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First Pregnancy

Hello all and congratulations!

Glad to have joined this forum. So I’m 4 weeks and 1 day pregnant, and I am so excited! 

Taken two tests, first was taken around 4 days into my missed period. Super faint line detected so waited another 3 days, took a clear blue test and had a strong positive, two really dark lines, freaking out about having twins 😂. 

I had some bleeding during my missed period so I am slightly worried, put it down to implantation bleeding. It wasn’t heavy at all but was accompanied by mild cramps.

Still can’t quit believe it, and feels surreal still. I knew I was pregnant days after conception! I had insomnia which I never have, and something in the back of my mind said ‘you are pregnant’ so as soon as I was 4 days late I took a test and there was the line, ever so light.

I’m booked in with the doctor on the 16th Dec anyway so was just going to tell them then? Do you guys think I should try and go earlier since I’ve had bleeding? 

Also, is anybody from the Manchester (U.K.) area? Would love to experience this with another woman, chat about symptoms and generally natter about every detail along the journey that my partner may get bored of, or doesn’t quite understand. 

Due on 20th August 2020. Thanks for reading my essay, and looking forward to this journey together! 



  • Hi @yami94, I too am expecting my first - my estimated due date is the 15th August, I really cannot wait for the dating scan to just confirm that there is definitely a baby in there. 
    So far about 10 weeks in and the only symptoms I have are the aching boobs, feeling bloated, very sleepy in the evening, can no longer watch horror movies as I use too and always laughing.
  • Hello I'm expecting first baby too. But I'm gonna hit 19 weeks tomorrow so if you want to chat you are more than welcome I'm from Birmingham
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