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  • Hi Kerrie! - haha we can't help it can we! 😂 And how long have the dull pains lasted so far? I'm praying mine go as that's whats making me worry! I've been trying for just over a year now, how about you? And waiting till 12 weeks is gonna be so hard for me! I've told my closest two friends and told someone from work as I work in a hospital so there's lots of nasty bugs going around and I need to stay clear of them.

    hi babynumber3 - awww it's nice to have someone the exact same date as me! Yeah the pains come on a bit strong sometimes with me, but I'm hoping that this is normal, their settling now but it's still a worrie. Yeah keeping  from family around this time will prove difficult 😂 There's so many celebrations and everyone is always drinking around this time.


  • I am also 4 weeks and 5 days! Sore nipples and dull lower back ache and period aches mildly. Feeling tired too! I have booked in for private scan two weeks tomorrow. I already have a 2 year old and I don't know why, but this time I seem to want it more and am so much more anxious!


  • Hi chlolou - were all pretty similar then, it's nice that I can share this with you all and I don't feel so alone in it. I'm thinking of booking in aswell, I just want to make sure all is in the right place and looks okay! yesh I'm the same, very anxious Xx

  • Jade, I know eh! they’ve been coming and going for almost 2 weeks now I think. But we’re all different and yours might not last as long.

    We have been trying 8 months, so unbelievably chuffed but also terrified ha ha 😂

  • Kerri - ahhh, well I hope they start settling for you! I felt my first bit of morning sickness today but I think that's just from a big walk I did, felt a bit dizzy after and asif I could be sick. So you've been trying quite a while! What a feeling when you find out ehh! Is this your first? xx

  • Jade- I hope the same for you! Aw dizzy feeling isn’t fun...I think I get that too but i think mines more telling me to eat. 

    Aww yeah, incredible feeling after so long, not sure it’s fully sunk in yet. Same for you? 

    It is, yours too yeah? X

  • Kerri - haha yeah not fun! Tbh I think mine was telling me to eat aswell, as soon as I did I came back round. Ive been trying for a year now and yeah will be our first! We've just told my partners dad with a baby grow in a gift bag, his face was a picture! he was over he moon haha x

  • Well me and OH have just got back from a very long night in hospita! Unfortunately we lost our beautiful baby! I’m absolutely broken 

  • Iam so sorry xxx

  • I am testing in the morning! I still havent come on my period, major fatigue today 😴 was due on tuesday x

  • Aim19 - I am so so sorry! I can’t imagen how you feel how quickly something can happen like that! Sending lots of hugs and kisses

    Lornylupots- Ohhh exciting keep us updating and let us know once you have tested 

  • Aim19 - so sorry to hear that, I went through that myself a few years back, if you want to talk, then please do shout. 

    Lornylupots - good luck! Fingera crossed it’s the answer you’re looking for xx 

  • Aim19 - I am so sorry to here this, there are just no words, Thinking of you and your partner xx

  • Lornylu- good luck! hoping this is the one! Sending lots of baby dust your way xx

  • Aim19, we are so sorry for your loss. We're going to send you a PM now x

  • Aim I’m so sorry for your loss we are all here if you need to talk xxx

  • So my youngest will be 2 March so will be about 2.5 when baby arrives, question is, double pushchair needed or not? She’s a nightmare walker, not great in heading in the right direction and she’s just a little rebel 🙈 I’ve tried using a buggy board in the past and just never got on with it, always kicking it and seen as August will be flip flop weather, I don’t fancy battering up my toes, lol! I’m so undecided as to what I should do, in my head I’m telling myself my youngest will be better at walking by then, and then I just keep telling myself, who am I kidding, lol! We”ll have the school run to do twice a day and I don’t drive! 

    Help and Mumma out guys xx 

  • It was negative :(, im 3 days late. I dont know, dont get it, gonna test again on monday if it’s negative again i will go docs, i feel fine today tho, was extremely fatiuged yesterday tho :( x

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