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Due in August 2019 - Part 4

Hello everyone, 

This is a new continuation thread for the Due in August 2019 - part 3 peeps, as the original thread has become huge and now has so many pages, it's getting a bit hard to load.

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  • Hey all how you all feeling ???  well i feel bit better after having show still back ache and crampy baby digging the hell outta me midwife tommoro 29 week appointment and growth scan in 3 weeks xxxxxxx
  • I next see the midwife on Friday I’ll be 32 weeks!! Next week is my last week at work woohoo
  • I had my 28 week appointment yesterday and all fine. My midwife team has changed though to allow mums in similar locations to be together and closer midwife team. Was ok but seen the same midwife all other appointments and as it's my first I'm feeling a bit anxious.  

    In other news I think I've decided on my travel system - the iCandy Lime 😊
  • I hit single weeks now can’t wait 29 weeks 2day but cause I going in 2 weeks early 9 weeks 2day I go in super exicted x
  • @ChellaKutti01 We had the iCandy Lime on our buggy testing track at The Baby Show and it was so popular! 
  • @DanielleMFM yay! This makes me even happier with my choice 😊 I just didn't want something big bulky and heavy. And I don't need huge wheels. The fact its so compact is a bonus too 😊
  • @DanielleMFM yay! This makes me even happier with my choice 😊 I just didn't want something big bulky and heavy. And I don't need huge wheels. The fact its so compact is a bonus too 😊
    And not forgetting it folds down in one piece which is awesome and love that it has the buggy board too! 
  • I’m now 30 weeks so only 10 to go! Feeling so much better after being put on iron tables, although I’m feeling the back pain a lot more now and work is really starting to take it out of me. After this week I only have 2 more weeks left at work and then I will only have to work a Saturday until 3 week before due date so I’m pleased with that!! Ha everyone near enough got everything now then?
  • Snap @Andreag1990I have my next midwife appointment on Friday and will be 32 weeks. Although I will have another 3 weeks of work to go after that :P Working full time is starting to get exhausting with the lack of sleep. 

    Gorgeous pics @Jwebster82, his little button nose, super cute.
  • @ChellaKutti01 what colour are you getting in the icandy lime in? It’s a lovely pram!

    i had my gd test, consultant and growth scan yesterday. Everything seems fine so far. Baby measuring within the lines and said she’s charting more like the weight of my daughter (7lb 8) than my son (9lb 13)! We’ll see! 

    For anyone who’s had the gd test and got it, how long did it take them to phone you?

    Got it my private scan booked on Saturday- can’t wait for my children to see their baby sister!

    The consultant I’ve seen the times before said they’d induce me at 38 weeks but the one yesterday said 39- I was so disappointed! Said they don’t really like to do a c-section before 39 weeks???? 
    Im not 100% having a section- it depends on my platelets in my blood closer to the time.
    I hope everyone’s feeling ok! I’m so jealous that some if you are nearly finishing work. I have 6 and a half weeks left till the summer holidays!!xxx
  • Seen midwife today and she really hurt me feeling for baby’s position it’s even sorer now couple of hours later, feeling bruised :( hope everyone well can’t believe we’re on final countdown I’m 31+3 but maybe getting brought in early, can’t wait to start seeing the bubs as they arrive ❤️Xxx
  • @EmJ3 they phoned me later that day with my gd results x 
  • So do you think a couple of days then @Lmc92? They were quick with yours!xx
  • Yea I’d say you’ll hear within a couple of days.. yea she was phoning to say I had it lol did you have it with other pregnancies? Xx
  • No I haven’t had it before but I felt sick and dizzy after having it so wondered if that might mean I’ve got it this time.xx
  • I felt sick cause hadn’t eaten or drank for so long wasn’t nice at all.. hopefully you don’t have it. So cute for your other children to be seeing there little sister I’m sure you can’t wait xx
  • @EmJ3 U can ring maternity unit and ask if the results are in. They didnt ring me with my results. Found out at growth scan cos of babys abdominal circumference
  • Thanks @SaoirseK- that’s good to know. Think I’ll see if they phone tomorrow and if not phone them on Thursday!
    my growth scan seemed ok yesterday but I suppose they can change a lot!
    @Lmc92 yeah I can’t wait for them to see her. I want them to check it’s a girl again too! Keep dreaming I have a boy and have to put him in a dress!!!xxx
  • Hows everyone doing? I have been so sick last few days. I am 29 weeks tomorrow and i also have my dreaded midwifes appointment to see if i need to have a growth scan. Its all just stressing me out.

    lmc92 i always found it really sore during my first pregnancy. Is your baby head down? 
  • Hey im 29 weeks midwife today im struggling to get around have growth scans mines head down finding it hard to sit down feels like i need go tolite but dont in pain with bk and stomach had bloody show weekend got sent bk home had premture babys b4 hope u feel better soon hun being sick is awfull xxxx
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