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  • Congrats baby number 3!!! I really can’t wait until everyone starts getting scans we have a private one booked in for two weeks Friday xx

  • Anyone else having no symptoms? 

    Also I’m confused by weeks on some websites it’s different. 

    If I‘m 5 weeks today (35 days into the cycle) am I in week 5 or week 6? Because technically I already completed 5 weeks? It’s just interesting to read up what symptoms are “Normal” at 5 & 6 weeks.

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    Hello guys. So I found out on Friday that I was pregnant and did a proper digi one today! According to calculator due on 10th August, this will be my second baby and I'm so excited to give my 2 year old a brother or sister! Slight dull lower back ache and some little tummy niggles but nothing major and all normal I hope. Ringing doctors tomorrow to book my 8 week midwife apointment! My mum is a midwife but we are choosing to keep it a secret from everyone until our 12 wk scan and do a big announcement then. It seems so long to wait, so I'm really hoping it goes quickly! Xx

  • My main symptom is really sore boobs!! A little nausea but not much else!!  chlo my little girl will be about 3 and a half when I give birth I’m so excited for her to be a sister lol!! She loves babies!! 

  • Oh yes baby number 3 I almost forgot about the cramping!! Feels weird as i always associated it with af!! I had to tell work because of working in a dangerous environment so we told our closest family as it felt weird people at work knowinng but not our parents!! Suppose having a early scan before Xmas so should make me feel a bit more relaxed!! Couldn’t really afford it But will be worth it to feel less worried!! 

  • My son will be 2 months off being 3! He's growing up so fast so I can imagine he will be even more grown up then! Oh gosh I have no idea .I'm not a big drinker anyway, but I feel such guilt not telling my own mum :( I just want to wait and make it a lovely moment telling everyone! 

    Im sure your kids will absolutely love their brother or sister, it's usually so much different when it's their own! I now have the dilemma of who will have my son when I go for my 12 wk if we aren't telling anyone! 🤔 Xx

  • imageHi guys, so glad I’ve found this thread, remember coming on her when pregnant with my daughter. So found out last week I’m pregnant with my 3rd, already got a son, Jude 5 and Amelia 20 months. Calculators work out that I’m due Aug 4th making me just over 5 weeks. Wasn’t planned but we’re both over the moon and after having had a few previous losses, I am a little apprehensive but I’m a firm believer in fate so fingers crossed. No major symptoms yet apart from sore boobs which I mainly notice when coming down the stairs, lol! Hope everyone else is feeling well xx 

  • Hey ladies joined this thread coz found out I was pregnant yesterday 😁 predicted due date 12th August this will 3rd have a girl 13 and a boy 7 How's everyone doing I feel bit crappy didn't get much sleep last night boobs are very sore n feeling sick quite a lot x

  • Congratulations to both of you! My predicted due date is 10th August! This will be my second baby. Feeling ok a little tired with some backache and little tummy twinges. Feeling anxious this time round, more so than the first. Just a bit worried and feel like 7 weeks is such a long time to wait! X

  • Wow, welcome to you all: Babynumber3story, that's one of the strongest BFP's I've seen on a Clearblue! Cholou that is so handy your mum being a midwife! MummySmith21, we remember you from way back - we're thrilled to see you back in another birth club! Welcome Kimmykoos87, lovely to have you here. 😊

  • Hey guys,well today I received my BFP on a clearblue digi after having multiple faint lines on first response! From my Flo app it looks like im due around the 18th ( 4 days before my birthday). I have an appointment with my GP today so I’m hoping I can maybe get a scan In before Christmas So that I can surprise my family on Christmas Day xx

  • Hi Aim19, welcome and huge congratulations to you! How did your appointment go?

  • Hello ladies.

    So I'm 4 weeks and 2 days. My lower back is pretty achey (not painful) and also been getting a dull pain in groin area. Do you think this is all just part of the process? From memory I didn't have this with my first and I'm thinking it's way early to even be getting back pain or niggly stomach pains? Otherwise I'm fine no sickness (yet) just a bit more tired.

    I don't really want to be calling doctor as I know they will probably say it's normal. I think I'm just more worried this time round. 7 weeks for my scan can't come quick enough.


  • That's nice to hear that it's not just me! I have read in other forums that is it completely normal and it's about baby connecting itself to uterine wall for future growth or something. It's hard this time round as we aren't telling anyone and I'd usually speak to mum for advise.

    Are you having a private scan done? I did mention that to my partner but I don't think he wants to. I wish time would go quick these next 7 weeks! Let us know how your scan goes :)


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