Due in August 2018 - Part 2



  • Love the bump pics girls 😀😀 xx

  • Awww, fab bump pics Meme and Vonnie! 

    Do  find your bumps grow during the day? When I first get up I don't have much of one and then by the time evening comes round I look quite 'bumpy'. I'm sure it must be food (and bloat lol)!

  • I’ve not noticed that happening kmh 

  • KmH27 yes it happens to me too. By end of day bumps seems a lot bigger. Dont know why but happened with my last pregnancy too xxxxxx

  • image

    This is my 16 week bump find out the gender in 2 days and cannot wait kgraham I am sure I’ll be joining team blue it’s just a feeling I have lol 

  • What a beautiful round bump Lizzie!

  • Aww thanks kMH27 I can’t believe how much it’s came out doesn’t look that round when i look down lol 

  • Evening Ladies! 

    I’m joining team PINK ☺️💗

    Sooooo exited, a little sister for my son 🤗 

  • Congratulations stephlauren 💟💟💟💟💟 xxx

  • Congrats stephlauren! 

    Im not posting a pic atm i feel so fat and although i know i look pregnant pics just look fat lol, im quite tall so bump is like long so yeah looks wierd lol, having a 'feeling fat' week xxx

  • Bobble I know how you feel, I get days like that too. Especially when my clothes stopped fitting me. Feel much better now that I have some maternity wear xx

  • Congrats Steph! One of each flavour haha! 

  • Happy weekend girls, what a beautiful day!!!! I have been flat out cleaning and now my back is broke. Bobble I pm'd you pet xx

  • H


    Hi ladies, had our 20wk scan this arvo joining team pink as well 🦄

  • Congratulations Becksta 

  • Congrats Becksta 💗

  • Congrats becksta 💟💟💟💟 xx

  • Thanks ladies just the huge decision of what to name our little princess begins 

  • I am so nervous gender scan after work today at half 3 will hopefully know if am pink or blue never though it would be this scary. I think I finally felt baby move last night felt like summersalts at the bottom of my tummy when lying in bed was such a strange feeling though wish me luck guys.

  • Gorgeous outfit too Becksta,

    20 weeks today for me, halfway through 🎉🤩😍💕🎉🤰🌟🌈 I cant wait for my scan on Tuesday 

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