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  • I've got my referral for my 12 week scan/nuchal test, so I'll book that in soon. Planning on aiming for the 21 or 22 of Jan. I've actually got a telehealth appt with my GP this arvo to request a change of hospital. Originally I just said to send the request off to the hospital I had my last baby at, but there is another hospital in my approved area that has a brand new women's + children's building that looks much better. They also offer many more options for birth (including water births and home births) and their facilities are so much more modern. So I'm going to request a change. It is a little bit further away, but I would really like a water birth this time if possible, so might be worth the extra time.
  • Thanks @KristinO1987, well def give the night time b6 combo a go. The last couple of days it's been waves of nausea instead of the all day all night intense nausea that was sending me so crazy. 
    We have decided to go full on surprise for our #1, keep us guessing the old wives tales boy or girl right till the end!! 
    Only in week 7 and already finding I can't button up any of my trousers, anyone else feeling the need for stretchy clothes already!? 
    How is everyone in the uk going with the new lockdown? Hit headline news here today. I guess one small blessing is that it makes the secrecy of the first trimester and wierd food cravings slightly easier to hide
  • @MissFoy I bet it's been crazy for teachers a lot of preparing to do mine are all off my daugher could have gone in as she goes to a sen school but I'd rather her home online learning starts today @KristinO1987 chippy tea is fish and chip shop dinner 😋 good luck for your scan on thursday :) 
  • Hi folks,
    Hope everyone is doing well. 6wks today here. Sore breast and I keep getting hot flashes. My face goes super hot then it disappears quite quickly. Anyone else have this? Lots of cramps as well..and wind 🙈🤣. My last pregnancy which we lost I was really nauseous. Worried something is wrong this time. Has anyone else had multiple pregnancies with different symptoms? Booked an early scan for next week .
  • @Scotsmama I'm with you with baggy clothes I'm glad I'm not on any school runs cos def bloated I can just about to do my coat up lol @lozzz I've always loved the idea of a water birth I think my hospital has stopped them at min though 
  • This time around I have to have c section...they told me at times of DS birth that because of his birth I will need to be c section if I have baby number 2 etc. Had a bad birth with DS so I am very calm at the minute knowing I’ll just be given a date to have number 2 and then I’m I go. The recovery will be similar length the what I had to go through with my DS but this time stitches are on my tummy. Dreamed of always having water births however this didn’t happen. Making a list today of what we need to get. Hubby is desperate to decorate the nursery bless him. So hard keeping it from my DS...but need to wait until first scan to tell him as I’m now classed as a geriatric mum this time around so want to ensure all ok before telling everyone xxxx
  • I've had 3 natural labours but still feeling nervous about doing it again lol we want to make sure every thing ok before telling any one my 4 year old keeps talking about babies and having a baby in his belly which is very weird his going to love being a big brother we need to get our room sorted aswell we done lots of dumps runs in the first lockdown just got to get the oh round to doing some decorating 
  • Sj83 said:
    @MissFoy I bet it's been crazy for teachers a lot of preparing to do mine are all off my daugher could have gone in as she goes to a sen school but I'd rather her home online learning starts today @KristinO1987 chippy tea is fish and chip shop dinner 😋 good luck for your scan on thursday :) 
    Honestly it's bedlam but I understand it. I've had to tell my school I'm pregnant so they can factor this into their risk assessments which is bonkers, I haven't even told family yet. 

    Working from home isn't too bad with the online lessons but my own daughter is in school so I can manage this but I'm struggling with mum guilt sooooo bad but I just couldn't manage her at home as well as live lessons. 

    Still dreaming about my chippy... I'm thinking Friday night 👌

    Yep @KristinO1987 good luck for your scan!! Let us know how it goes.

    Is anyone else feeling a little pressure at the top of their public bone now inside? I feel like I can feel pressure inside but I know it's super early still.. maybe I'm imagining it 🤣
  • Thanks ladies, excited about tomorrow! And I’ve been in maternity pants since 4w. Little bit of bloat then, but couldn’t have any pressure on my stomach at all

    @MissFoy I feel pressure in my uterus. I feel is quite frequently now, it’s kinda fun 😊

    @littlefig team green is fun! Although I’m kinda glad we aren’t doing it this time. We did it with my son 

    @Eforbes this is my third child and all my pregnancies have been a bit different. Your symptoms sound normal to me. Glad you don’t have nausea! Mine is mostly gone as long as I eat frequently enough 
  • Soo exciting with all the scan dates coming through, I've got mine on the 21st Jan and I just want it to be here tomorrow haha.

    Is it normal for symptoms to dissappear/ calm down? My boobs aren't as sore any more and my morning sickness has vanished 🙃
  • @Dayna1234 similar situation. Week 6 here and symptoms seem to of gone. Also experiencing no sickness. From what I have read this can be common so toes crossed. Thays exciting scan is soon. I booked an early scan for Tueaday but NHS one not until Feb 17th. Counting down the days. Good luck.
  • Has/is anyone  experiencing hot flashes in early pregnancy? Week 6 and keep getting hot flashes to my face. Comes and goes pretty quickly but not heard of it before. 
  • @Eforbes this is my third pregnancy, and during the first trimester they have been mostly the same but with minor differences. My first I had bad nausea and was throwing up CONSTANTLY. Second I had nausea and vomiting, but not as much vomiting as the first time around. This one I've had bad nausea and barely any vomiting, but I've been much more tired (possibly because I have a 3 year old and an 11 month old to look after lol). I've also been really gassy this time around, which I don't really recall with the first two. Most of the differences with my pregnancies came later on in the third trimester. But in saying that, I have friends who were super sick with their first baby and absolutely fine for their second (and also vice versa!) I've also had friends who, aside from feeling a little tired, had absolutely zero other symptoms (oh how I envy them!) 

    Good luck to everyone heading back into lockdown. Here in Melbs we did 112 days of stage 4 lockdown over winter/spring and it absolutely sucked, but was worth it to get case numbers under control. Hopefully yours works too 🤞
  • How did your scan go @KristinO1987 ?
    The bloating is crazy isn't it, can't get any of my pants done up, been living in leggings but feel like I'm going to have to shop some bigger sizes already 🤔 any recommendations for maternity wear buys? 
    I live in NZ and options seem pretty boring, though Marks and Sparks ship out here and have some nice stuff for less $£
  • I got some stuff from patpat which were pretty good for the price. I ordered some stuff from shein as well, because a friend of mine got a bunch of maternity clothes from there and raved about them. 

    Depends on how long you want them to last - this is my last pregnancy so im just buying cheap stuff as I won't be wearing them again. Whereas in my first pregnancy I dropped more $$ for higher quality clothes. 

    The only thing I HIGHLY recommend is the Blanqi everyday belly support girlshort. Got 2 pairs in black and nude back in 2016 for my first pregnancy and I still wear them now (even when I wasn't pregnant lol). Good belly support when you get bigger, long enough to stop any thigh chafing and makes you feel 'tucked in' without being restricrive. Expensive, but 100% worth it IMO
  • @Eforbes thank you!! I'm 10 weeks+2 soo I guess they could be dying down now anyways. Good luck with your scan! I have a private one booked for this weekend so hopefully that will all go weell 😊

    @lozzz How is it now in Australia with covid as I've heard it's nearly back to normal? We have the vaccine now in England but there are only certain types of groups receiving it and pregnant ladies cannot have it 🙃
  • @MissFoy it does seem crazy having to tell work before family but at least you can work from home I think its safer at the min I'm sure your daughter understands and she prob enjoys the routine of being back in school my three cant wait to go back to school , good luck for scan today @KristinO1987 it is amazing how some countries really have done well getting rid of it too many in uk still just think it's all a hoax it's scary think my hormones was getting to me yesterday looking at pics of going out with the kids I miss our cinema trips and our days out 😪
  • @Dayna1234 yeah it is mostly back to normal, but where I am (Victoria) we still have some restrictions in place - we have to wear face masks indoors, we are limited to 15 people at our home and there are still social distancing rules in certain settings (cinemas, museums, etc). But everything is reopened and for the most part life is back to how it was at the start of 2020.
    We went 62 days without any community transmission until just before new years when a positive case popped up (that was linked to an outbreak interstate). We've kept it under control for now, but it did mean interstate travel is difficult as some states have closed their borders. In the grand scheme of things though, we are pretty well positioned. I guess it helps that we are an island and banned international travel very early on. We were also lucky that for the most part, everyone has followed health advice and done the right thing to stop the spread. There are still covid deniers and people who refuse to follow the new regulations, but they are the minority. I actually have a friend from childhood who fell down the conspiracy theory rabbit hole this year and unfortunately it has put a massive strain on our friendship. My cousin is a scientist who has been working on covid, and when I tried sharing information she had passed onto me, my friend basically said it was all a lie and my cousin was being paid by the 'deep state' to deceive us. 🙄 

    Hopefully once the vaccine rolls out, there are less deaths/serious health problems that stem from it and the UK can get on top of outbreaks. I know how much it effing sucks being stuck at home, especially when you're pregnant! No one needs that extra stress 💚
  • Chippy dinner is a great shout! 
  • @Scotsmama same here. This chat is a God send as we trying to hold off until first scan which is Feb 17th. We booked an early one for Tueaday as previous miscarriage. Moving house at present as well so lots of decorating going on. Hard to know when to draw the line and rest. Just want everything done and clean 🤣🙈. Also in Scotland with no children at present however so not facing the home school challenge. Good luck! 
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