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  • How is anyone with a toddler coping with being pregnant? I have a 2 year old and no sofa at the moment so sat on bean bags...he thinks it's fun to just jump on me! I'm so protective but I know he doesn't understand. 

    Just so frightened of something happening with all of the bloody jumping he has been doing! Also forever having to carry him and pick him up at times 😣 can't be helped I know x

  • Need advice ladies! I'm new to all this and I'll be 5 weeks tomorrow. I organised a girls night before I found out I was pregnant so we're all coming to mine for a Chinese and wine. Obviously I won't be drinking but is it ok to eat chinese? I've heard mixed opinions on it and it's confused me. Might be a silly question but best to be safe than sorry 

  • Chlolou- I’m worrying about the same not obviously jumping around I’m sure baby will be fine there very cushioned up inside our tummy’s and my little boy will be 22 months when I have baby and I’m scared about the going out and him making a dash when I’m pushing baba so I’m thinking double pram but it still seems hard work and there so expensive! And obviously being on my own and my OH works nights 4 on 4 off so I will be on my own doing night feeds and if my oldest wakes because of baby then I’ve got them both on my own. Just seems very hard with a toddler and newborn 

    Jades2409/ chiinese is fine I had it a lot through first pregnancy and also had one last night and I’m almost 5 weeks pregnant x 

  • Thanks Jessica!

    just finished it haha, was goooood 😍 X

  • Hi. Need a little advice. Tested this morning using a first response as I was due on yesterday. The test line looks rather light for me being 4 weeks. What do you guys think?image

  • Thats still a positive hun, doesnt matter if its a faint line that is a positive.

    I still havent come on my period :( 4 days late and my test was negative yesterday x 

  • Thanks Lorny for your reply. What test did you use? Maybe it's just not picking up the hcg level x

  • Sami - I read that women produce HCG differently, some women produce a lot of it and it takes some women a little longer to produce it. Some women can be 8 weeks and not produce enough for it to show on a test. I wouldn't worry, it's definitely a BFP! Congratulations!x

  • Thank you Jade. Just feel like I'm going out of my mind with negative thoughts x

  • Sami - I understand, I'm the same. I've done 3 tests because I just don't feel like it's real! Although I had the implantation pains. I find myself waking up during the night worrying incase owt happens. I just want to get this first trimester done with. Just want to know everything is okay. I've paid for an early scan on 23rd of this month to check all is as it should be at the stage so just a waiting game until then.x

  • I used a clear blue test x 

  • Lorny I tested 2 days before mine was due with a clearblue early detection and no line came up at all. Waited until today then done a first response and that's what came up x

  • Just did a cheapy one and nothing x 

  • Hey everyone ... Katy here ... we found out today that we are pregnant!! After rough calculations I will be 5 weeks on Monday ... Clear Blue gave me pregnant 1 - 2 weeks today. Very early days. Doctors appointment booked for Friday to confirm! Very excited / nervous. It’s my first! Already had nausea and light cramps ... hoping the MS won’t be too bad!! Any advice on what I should do next?! Or just play the waiting game!? X

  • Lots of new people in the group now :) Hi & congrats everyone! 

    6 weeks here, how is everyone feeling? I've had on and off morning sickness (been getting it in the evenings though which is handy for work!) using those sea sickness bands and eating little and often. Sense of smell is insane, everything stinks even my mascara smells, if a smoker sits next to me on the bus I have to move otherwise I feel like I'm suffocating... image Gone off cups of tea, think it's the thought of warm milk. Also I'm having bizarre dreams.

    I have been using an app called 'preglife' I recommend it for anyone looking for an app to track pregnancy. It give you lots of weekly updates for the baby, yourself and also your partner which is quite cool. 

    I live in Norway so the first (and only) scan here is not until week 16-19 so we have booked in a private scan at 12 weeks. Feels like a huge wait now I am reading that some of you have booked in for 6-7 week early scans.  image

  • Alisp gosh that seems like such a long time to wait! I don't blame you for booking in for a private one! I am 5 weeks today and having a scan in 13 days and counting! Hopefully I can see a little baby . I'm so anxious this time round. Suffering with some lower back pain and some tummy cramps, all normal I hope!! X

  • Katy i had cramps from 6dpo to 9 dpo and on and off since til about 13 dpo, along with fatigue , sickness at night time. like i said we waiting til monday to test again and what ever the result is going to the drs x for me its a waiting game! X if i am pregnant im 4 weeks 4 days x

  • I didnt have any sickness AT ALL with my other 3 but im feeling it at night this time. Im sleeping in my youngests room atm as shes not well and had to take myself downstairs last night on the sofa cos i thought i was going to throw up and getting out of a london bus bunk bed fast enough just isnt happening!

  • Ailsa you have described my life! Except my sickness is all day everyday! Just started using the bands today so fingers crossed for an improvement. 

    Mom struggling to eat or drink anything warm as the smell drives my gag reflex crazy! I’ve lollies have been my saviour! 

    I really miss tea! 

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