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  • @Eforbes a fellow Scot! Yay! Your scan is the day after mine, 16th Feb. Seems like it will drag. I was wide awake for the usual toilet call this morning at 430am and then found myself eating two bags of strawberry laces then fell back asleep at 530am until 820am. Did a lot of clearing out of clothes this morning and bagged them up. More space now created. Time to tackle my DS room 🤦🏽‍♀️. Cleared out spare room now and brought in all his baby stuff from the garage at the weekend, went through it and put all the neutral items we can use in boxes in the room. All the boy stuff is in another box back in the garage. Forgot about some cute early stage toys we had kept so happy with that to. Keep us posted on your early scan! Can’t wait to hear how you get on! Trying to listen to my body and nap where I can, however hard hiding it from others and with the nausea but not being actually sick not wanted to do any zoom calls, so I’m in hiding lol. So desperate to tell my parents but waiting until first scan do tell them and our DS. He is 7.5 years old so I know he will be helpful when little one arrives. He adores babies and children, he is desperate to have a sibling xxxxx
  • @Scotsmama oh that's perfect! I was 11 when my little brother was born..loved being a big sis! Sounds like you have been very productive! I work from home so cant avoid the Zoom calls unfortunately 🙈. Any idea what is protocol for telling employers? I read somewhere up to 14wks? Would seem crazy telling employers before family? I have no nausea which I am a bit concerned about as had it last time. My boobs are really sore tho and I keep getting hot flashes and restless sleep. Desperately craving some dry roasted peanuts right now. Will let you know how scan goes. Toes crossed. Strawberry laces. Love it xx
  • @Eforbes 15 weeks before baby is due for employers. I’ll be telling mine once had first scan as I’ll need a risk assessment done to come back once lockdown lifted. Hoping to be on lockdown until after my first scan so I can hide it more and live in joggers lol. The thought of any meat or anything salty is making me feel sick. Whereas when pregnant with DS I was all good until almost end of first trimester and wow the morning sickness was unreal...this time I just have nausea and sore boobs. They have been worse than they have been last two days but they are huge. Have to sleep with pillow supporting my tummy as it’s pulling and is uncomfy. Always craved meat and salt with DS and later in pregnancy ice cream. This time anything sweet. Toasted muffins with strawberry jam, strawberry laced and fresh oj. Trying to figure out what I’m going to eat now xxxx
  • Had my chippy tea tonight it was sooo good 😋😋hope everyone is good nausea seems a bit better last few days bit been snacking on fruit to distract it 
  • Oh isnt snacking great 🤣. I never really eat crisps..just made my way through 2 bags 🙈
  • That’s me back on the strawberry laces 🤦🏽‍♀️ Had macaroni cheese with lots of tomato ketchup to sweeten it up for my dinner. I would love a chippie but stomach won’t like it xxx
  • @Scotsmama strawberry laces sound great right now one of my cravings has been fresh strawberries but none of the shops near me have any 😑, 
  • @Eforbes crisps have been my thing aswell but am trying not to eat too many lol I'm really hoping I dont other do it weight wise I put on so much weight in first lockdown baked far too many cakes I'm quiet anxious with the midwifes might make a comment about my weight 🤦🏼‍♀️
  • @Sj83 ah I'm sure they wont 🤓. Think the majority of people are in the same boat I'm general. Definitely need to make sure the crips thing doesn't spiral. Trying to stay active and walk/jog/yoga when can 🤞
  • @Dayna1234 aw no!! I got a punnet yeaterday. Wasn’t many left mind you on the shelves. Hope you get some soon x
  • @Sj83 @Eforbes to keep each other going let’s do a check in to motivate each other with a small walk or an exercise each day. We can update at night or during the small hours when we are up for our nightly visit to the loo lol xxx
  • Great idea! I'm gonna do a big shop and get some healthier snacks in the house as well. Talk of strawberries has made me really want some 🙈🤓. Jammy Dodgers almost hit the spot. Will aim to go a lunch time walk tomorrow on my break x
  • Great idea.  I already workout 6 days a week for the last 18 years or so, but it’s always cool to check in with others.  I always tend to gain 30 or more pound during my pregnancies 🤷‍♀️ But usually able to shed it fairly easily.  Even though I’ve always been up and down with my weight.  But I love to workout and must do it for my  I love seeing the different words that are used in different countries.  It’s pretty cool!
  • We are heading for a country walk this afternoon. Hopefully spend over an hour walking...just praying for a public toilet to be close by lol xxx
  • Hi Ladies, I’m jumping in from the due Sep thread, had an early scan yesterday and I’m further along than we though and actually due the end of August 😊 I’m almost 7 weeks so still very early days, this is baby number 5 for me but a different baby daddy and a big age gap, my youngest will be 12 when this ones comes along and my eldest 21! I must be mad!!
  • Hi @Sazy1980 I'm due 29th august but not had scan to confirm dates yet this is my 4th I have two with my ex partner and my 3rd and this little one is with my partner my eldest is 13 ,11 and 4  @scotsmama will def try to  some long walks in :)
  • Ladies..woke up and my boobs dont feel sore at all anymore and that was really my main symptom ( apart from bloating and hot flashes). Has anyone else had this? Bit concerned that it means something is wrong 😬🙈.  They were agony yesterday xx
  • @Eforbes dont worry to much my breast pain comes and go same as my nausea as long as your not in any pain or bleeding I'm sure everything is fine x
  • @Sj83 thanks 🙏🥰
  • @Eforbes don’t worry lovely. Mine aren’t as sore this normally at 430am nausea kicks in but not today...been up since 6am and nausea only just started now. Got a bad headache though xxx
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