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Possibly pregnant

Hello everyone! Im new here. I want to give a little background before I ask my question. After I had my youngest son in 2015 I decided to go with the mirena birth control. At first my periods were a little wonky for a couple months, then disappeared altogether. In March of 2018 I went for my yearly gyn exam because I couldn't find the strings to my iud. The dr couldn't either so I got sent for an ultrasound. IUD was in the correct place still. Also during this year is when my periods started coming regularly every month. Now for this year, I had my last period Nov. 1st-5th. My husband and I were intimate Nov. 8th-10th. I was supposed to get my next period Nov. 26th and it hasn't showed. Since my missed period, I have been feeling "pregnancy" symptoms. I took a dollar store test Dec. 2nd and it was negative. What could be causing these symptoms? Has anyone had this happen to them before? I know with my youngest I didn't test positive until I was almost 4


  • Its unlikely you got pregnant straight after period unless your ovulation occurs straight after period which is very rare. Maybe you got low hcg levels right now but have you done pregnancy test since dec 2??? Cos its February 9th now
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