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  • I had cornflakes for breakfast was lovely cold milk is so good right now 
  • @Eforbes @Sj83 go girls!! Guess what I’m having again 🤣🤣🤣 it’s hitting the spot when nausea starts and then the rumbling of the tummy starts a few mins later so have to give in and eat. Really tired again today. Tried Googling different foods to help with nausea so cereal was one of them and plenty of milk xxxx 
  • I've been eating fruit to help with nausea woke up to snow here today didnt last long though started raining after so didnt settle 😪
  • Hi @Stokiejodie glad to hear from you and wish you well ❤️ I have to catch up on posts again. During the week just seems too busy to do anything else between working and kids school. Luckily Monday is a holiday so I get a break from my daughters school 😅 I’m coming up on 11w and feeling pretty good 😃 been interested in more food and actually cooking a bit. I sense my normal self coming back and I so missed her 😛 @lozzz my first came one day before due date and my second was 9 days past! It’s hard because I was waiting around expecting him much sooner 😩
  • @Scotsmama glad your son is so good with you about being sick. My kids are 3.5 and 5.5 and have been so sweet also. They are more gentle and very understanding when “mommy’s belly hurts”. And they still think I’m the best and so fun even when I just lay in the couch all day. They are great kids, even though they drive me up the wall sometimes. Funny you say that about meat commercials. When I was pregnant with my daughter, I had such bad meat aversion. I couldn’t even watch a fast food commercial and I had to kite it too because even listening to them talk about it was too much 🤣🤣

    i have a boy and girl and go back and forth on what I’d like this time. Girl would be nice since I just don’t understand boys 🤣 but it would be nice for my boy to have a brother to play rough with. I’m glad God picks and not me!
  • Fruit and cereal have definitely helped me. Been eating a can of peaches almost everyday 🤣 and that’s so not normal for me! Finally able to drink more water, haven’t had enough for a long time because it made me nauseous 
  • Hey ladies. Hope everyone is well. I now have bloody thrush 😑🙈. The antibiotics I got for my finger havnt worked but gave me thrush 🤣🤦‍♀️. Need to wait until Mon to call doc to see what I can take. Anyone had this when pregnant before? 
  • Aww that stinks! Never had thrush but probiotics or yogurt can’t hurt. I always make sure I eat yogurt with antibiotics to ensure I don’t get a yeast infection. My mom told me this from when I was a kid 🤣
  • Oh no @Eforbes I had thrush with my first I was given canasten cream 
  • @Eforbes yeah I get it often when I'm pregnant 🙄 very annoying! I've got a tube of canasten cream on hand for when it likely flares up haha. 

    @KristinO1987 haha man I remember expecting to go a bit earlier with my second too. Imagine my frustration when I was pregnant for almost 5 weeks longer than the first time! 🤣🤣 my daughter just did not want to come out, although when they broke my waters she didn't waste any time and was out less than 4 hours later. I'm interested in seeing how long this labour takes.

    How are people feeling? I've been feeling super anxious the last few days, I don't know why, but I've convinced myself something is wrong and that when I have my 12 week scan it's going to show a non-viable pregnancy. It's not based on anything physical that has happened, and I guess to an extent I've had this same anxiety each time I've come up to the 12 week scan, but ugh, I just can't shake this feeling. I don't know if it is a self-preservation thing so that if there IS something wrong I have already started mentally preparing myself for it, but it's very frustrating. I still feel crappy most days, and extremely tired all the time, and I will be having my scan sometime this coming week, so I know either way my mind will be at ease soon enough. But until then...😩

    I wish I could just fast forward to August lol (total disclosure: for the most part I do not like being pregnant. I am a 'it's the destination not the journey' person when it comes to having children haha. I prefer labour to being pregnant!)
  • Thanks ladies..think I need to get myself some canestan 🤣🙈. @lozzz it's so hard not to feel.anxious isnt it. Just know your not alone..I for one most certainly am. Its hard but you just need to try and divert the anxious thoughts or try to follow them with more positive affirmations. Xx
  • @lozzz I also prefer labor to pregnancy 😅 I generally hate being pregnant 
  • Hi ladies I enjoy pregnancy but I never have sickness so that prob helps lol my son I had really bad heartburn though that was horrible used to make me so so sick I'm feeling the same getting so anxious waiting for scan 4 weeks to go  :) 
  • Hey ladies... anyone had the metallic taste? Omg my tongue feels like I have burnt it with a cuppa which I actually did on Wednesday but it’s now Sunday and I noticed yesterday I can’t get this disgusting taste out of my mouth. I can still smell so it’s not covid. I haven’t lost my taste as I can still sit and eat my fruit and tastes perfectly it’s just after the final chew of something that metallic taste appears...awful!! Only woke once last night for the toilet, and no midnight snack lol. Got up at 9am. Had a good 10 hours sleep for once. Nauseau wasn’t to bad yesterday compared to previous days this week. Going for a very long walk today seeing as the snow and ice are finally away, need to start toning my thighs down...oh my have they grown since Xmas with the amount I have eaten and the lack of walking which I would Normally do each day at work. What’s everyone’s plans today? @sj83 I can’t believe we both only have 4 weeks till our scans 🥰 xxx @Eforbes oh hun! Hope you get some cream soon. Definitely try yoghurt too xxx @KristinO1987 thank you lovely! Xxx @lozzz stay positive lovely...keep us posted xxxxx
  • Sorry I have been quiet everyone I've just had a rough few days at work. Being moaned at and blamed for things that weren't my fault. Im struggling to concentrate at work with constantly worrying about the pregnancy. I was talking to my partner Friday and was saying I've got enough stress on atm so I dont need more from work and I'm tempted to ask the doctor to sign me off untill after 12 weeks scan due to past miscarriages and also stress and anxiety is not good for baby. I just don't know what to do.

    @lozzz I'm exactly the same every time I have a scan im expecting them to tell me I have lost the baby and accept that, then when I see a heartbeat and they say everything looks fine it makes it all more special. I cant wait for my scan next Thursday as I should be 10 weeks 1 day so should hopefully look like a baby now not a weird alien that I can't make out lol.

    @Scotsmama I have had the metallic taste at the back of my throat well its been like a mix of bad breath taste when not brushed teeth and blood taste xx
  • @Scotsmama I've never experienced the metallic taste my self sorry your having a rough time @Stokiejodie I'd def see if you can see what works says will help if you can rest a bit 
  • I had that metallic taste when pregnant with my daughter. I get a similar bad taste this time. I have been using gum and mints and it helps a bit!
  • Really weird - didn’t get it with my DS and cravings are different. I had bad morning sickness with him, this time it’s just nauseau. My tongue feels awful. Went for a long walk today and it was much needed. Currently laying on the sofa after each way too much at lunch 🤦🏽‍♀️ Xxxx
  • My nausea is almost entirely gone, but I’ve been so tired lately. Could easily take 2 naps per day 😅
  • KristinO1987KristinO1987 Regular
    edited Jan 17, 2021 5:59PM
    what did you have for lunch @Scotsmama? I like thinking about food now that it doesn’t make me sick 🤣
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