who I sent to my brothers today So really hoping I don’t do this too long. 

  • Ahh Chloe I know how you feel, I was exactly the same.

    I got in a bath in the end after being sent home, only 3cm and after 2 days of contractions and I had Mia that evening really quickly going from 5cm to her arriving in an hour! The bath really helped I was in it for a good hour or so and the relaxing helped my contractions pick up! 

    I hope things progress real soon, it’s all so worth it for our bubbas but so difficult as well. 

  • Aww Chloe I had a long labour too it really is draining, like Steph said best thing is to just relax athough it’s so hard! The bath might help you doze off a bit, light some candles and get a bar of chocolate on the go. Hope things move a bit quicker soon xx

  • Thanks guys, had a long bath but nothing picked up. Ruined it by going out for a walk after. So will try to just relax for rest of the night x

  • Think we are all the same we have all had long labours its a killer specially if you can’t sleep hopefully this little one will make an appearance soon. Today was my official due date but now little one is 4 weeks and a day and such a diva already

    lol image

  • Lizzie - look at that smile! And those cheeks! She is too cute. 
    Hang in there Chloe, we're sending positive vibes your way. 

  • Aww Lizzielouise she’s so gorgeous!! that little smile! How are you feeling?  was just thinking about you this morning, hope you’re okay! 

    How are you doing today Chloe?? Hope things have started moving for you! August must be the month for long labours 😂 these babies are comfy in there! 

    My little man slept for such a long time last night, only woke up twice and only for 20 mins the first time! He’s started sleeping so much better, I’m hoping it lasts! He’s 3 weeks old tomorrow, can’t believe it! 

  • Still very irregular, had an hour of every 3 mins and intense, but I get up and they go to 10 or 15 apart sometimes half an hour apart. I went to be checked and I’m at 3cm but that was at 3am, contractions haven’t picked up at all 

  • Aw Chloe you must be exhausted. Make sure you take care of yourself. Got my fingers crossed today is the day for you. 

  • Thanks helscee 

    yeh she did a full 5 hours sleep last night it’s great when they sleep long but you panick thinking you have slept through them crying lol. Am feeling much better now despit my step sister telling me am a rubbish mother because I had to get help when I had a bad infection in my womb but am just not listening to her as she is just been a bitch mind my language lol.

    yeh time is just flying by it is unreal. 

    chloe hopefully it won’t be to long but it is just exhausting like but 3cm is good it’s getting there slowly hopefully nit To much longer to go once you hit 4 it could all go quick. 

  • Glad you are feeling better! Yes sounds like you just need to ignore your stepsister, sounds like she hasn’t got a clue what she’s on about and there’s no way you could be a bad mother for getting help, especially when you’re ill for goodness sake! 

    It is weird when they start sleeping longer, I’m waking up a few times each night just to check George is still breathing 🙈.

    We had a newborn photo shoot with George yesterday and he cried and wanted to be fed through the whole thing lol. Little monkey! 

  • Albert Madduma Bandara Herath born 23.rd August at 12.23am weighing 7lbs 11oz 😃😃image

  • Congratulations Chloe 💙💙💙 he is beautiful xxxx

  • Chloe, he is amazing! Huge congratulations to you, please do come and let us know how it all went down! 

    August mums - we will be closing this thread today. Please head over to August 2018 Babies thread here! 

  • Yeyy congratulations Chloe he is just beautiful 

  • Chloe he’s adorable!!! Congratulations, so pleased he’s finally arrived for you x 

  • Congrats Chloe! He is a cutie! 

    I was due 20th August and still waiting 😬

    Had a sweep on Tuesday but midwife said my cervix was still closed so probably wouldn't do anything. Have another one booked in for next week!

    It's going to be a full moon on Sunday and apparently that brings labour on (if you believe in that kind of thing!)

    Although I've heard the delivery suite gets super busy on full moons... weird!

  • Mickey S, I think I had a long latent phase of labour because the sweep worked but my body wasn’t quite ready for it. just guessing but it was hard so dont be too down if it doesn’t work. Baby has to stay in an incubator as had low tem but he is fine now just weaning him off the heat slowly. They have to keep an extra eye on him as I had group b strep but fingers crossed he seems good. my husband is Sri Lankan and I’m white British so both my moths have gorgeous tanned skin and dark hair and eyes. So in love 😍 

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