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  • Aww how amazing your scan @TTCat33for1stbaby so clear I was going to say I'd guess you and @KristinO1987 maybe having girls with high heart beats it was right for me both my girls were about 160 but my son was just under 140 welcome @MrsH02 wishing you a happy 9 months sorry to hear about your losses do your children now yet mine are 13 ,11 and 4 I've been so tired today fell asleep in the bath this afternoon was amazing I'm 8 +3 today still not heard from midwife yet apperentley any time from now till 10 weeks and should be a phone appointment 
  • Hi @Sj83, no neither of my children know yet. I don’t want them to know yet either! My daughter was with us when we had the scan that there was no HB back in October 19 (I’d already had 2 scans which we had seen a HB, hence letting her come!) and I know it was hard for her to see me break like that so because of my history I’m reluctant to tell them any time soon. 

    Yes my first midwife appointment is via the phone as well, il be 12+1. I don’t think I physically see her until I’m 16 weeks!  It’s fine, I’m not too bothered if I’m honest, I find them a bit annoying 🙈! I’m a nurse myself (I’m actually a ward manager) so find them a bit patronising sometimes and they just assume you don’t know what your talking about! 

    I completely understand about the tiredness but I’m just passing it off as a delayed covid thing to the kids, same as the sickness. My daughter had been really worried about me, which had made me feel guilty. She burst in to tears last week telling me she’s been so worried that Iv been so ill and constantly vomiting as she had seen something on the news where a 20 something year old died from covid so the poor kid has been expecting me to drop dead! 
  • @Stokiejodie it has made me feel slightly more reassured with the regular scans, I just can’t be excited when I see the baby each time though as I just think it will be short lived. It’s quite sad that my mindset is like that I know. But when you’ve had it all go wrong after perfectly normal scans where everything is good it just makes me so pessimistic about it. I don’t think il start to look forward to it or let myself get excited until I’m way past 14 weeks. 

    I fall pregnant really easily. Every time has been first month (last august wasn’t even planned) however, I have issues keeping the pregnancy. I don’t know what’s worse, I think I’d rather struggle conceiving than have the heartache of all the losses. So to get this far this time is good I know. 
    I had my first 2 when I was really young. I was pregnant at 17 had my son at 18 then pregnant again when he was only 8 months old. Had my daughter at 19. Back then it was so much easier, I can’t remember being anywhere near as poorly as this and I know I had far more energy. I do keep on laughing that I’m nearly 36 so am classed as a geriatric pregnancy!! 
  • Oh bless them I've luckily not had any sickness yet so kids not noticed any thing to make them to suspicious mine  dont know yet either we havnt told any one yet till we have first scan and I agree some midwifes can be quite no it all like we dont know what were doing 😬🤦🏼‍♀️
  • @Stokiejodie yeah you gotta take care of yourself first! ❤️ 

    Welcome @MrsH02 sounds like you have a sticky baby this time 🎉🎉 

    yesterday was so crazy with work and midwife appointment and my daughters school. Today I can barely get off the couch. I could sleep all day 😴
  • @MrsH02 I know exactly how you feel. Im exactly the same due to pass losses. Every day im thinking something is going go wrong checking for blood and so on. I think I may tell the off few people after my 12 week scan as I'll technically be 13 weeks but going keep it quiet generally untill later on. 

    Plus my partner is panicking on how he is going to tell his other children and how they react as at the moment his ex is being an arse and not stopping them from seeing him for no reason  so he doesn't want them thinking he's forgot about them and making new family. His eldest is 14 so quite a big gap too xx
  • @Stokiejodie is hard when theres other children aswell my partner has twin 14 year olds my oldest is 13 last time I was pregnant he took his girls out for lunch to tell them they was going to be big sisters they was only 9 then and I did thr same I took my girls out to tell them we was talking thr other day about how to tell the lods I think we will tell them when they come round ours so can tell all the kids together this time 
  • @Sj83 yh that would be good for you to tell them all together. I've seen on amazon you can get scratchcards and the 3 matching ones at the bottom say we are having a baby. That might be funny for them xx
  • Welcome @MrsH02 ❤ sounds like you've had such a rough trot, so sending all the positive vibes your way that this pregnancy is healthy! 

    I'm lucky as my best friend is a midwife, so I'm able to ask her lots of questions! My first midwife appt at the hospital is on Feb 10th and is a telehealth appt. The hospitals here are being pretty cautious with covid, however we have only had 29 cases since October 30th last year, and currently on day 16 of zero cases, so it's a bit of overkill IMO. Not a huge deal as I know the first appointment is just a bunch of questions about your history anyway haha. 

    Maybe things are different in Aus, as I've heard the heartbeat at every dating scan I've had (9w first, 7w3d second, 7w1d third) but maybe they just have different equipment here? Either way, as long as its visible that's all that matters! 

    So this is my second day I'm feeling okay...hoping it sticks! 12 weeks today, so that second trimester is so, so close!
  • Morning everyone. Bloody typical that it snowed all last night when i have to go to the hospital today 🙄 i hate the snow xx
  • Thank you for the lovely welcome everyone. 

    @lozzz yes your nearly at that 2nd trimester, by far the best out of the 3!! I just want to get there and hopefully shift this nausea and tiredness!! Have you thought about your friend delivering your baby or would you rather not?? I know some people can be really funny about there friends seeing them like that. As a nurse I couldn’t care less, I’d love my friends to look after me, unfortunately non are midwives! My sister was working on the ward the day I had my surgery post miscarriage and although she shouldn’t of she kept coming in to check on me and help me etc (she’s a nurse too) and it was really nice to have someone who really cares about you look after you. 

    @Stokiejodie I hope your scan goes well today. I look forward to the update. My next one is next Friday which feels like so far away although I know it’s not!! The only thing keeping me remotely positive about this pregnancy is the fact I’m still vomiting and feeling pants so I’m aware my hcg is sky high and not falling! 

    How is everyone doing with symptoms? So far I have horrendous sickness, tiredness and my boobs are tender have doubled in size (I’m usually a 34dd and a size 10uk) so they now stick out a mile, I can’t even fit in any bras, due to my covid Iv not been able to go get any new ones either. Luckily, I found some soft stretchy like crop top things that I used to wear in bed that fit me and are offering me some support.  I dread to know what size I am now. With my daughter I BF for 7 months and went up to a H cup. It looked like I had two additional heads on my chest 🙈
  • Well I'm back from my scan and abit annoyed/disappointed. I had a trainee and a normal woman. All of my other scans they have ended up doing internal as couldn't get a clear picture. This time they struggled to get a clear picture again. It was so blurry. The qualified woman kept saying can you see the flicker of the heartbeat there i was like no its too blurry. They couldn't see cervix or anything to even see where about the baby was but she said it doesn't matter as had scans before. The trainee then had ago and didn't see anything. I said is it worth doing internal scan as the measurement was putting me at 9 weeks 4 or 5 days when I should be 10 weeks 1 going off last scan. And she just goes no there is a baby and saw abit of a flicker so there is no point. Days might be out because couldn't see properly. 

    So I went in expecting to have photo of what actually looks like a baby now and the photos just of a blob. The photo they give me is worse than it looked on the screen !
  • @Stokiejodie I’m sorry you didn’t have a great time. My last scan at 8+2 was abdominal too. I think as long as they see a hb they are not too concerned and won’t go vaginally. I think it’s normal now for over 8 weeks to go abdominal. Are they scanning you again at 12 weeks through epu or do u now have to wait for your booking in scan? I can’t even recall them looking at my cervix on the scans. I know they always checked my ovaries but that’s about it xx
  • At my last scan at epu they told me to go to the maternity reception after to book the 12 week scan which will be at the place where they normally do 12 week scans. This is on 9th Feb.
     They have now discharged me from epu and said if I have any further concerns then to contact gp or midwife. I dont know what I'm going do after 12 week scan with not having scans every 2 weeks lol. 

    How you feeling today @MrsH02
  • Well I only got out of bed at 12 as just wasn’t feeling it today, I was awake at 8 but had my cyclizine and progesterone and decided that a lie in was what I was having!! I was craving a cheese sandwich so had to get up to get one. It’s funny as my nausea and vomiting hits my at odd times. I always wake up feeling sick but don’t vomit. It then stays away until about 2pm and then bam head over the toilet till about 4. It starts again around 8pm till 10. 

    My eating habits are bizarre. Last week I just wanted beige food, I’m sure chicken dippers are what kept me alive!! This week it’s crunchy nut cornflakes, cheese sandwich (got to be grated), apples and cherries oh and wotsits!! 

    It’s a bit different where I live. The midwife has to organise your 12 week scan and you contact her via the GP. My Midwife only covers my surgery every fortnight hence not getting in until 12 weeks. I’m due to move house next month and will be moving Gps as well so it’s a bit of a nightmare if I’m honest bit il stick with mine now for the 16 week appointment then change it all. 
  • StokiejodieStokiejodie Regular
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    @MrsH02 in the first few weeks after possitive test I craved chicken nuggets and still do now and again. Not with anything just nuggets and a dip lol.

    I have been finding I feel sick when get up but I'm starting to think it's hunger sickness as once had some toast I'm OK. Then normally, if I am going to feel nauseous it comes on around 7ish or 8ish after my t or if I've eaten quite alot. 

    I had my booking appointment via telephone with midwife 2 weeks ago then went in last week to have blood tests taken. Im not seeing her again now untill 1st March. My midwife works with gp but I had to call the general community midwife number to book. I called them after 1st scan on 22nd December then they called me 6th January.

    When you go for your scan at epu next week ask them about booking 12 week scan. Say you haven't been allocated midwife yet. as my midwife said it saved her a job trying book it so you might get it booked quicker and correct time xx
  • Ahh that's annoying about your scan @Stokiejodie but good news there happy with baby my scans on the 15th feb will be my first scan I cant wait it's so worrying the waiting I've had a good day today not felt to tired today and nausea not been bad last few days other then that just my breasts are super heavy my oh would love it if they got bigger lol 
  • @Sj83 thats possitive then that your feeling better. I feel shattered tonight. Be lucky if in not in bed by 9pm haha. 

    Bet your so excited about your scan. How far along do you estimate at your scan ? I am really grateful that I've had scans before 12 weeks as id be panicking too much or spending all money on private scans, just shame about the reasons I've been allowed them.

    I'm planning on going to a local private scan place aswell. They do an offer for any 2d scan plus a silver package 4d scan so was thinking of going around 16 to 17 weeks between the 2 scans then again at 28 or something so still get some scans before and after. Plus it would be the only times my partner would be able to go a scan due to covid xx
  • I've never done the private scans always like the idea of 4d one but seen as I've  never done one I'd feel like I should have done it for all of them the day of my scan I belive that I'll be 12+1 I'll prob be in bed by 9 too kids will all be in bed by 8.30 me and oh got some profiteroles to munch in bed tonight with a film 😋
  • @Sj83 sounds like a plan. 

    And I supose it depends if you will want any more. Might be nice if its your last child xx
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