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  • Yep, today has been awful. I've barely been able to get off the couch, and my poor kids have been very neglected today 😫🙈

    I don't know much about scan theories tbh - I still have trouble making anything out in general let alone gender 🤣🤣
  • I'm the same as you @lozzz I haven't a clue whats what on my 8 week scan all I can imagine is that my baby has an alien head and the thinnest neck or they told me the wrong part haha. Im just looking forward to scan next Thursday when it will hopefully resemble an actual baby if not a small one.

    I did that Chinese gender prediction which goes off age and month of conception and also another one which goes off if its in left or right of uterus. One said boy one said girl. I supose you wont know untill its born for 100% 

    Does anyone have a preference to what they want? X
  • I have a boy and a girl already, so I'm not really fussed with this one haha. Maybe a girl just because my daughter will be 18 months when this babe is born, so they would be close in age. But in all honesty I don't mind either way.

    What about you?
  • Welcome @Stokiejodie I have a 13 year old girl and 11 year old girl and 4 year old boy would be nice for another boy my son would love a brother to play fight as they get older lol but were really not worried either way :) 
  • Personally I'm not bothered either way aslong as I make it all the way its healthy. My partner on the other hand is desperate for a boy as he already has a couple of girls and 1 boy (his youngest) from with his ex wife so he doesn't want anymore girls. Although be did say he would be happy either way but I'm know he will be disappointed if its not a boy lol. I feel like anne boleyn desperate to give Henry viii his son haha xx
  • 🤣🤣 @Stokiejodie before I had my boy we had 4 girls between us so we really thought we would have another girl but knew my partner would love a boy when they said boy at my scan he cried was so happy 
  • @Sj83 awww bet that was amazing for him. I think he's kinda convinced himself that it will be another girl as he always has girls so be lovely for him if it is a boy. I dont want to find out, I want a surprise so I have something to look forward to after labour, so he will have along time to wait to find out haha xx
  • Be lovely for a surprise I'm just too excited I always have found out lol have you got any cravings at the min my cravings are the same as when I had my boy so I think I am having a boy 
  • @Sj83 I like to have stuff ready and be organised but I think a surprise would be nice as my friend did and she said she is so glad she did. 

    I seem to have gone off sweet stuff like chocolate and can't eat much. And the first few weeks of finding out I was craving chicken nuggets haha. Atm not craving anything as such apart from other night I felt nauseous so fancied some melon instead of food 

    What are you craving? X
  • Hey girls...not had a good day. Nausea and headaches have taken over today. I was ok until 11am and that’s it been laying down all day on the sofa...totally knocked me for six. So lethargic today. Managed to get up to bed now. So hard not being able to tel my DS what’s happening to mummy. But he has been fab with me bless him. So caring and loving. So today has been my worst day. Cravings are still very much strawberry jam and anything sweet, and still lots of orange juice. Although last few mornings I have craved egg McMuffin from McDonald’s and hash browns and not forgetting the orange juice. Other than that I still can’t eat meat....watched tv early which they were cooking burgers...omg I just couldn’t watch it...making my nausea even worse xxxxx
  • @Scotsmama oh no sorry to hear your having a time of if. Hope you feel better tomorrow after a good sleep. 

    I had a migraine all last week which I couldn't shake. I was fine when sitting or lying down but as soon as I stood up was like a painful pressure one side of my head. Normally id take paracetamol and ibruprophen for migraine but can't take ibruprophen now can we 😣

    Make sure your taking on plenty of water to stay hydrated xx
  • @Scotsmama and @Stokiejodie sorry to hear you've both been feeling rough. 
    As for boy/girl, were torn in this house hold, I'm Keen for #1 to be a girl, DH is after a boy. We will get a surprise, so it will feel like a competition, haha! But in hospital I think girl or boy as long as it's healthy we'll be so incredibly stoked it won't matter either way!! 
    As for chocolate... I miss it so much, but all I feel like is shoestring fries! (And a wierd hankering for mcdonald's which I would never usually touch.... Luckily the nearest maccers is over an hour away!!!)
  • Booo to feeling crap! I had a rough arvo today as well - threw up 3 times which is the most I've done this time around. Feeling a teeny bit better this evening, but still not normal. I'm having dull cramps; not painful but just uncomfortable enough to be annoying. I assume it's growing pains.
  • Aye boo to feeling crap! I'm super emotional today and my gosh my boobs are sore. Gone right off coffee and tea as well 🙈. No pain in one side but pains I'm general and also some light pink bleeding which can apparently be normal 🤷‍♀️. Each pregnancy just so different it's a minefield. Been a bit mean to my partner this morning 🙈
  • @Eforbes aw hun..what we like eh! I was crying last night to OH saying I’m over this, fed up feeling like this. Bless him took the brunt of it. But as I say to him he is to blame for all this 🤣🤣🤣 
    woke twice for my nightly visit to toilet...then awake 540am so made Rice Krispies with rasperberries and a cuppa, then finished a half pack of biscuits 🤦🏽‍♀️ Dreading getting out of bed and into shower incase nausea comes back

    @lozzz you’ll be fine lovely. Keep resting and being positive xxxx

    @Sj83 been bad with water so starting it back up today xxxx

    thanks you lovely gals xxxxx
  • @Stokiejodie my cravings are crisps chip shop chips pies etc we had mc ds for dinner last night oh is making kebabs tonight @Scotsmama and @Stokiejodie hope your felling better soon I've had a couple of days with headaches and finally gave in and took paracetamol but my main thing still is being so tired I cant wait for the evening kids in bed at 8 and were up there by 9 
  • @Eforbes i cant stand the smell of coffee now I havnt had cofee since I found out  I only have one cup of tea a day now I'm mainly drinking milk cant get enough of milk 
  • @sj83 it's so bizaree isn't it! Like I honestly love coffee. I'm really missing the odd flat white 🤣. Cant even have a tea or milk. Now gone off OJ and had to buy bottles water today 🤣🙈. Nausea has kicked in big time 😑
  • @Scotsmama omg you have just made me really want a bowl of ride krispies! 🤣🙈. Haha yeah your right..this is there fault 🤣. Hope your having a nice day and getting thru the bloody nausea x
  • @Scotsmama I literally just had to go to the shops and buy some rice krispies and cold blue milk 🙈...delicious 🤣
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