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  • Oh absolutely! From what I’ve learnt over the last few days is the only rule is there are no rules!

  • Yeah I have only had nausea once so far!! Boobs are a little tender!! They are putting me on a safer ward for my pregnancy :) 

  • Well ladies i think im out. Took another test today and it took longer to come up and isnt quite as strong. That combined with zero boob pain anymore means ive lost all hope of this continuing successfully.

  • Hi everyone! I am new to the forum but I got my first BFP 5 days ago after tcc for 8 months. I am due 2nd August according to google.

    I’ve taken 4 tests so far but I’m sure that number will increase ha ha 

  • Hello and welcome Kerri6814! Congrats on your BFP! Im going to try and stop at 3 tests but it’s not easy! I bought a clear blue one this morning that had the words and how many weeks so I feel much more confident I’m not imagining it all! 

  • Hi first timer here. Due 4th August too! Here are my tests 11-13 DPO. image

  • Hi y’all! I don’t know for sure if I’m pregnant or not, I need advice!! Here are my tests please tell me what you think!! I’m 7 days late and I’ve been nauseas (No vomit tho), pale, tender nipples, gassy. imageimage

  • Hi Abby7777 I can definitely see a second line! Just a question regarding the first pic though... should there be a mark in the small window for a control line? I’ve never seen that make before. 

  • Congratulations AlisP! Which language is your pregnancy test in? I love the origin of language and words so have been googling gravid. I would love to have my child have a good knowledge of languages (not to be a pushy mum!)

  • Hi SaoirseK, how you doing today? We're sure you've read this already, but your HCG hormone is at its strongest in your first wee of the day, so best to test with this wee. 

    Welcome Kerri6814 and AlisP, we're so happy for you guys and welcome to the forum and thread! 

    Hi Abby7777, we do hope you're officially joining the thread - let us know! 

  • Well boobs are a little more tender again today. Now both tests are dry its hard to tell which one is which so theres probably not much difference in hcg levels really even though it took longer to come up. With my chemcials the line never got that stronf so im a little more hopeful in that sense

  • Thank you! Gravid is Norwegian for pregnant.

    I am English but I live in Norway with my Norwegian boyfriend. It is going to be an interesting journey raising a bi-lingual baby as my Norwegian is definitely questionable 😂

  • Thanks all for the welcome 😊

    SaoirseK, if it helps, ive been similar. My pg tests haven’t had the strongest lines and my boobs go from sore to not then back again.

    AlisP - interesting but fun I’m sure!

  • Abby7777 - definitely looks positive to me. My first one was even lighter. Congrats!

    I'm 5 weeks tomorrow. I have virtually no symptoms for the last week except needing more water. My test lines keep getting darker, so I am going to just enjoy feeling normal whilst it lasts! 

  • so after a busy few days where I hadn’t tested I thought I’d check after reading these comments and im relieved as my lines have deffo gone darker! I can’t quite believe i am pregnant! Congratulations to all of you Lovely mummies to be! imageimage

  • Congrats Craly!!! ❤️👶🏻

  • Thanks so much babybeat! When are you due again?

  • Congrats everyone!!! Is Everyone else still cramping 

  • AndreaG1990 I had a day off the cramps yesterday but have now gone on to sore boobs! I feel like sickness is on the next train so have stocked up on mints ready! 

    We shall have to start sharing mocktails and food ideas ready for the Christmas season. I’m just glad that bacon isn’t off the menu! 

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