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Prams, cots and everything in between


  • Fab idea babynumber3! ... I am totally new to the baby world so will be needing to buys EVERYTHING. We are currently looking to move house though so I wasnt planning on buying anything until we are complete on a move ... I hope this process goes smoothly. Havent sold ours yet so it could be a bit of a waiting game! 

  • I’m still undecided as to whether I need a double or not. My DD will be 2.5 yrs old and I don’t drive so we walk a lot but all the cheaper ones are so ugly and the ones I like I‘d need to take out a mortgage for! I’m looking at second hands ones also but they’re still not cheap 🙈

  • Hi ladies, I will need everything too no idea where to start lol 🙈 only thing I think I’ve decided is I want one of those ‘systems’ where you can clip it easily between car seat/buggy etc but I think they’re about £800 upwards so maybe a preloved one 😂 seems a lot for a buggy and car seat that are compatible with one another! So nice having people to talk to about all this 😀 

  • I really want a bugaboo. Had one for my little boy and loved it. They’re a lot of money, I know but I sold mine after we‘d finished with it and got a decent amount for it.

    i also want one of the bottle making prep machines!!! 


  • Call me cruel (eeeek!) But i always gave my other 2 room temp bottles (last one was breastfed) as A) it was easier and B) if we ever happened to be anywhere that they couldnt or wouldnt heat bottles they would still drink it

  • The bottle prep machine was the best thing I bought with my first!! Recommend 💯 

  • We had the prep with both of mine, was a god send. I only sold it 3 months ago 🙈 Will defintely be purchasing again. The prep makes the bottles at room temperature in less than 3 minutes - no brainier in my opinion, lol xx 

  • Has anyone used cloth nappies with previous babies? I've been researching them a lot and like that they're eco friendly but also seem to be more cost effective. Just wondering what people's opinions are :) 

  • Mummy smith I still have Ava’s prep machine it has been in a box for 2 years if I get a new filter will it be ok for the baby?

  • My DD was 2 yrs 4 months when DS was born, we didn’t go for a double pushchair just got a buggy board, and I also had a papoose so if DD got really tired she could go in the pushchair and I would carry DS. It worked for us - but I also drive so we didn’t do too many long journeys by foot/public transport. x

  • hey all just thought id message ive invested in prep machine look on ebay i got 1 for 10.00 god buy also got steriser for 6.50 and have you been charity shops ive brought loads of little  bits of clothing xxx
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