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  • I’m 4 weeks and 5 and have no symptoms at all. But I was the same with my first had no symptoms and didn’t find out till 9 weeks that I was pregnant! I’m wanting some sort of symptom to makenkt feel more real x

  • Hi ladies,

    sorry for the info but I had really bad trapped wind yesterday. I was at work and I was in so much pain I could of cried. It got that bad I was quite worried it was something serious. I can feel it coming on again. Just wondering if anyone has any tips on how to help ease it? I've been laying on my side and turning over every few minutes, it's helped but I can still feel it and it won't always come out as gross as it sounds. Any suggestions would be much appreciated x

  • if i am pregnant im 4 weeks 5 days, 5 days late on my period, negative tests tho, i did have loads of symptoms but they all seemed to have eased off now, i dont have any sore boobs either, going to the docs tomorrow if test is still negative x

  • lorny- what was the first day of your last period if you don’t mind me asking cause if you are pregnant yournthe same as me x

  • 6th of november xxx

  • Your one day off from me. The first day of my last period was 5th November came off on the 8th I only have 3 day periods but their irregular But always last only 3 days. And I’m 4 weeks 6 days. 5 weeks tomorrow so we are very close fingers crossed for you. Are you going to take another or just go to doctors xx 

  • Im taking one in the morning and i will still go if its either, i most probably one of those women who have low hormone levels x

  • I’m 6 weeks today and totally shattered! We live in Kent and travelled up to Manchester for the weekend so a 5 hr car journey with 2 kids was very tiring, luckily the hubby was driving but keeping the kids entertained was enough work. Feel like I could sleep for a week but now need to catch up on the jungle! Xx

  • Babynumber3- I’m 5 weeks tomorrow and still feel no pregnancy symptoms!! Really frustrating because it doesn’t feel like im pregnant. But with my first I never had any signs until I was 9 weeks and that’s when I found out! I didn’t even click on I missed a period. Im tired all the time anyway as I’ve got a 13 month old but normally I can wake up with him at 5 and I’m still tired but im up and awake and doing house work but these few days I’m straight on the sofa dosing back off maybe that’s a sign haha xx 

  • Well the sickness has started threw up today and yesterday at work n feeling nauseous on and off all day!! 7 weeks tomorrow and I’m so tired all the time xx

  • I dont have anymore symptoms but for the last 2 weeks i did x 

  • This will be my first x

  • Yessss I’m very nervous baby number 3- like my partner works nights 4 on 4 off so I’m going to have to do all the night feeds and if newborn wakes my firstborn up I’ve got to go in and sort him out them have them both on my own most the day while other half sleeps. If I want to nip in to town ive got to somehow afford a double buggy cause my firstborn can walk but I can have him running off or something while pushing banh but he hates being in his pram now he loves to walk. He can be very very mardy to me too I think it’s going to be hard work but it’s all I’ve wanted them both close in age haha xx 

  • Babynumber3story - I’m so nervous, we didn’t even plan it yet, we knew we always wanted 3 but wanted to wait but now it’s happened, we’re over the moon and now kind of glad we’re getting to do it sooner rather than later. I’m a littler nervous as my youngest is only 21 months and very demanding but I’m hoping this is maybe what she needs?!? Also things like, fitting 3 car seats in the car and working out who will share rooms as we only have 3 bedrooms, I guess it all depends on what this little one is. We already have 1 of each so I really don’t mind and part of me doesn’t want to find out but I also need to be prepared. We also  all ready have names picked out 🙈 xx 

  • Babynumber3- yes I am keeping my eye out not a chance i can afford brand new. I left my job then found out like 3 days later I was pregnant with my first then no one would employ me then I went back to work when son was 6 months but only for 5 weeks cause the nursery I started work in got shut down, then went to another but my son cried all day everyday at nursery and me being in the next room I couldn’t do it hearing him scream so I left and I’m still not working and now I think there’s no point so it’s just my partners money we have coming in.. and we are renting and paying bills and paying for my son it’s just soooo much! We just make it by- and aww I’m sorry to hear that I’m sure the further along You get the better he will be. The first 12 weeks are always the hardest ain’t they.  I’d love a little girl then I’ve got one of each. But I bet it will be a boy! i have my girls name picked already just boy I haven’t! Yes this page will help so much I’m always on checking but I get emails sent to me when someone messages on here so I can always chat away with out being 5 pages behind haha xxx 

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