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Due in August 2019 - Part 5

Hello everyone, 

This is a new continuation thread for the Due in August 2019 - part 4 peeps, as the previous thread has topped the 1k post mark.

We've posted a link to this new thread on the old thread, so hopefully everyone will be able to find it easily enough.




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    New thread girlies we been yapping away lol my back is rageing today absulty agony haven't slept all night which got a headache took paracatmols are crap dont do owt xx
  • Girls I’m having a terrible time lately 😰😰😰 sorry been quiet! Really having issues with going to the toilet (sorry tmi) I’ve been prescribed medicine for it but it’s not working I don’t think, I feel so groggy and horrible no energy, stomache pains for 3 hours last night have any of you suffered with this? xxxx
  • @Craly24 when I was pregnant, those glycerine suppositories were my saviour - have you tried them? 
  • Can’t believe how much we talk lol @Rachel158 my back in bits 2day as well 

    can’t believe this my last weekend of beening pregrant x
  • My nails for going my boy nail nail tech made me get them a bit smaller I feel lost there 2 short x
  • @Jwebster82 u r lucky really excited for you tho hun nearly all over whst a relief it will be up be buzzing when I get to pushing stage be like aghhhhh thank god for that xxx
  • @Rachel158 I am can’t wait I just so over beening pregrant now with spd hunnie can’t wait he here 
  • @Craly24 hope you’re ok! I know it’s uncomfortable!
    @Jwebster82 love the nails- they’re gorgeous!!!

    well it’s my last day in work- we break up today from school! Here’s to a chilled maternity leave! At least for a few weeks till baby arrives! So excited!!!!!
    hope everyone’s ok.

  • @Andreag1990 as far as I’m aware no it doesn’t have hormones, I think there’s two different types of coil you can get, I could be wrong tho. I’ve had a lot of issues before getting pregnant and they said the coil would help settle all my pains and problems. I didn’t go on it as we were trying but after I’ve had her I think it’ll definitely be what they’ve recommended for me.

    @Craly24 bless you! It’s awful isn’t it! Yes I have the same issue, very bad pains that cripple me, I can go from one extreme (constipated) to the other (loose). It could be that your close to labour as they say your bowels empty themselves to prepare for labour so that you can contract better. I know it doesn’t seem like a good thing and it’s so unpleasant and painful but it might actually help during your labour. Hope they can manage the pain for you tho! I can’t leave the house or go out by myself anymore as I get anxiety as when I have to go I have to go! It’s awful! Hopefully it will all settle after our little ones are here xx
  • After my little girl 3.5 years ago I was prescribed macragol to go to toilet the pushing gave me an anal fissure or something so I have managed to get down to one every three days!! The doctor says absolutely know pushing/straining so think labour will probs destroy me again haha!! But the macragol really does help woth going to the toilet 
  • @DanielleMFM I’ve never heard of them? where do I get them? 

    @Jades2409 thanks hunny! Is it that yoir close to labour if they’re loose or if you can’t go? My problem is that I just don’t go for like 7 days! Which my boyfriend said is very worrying! I’m constantly in agony! :( it’s really getting me down now 

    Thanks @Andreag1990 the doctor prescribed me lactulose solution but it’s not working :( xxxx
  • @Jwebster82 love the nails girly! Xxxxx
  • @EmJ3 happy maternity leave!!! I’m so jel! Hope you’ve had the best day! xxxx
  • Had a massive emotional meltdown this morning, triggered by the fact I didn't have school uniform ready for my son! 
    Got home from the school run and just cried, my husband was off today so he calmed me down, then the  midwife  turned up for my appointment and I cried again! Thankfully she's a friend so we had a chat and I she was able to understand (our boys are in the same class at school) the emotions I'm going through with pregnancy and with the end of the academic year and my son being unsettled.

    I'm measuring 3 weeks behind with my bump, its grown 1cm since 32 weeks, she isnt too worried as my son was only the 19th percentile when  he was born. Urine showed traces of an infection so shes taken that back to the hospital to check it again and see if I need anything. I've been advised to start colostrum harvesting to try and encourage labour ready for my stretch and sweep in just under 2 weeks. 

    I have to say I'm ready for this baby to come now, I'm back to feeling sick, restless legs are annoying me, I have back and hip ache and I want to walk without needing to wee!!! 

    3 more school runs to contend with and then it's just entertaining an active 6 year old for 6 weeks and having a new baby that I have to face! 

    Sorry rambling,  helps to write it all down when I'm feeling down 
  • @Sebsmummy, sending you a big hug! Some days are just harder than others and pregnancy is an emotional roller coaster!!!

    @Craly24, thanks- had a lovely day. Can’t believe these babies are heading out way so soon!

    heading to the Lake District for a few days now! Thought it might soften the blow to the kids that were not going abroad this summer. Baby instead!!! The weather is rubbish till Monday though!!!
  • @Craly24 they say loose stools is preparing for birth, Aww god, that must be painful not being able to get anything out! Really hope they get it sorted for you! Nothing worse than being in pain and especially this far on when you’ll already be feeling uncomfortable.

    @Sebsmummy sounds like you’ve had one hell of a day, it’s awful and hormones don’t help at all! Glad you have a good support system around you tho. Take it easy on yourself, your doing an amazing job with already having a child and growing another! Sometimes things just seem to get on top of us, sending you love!

    @EmJ3 ohh I’m so jealous! I LOVE the lakes! Rainy or sunny, I find both nice while there. Have a lovely time!

  • @Jades2409 thank you, just been into my sons school for open evening and feel even more emotional now after talking to his teachers, he's had a challenging year, including an autism diagnosis and hes made immense progress everyone is so proud and complimentary of him its lovely 
  • @Sebsmummy sounds emotional but amazing news. Its incredible how a diagnosis can improve lots of different factors for someone. So glad you and everyone else can see progress. xx
  • Oh big hugs all you lovely lady’s having emotional 😭 days it hard going isn’t it 

    thanks lady’s love my nails amybody else gettin really tired I am so so tired think cause it gettin close I just fed up want wee man here now lol hubby off sat sun then he back in mon Thursday if Interal doesn’t help me on wat Monday which luck I have it not lol might even try sex over weekend hopefully between that internal Monday get me on way lol x
  • @Jwebster82 I just been looking up all the ways to help labour all rubbish innit been watching what woman tried on YouTube too my back is still killing me dont want to be constantly taking paracatmols every 4 hours every day it ain't helping either way xx 
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