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Due in August 2019 - Part 3

Hello everyone, 

This is a new continuation thread for the Due in August 2019 - Part 2 peeps, as the original thread has become huge and now has so many pages, it's getting a bit hard to load.

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  • Phoned midwife about cramping she sending me for a scan 2moro just double check as sickness stop same time as I got cramping feel ok the day still no sickness 2day x

    hope you are all gd x
  • Hi girls, 

    Lovely to hear about all the gender reveals! Blondie I'm the same mine is ages away on 16th April! I'm going away for 2 weeks so hopefully that'll keep my mind off everything.

    AlisP my due date has changed to 28th Aug  :)

    Jwebster hope you're feeling okay and scan is all normal!

  • Can any of the mummys with kids at the moment recommend what I should add to my shopping list. I haven't the faintest about prams or anything for that matter!!
  • Gigi, we’ve learnt from our previous 2 not to bother with Moses baskets, they both had one and my sons lasted 5 weeks in his before he out grew it and my daughter hated hers so we got the Chicco next2me crib which was a godsend, downstairs we just used the carrycot from pushchair. We’re doing the same this time but instead of the Chicco one, we’ve got the Tutti Bambini version which just looks a tad nicer seen as he’s got to stay in our room longer than the other 2 did xx 
  • ThuperRahThuperRah Regular
    edited Mar 4, 2019 4:18PM
    Hello everyone. Had a busy weekend so haven't been on, loads of catching up to do! Exciting news for everyone who has found out what flavour they're having 😍
    Jwebster hope scan shows all is well. I'm sure it will.

    We went to the Baby Show on Saturday and did some good spending 😉 Have decided on the Chicco Next2Me Magic, we had the Dream last time and loved it.

    Have also bought my double buggy, a Phil & Ted's Navigator V2 came up locally at a good price in a gorgeous sky blue so I went for it. Don't love it as much as my Out n About Nipper 360 Single but it's pretty good.

    Have started to feel much more movent the last few days which is lovely as I'd got stupidly anxious something had gone wrong as I'd not been feeling her. Awful backache today and bump has shrunk so I think she's tucked herself to the back.

  • I’ve bought a Moses basket but my partners cousin has offered us her next2me as her little girl will be moving into her cot soon. Would you take the next2me for bed and just use the Moses basket for during the day downstairs? I’ll buy new mattress for next2me if we get it tho xx
  • @Jades2409 definitely yes 😊 x
  • Thanks lady’s baby been moving about so not worried at all lady’s I allways buy Moses basket as I like them x
  • Mummysmith, your bump is gorgeous! 
    Jwebster, glad your feeling baby move so everything’s ok. I’ve had a few jiggly pains over the last few days, says it body stretching??? Hope so! I’ve felt the baby move too so fingers crossed. 
    Love listening to what people are buying. 
  • OMG this gives me the fear on a lot of baby chat gd few of thrm
    sayimg baby sex was told wrong at 16 weeks this pic giving me fear how it can be mixed up x
  • Emj3 I glad you feel baby moving it’s a total sorry beening pregrant isn’t it x
  • It really is. And because it’s not regular movements it’s flipping
  • Totally emj3 my baby doesn’t move st sane times but last week so has been moving every day I don’t know if I notice it more this time cause I lost all the weight I hoping if this is sickness stopping I can get back 2 my slimming workd meals x
  • Hey girls
    Does anyone know how early on we can have a gender scan? I'm flying on Saturday to visit family but I won't be 16weeks yet - will be 15+4. Can they tell that early on? Thought it would be nice to surprise everyone 
  • For a lot of places you can find out at 15 weeks Gigi. That would be an amazing surprise!!xxx
  • We’re I am there not do it before 16 weeks I hope you manage get sum were x
  • Thanks girls. I think most places will only do it at 16 weeks and the ones who do it at 15 are charging an extortionate amount. So will just wait till my NHS scan on 16th April (seems ages away!)

    How's everyone doing? Anyone else having problems logging into here - I'm having to log in twice each time.
  • I’m doing well, got a few cramps here and there but nothing I’m worried about, for the past few days I’ve been feeling baby move a little in a morning when I wake up! Especially today, my alarm when off and I jumped out of my skin! I turned it off and laid back down and as soon as I lain back it felt as tough she did two flips inside! Haha, was strange but a lovely feeling. How’s everyone else doing?xx
  • Hi ladies, haven't written in a while! 18 weeks on Thursday and almost 2 weeks until 20 week scan. Excited to know the gender but more so want to know all is ok with everything else.

    For the ladies worrying about movement, it's still a worrying stage but please don't worry too much on movements. My mum is a midwife and I know it's different in different parts of the country but a lot of hospitals and midwife's do not expect anyone to monitor or worry about movements until much later on as even before 20 weeks they are still so small in there .

    I am intrigued to know what placentas you all have? I have an anterior again this time round which I know can cushion a lot of movement so I have only felt the odd little bit here and there but nothing major, I'm not worried though as I know it's common, we all look for that movement to reassure ourselves but also don't compare yourself to others as again that can make you worry more :) I didn't feel my little boy until about 22 weeks due to anterior placenta so I know it can be the same this time regardless if it's my 2nd baby. Having a midwife mum definitely comes in handy as she tells me what's normal and what's not so I am very lucky! Xx
  • Oh it’s 15 weeks here. And it’s the same price as the 16 week one. Between 55 and 65 pounds. 

    It must be nice having a midwife for a Mum chlolou. Sometimes we just need reassuring!
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