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  • Hi all, hope your all having a good day. I’m not so much. Yesterday I managed a full day without any vomiting, even managed a quick trip to Morrison’s!! Don’t get me wrong I felt horrendously sick but this was the 2nd time that Iv managed a full day of not being sick in nearly 5 weeks. Today however, Iv not been so lucky. Iv been vomiting, have a headache and just feel generally groggy.

    I also suffer with anxiety which seems to of increased 10 fold, it started last night and I don’t seem to be able to shake it. I don’t know if I just need some distraction or something else to concentrate on but all I can see is doom and gloom. 

    I went to pick up a sick note from my gps yesterday. She has signed me off until the 31/1 so I’m hoping my sickness will of settled by the time I return. I also had to specify not to put pregancy related on it as I really don’t want work to know yet. So she just put it down to ongoing covid symptoms!! Fortunately, I am the manager for my ward so can give myself a bit of leeway with what I’m doing, but with covid ongoing the pressure is really on and I don’t want to look as though I’m not pulling my weight, it’s so hard!! 

    I was reading about some of you having private scans. I will
    have one around 11-12 weeks as am going for NIPT, I will also find out the gender with 100% accuracy from this too. Do you all have a preference to what sex or any gut feeling? I just want a healthy baby and am fortunate to have one of each already. I think if I could pick I would go girl as I have such an amazing relationship with my daughter however I have a sneaky suspicion this is a boy!! I was looking in to the Ramzi theory from my scan last week and from presentation I would say boy. However, with the way Iv been so sick, the way my hcg climbed and the fact I’m over 35 statistically I’m more likely to have a girl! I do find it all fascinating. I’m also really impatient and hate surprises hence wanting to know. I never found out with my daughter due to the angle she was at during scans and it drove me insane not knowing as I felt I couldn’t get organised. 

    I definitely want to have a 4d scan at around 27 weeks, they look so good! It’s amazing how you can see all the little detail and expressions- can’t wait x
  • Oh @MrsH02 sorry you hab e had such a rubbish day I've been quite good today but this evening starting to feel a bit sick  I have 2 girls and a boy I kind of feel like I'm having a boy would be nice for my little boy to  have a brother but were happy either way I'm a older mum too im 37 
  • @MrsH02 oh man, sorry you've had a shit day! Hopefully you can shake the 'off' feeling soon and go back to feeling a bit better 🤞 Glad you have a couple of weeks off though, sounds like it was much needed!

    I would probably like another girl, but I also have a feeling it is a boy! I would honestly be okay with either though, if I'm honest. I have my 12 week scan on Monday, so I'm anxious to hear everything is alright. I've been having pulling/dull aches in my lower abdomen/pelvic bone, which I am pretty sure is just round ligament issues, but you always worry it could be more serious I think!
  • @MrsH02 how you feeling today ? Any better ? I'm so grateful I havent been physically sick as im one of those people who can't deal with being sick and would be out for the count all day lol.

    I dont mind if its a boy or girl as long as it gets here safe and healthy. My partner is praying that its a boy as he has a couple or girls already and only 1 boy. I have a name for a girl that I like but not a boy so hopefully as I dont have a name it will be a boy for him lol. Im not going to find out the sex I want a surprise as then I have something to look forward to at the end of labour xx
  • @lozzz I keep getting a pulling kind of pain seems to be only on my right side same place I felt implantation pains always only lasts a few seconds but its sharp pain sometimes is worrying though at any time but once we get to 12 weeks and see them for first time puts your mind at ease a bit is everyone getting the blood tests and nuthal fold measurements at 12 weeks 
  • Morning all. Well I feel a bit better in the less anxious state which is good. I decided to be daring and cook a proper breakfast this morning as woke up not feeling to bad and really wanted bacon!! Anyway bad move the food lasted about 20mins in my stomach 😩. Oh well I feel better now Iv been sick so hopefully il get a bit of a break from it for the rest of the day. 

    @lozzz I know what u mean about the pulling and tugging, I can almost pin point the pains. It’s weird though as I was sure I implanted in the left but my scan looks like baby is on the right! Il ask next week at my scan what side as I know your scan is usually opposite.

    @Sj83  I don’t speak to midwife until 12+1 so think everything will be late in regards to nhs tests. I’m paying privately for NIPT testing at 12 weeks so I’m not getting to stressed about it as it’s supposed to be far more accurate in detecting downs, turner’s syndrome and a few other abnormalities that the nhs don’t screen for. The only problem is is that it’s not cheap 💸💸. The perk with it is that I get another scan at the same time. I can go anywhere from 10 weeks for it but thought if I space it out to 12 as I don’t think il get my booking in scan until 14 weeks at this rate! 
  • Can I ask you all how your stomachs are looking. My daughter looked at me the other day and said ‘god mum your really bloated’ 😬!! It does feel like a solid little bloated pot belly and I find myself wearing loose tops to cover it. I keep thinking it’s a bit early at 9 weeks however it is baby no 3. I can’t remember getting a bloat like this last time though! 
  • Mine seems very big and bloated today my kids keep mentioning it too even though they thought I was acting weird at xmas put them off the scent a bit by buying non alcoholic alcohol for new year so it looked like I was drinking lol 🤣I'll post a pic of my my belly in a bit I was on the over weight side before I got pregnant aswell but this is 4th baby 
  • @Sj83 that’s so funny about the alcohol thing. It’s like it for me too. I love a drink and can usually quite easily have a whole bottle of Prosecco without it touching me and I love a good flavoured gin. Covid has literally saved me from this giving me away as obviously I haven’t drank since I found out. Infact in my 2ww I don’t think I drank either. For Christmas though I had to laugh as I was bought 4 bottles of gin from different people and my daughter has commented on the fact Iv not touched them. I did tell her in dec I was doing dry Jan too 😂😂. Next month Il just put sprite in a gin glass with ice and hopefully fool her with that! 
  • Me too I like the flavoured gin too either that are we drink jd so I could get away with just drinking coke with that lol 
  • I'm 9 weeks tomoz 
  • Hi all! Wow welcome to all you lovely ladies who have joined.

    I am experiencing some spotting, started off red and is now faint brown but there every time I wipe. The earliest scan they can give me is Tuesday so I am praying everything will be OK even though deep down I suspect this is a miscarriage.. pray for me ladies 🙏
  • Sending love and hope @Jobomaphoy. How far along are you xx
  • Sending love and hope @Jobomaphoy. How far along are you xx
    Thank you, it's appreciated..  🙏

    I am 9 weeks. It's so so faint but hasn't really gone away since this morning. 

    It's the unknown that is the worst part 😔
  • @Jobomaphoy sending positive thoughts to you lovely xxxxxxx
  • Ahh nice to see you back @Jobomaphoy you managed to change your name in the end fingers crossed for you hun my sister was bleeding a lot in her second pregnancy and thought she was having another miscarriage she never and now has a healthy 2 year old hopfully scan is ok for tuesday let us know how you get on x 
  • Hi @Jobomaphoy, I had some spotting from weeks 5-8. I was told it was most likely due to my cervix being irritated (I’m still having to insert progesterone pessaries twice a day) I would notice it every time I wiped especially after sex (not sure if you’ve had sex recently but it is pretty common to spot after).
    Do u have any pain or cramping? They do say brown blood is ok as it’s old blood and your body is just clearing it out, and as long as the red blood has been minimal and not like af then I would try and stay optimistic. I really hope everything is ok for you. Always happy to chat if you need an ear to bend. 
  • @Jobomaphoy sending lots of love. I too have had spotting on and off. When I called the midwife they too said unless have pain and red then quite normal. I had an early 6week scan and they said they could see where the bleed was from but really common. All the toes crossed for you xxx
  • Ladies thank you so much, it means so much.
    It is so reassuring to hear some of you have bled or experienced spotting and everything turned out fine.
    I'm really struggling today but tomorrow is a new day. Thanks for the support lovelies x
  • Hey ladies! Crazy week again of course 😅 

    @MrsH02 I’m so sorry you’ve been suffering with anxiety, there is nothing worse ❤️ If it keeps up, you might want to ask your doctor if there is anything that can help

    @Jobomaphoy praying for you hon. Sounds like it could be normal spotting

    ive been doing ok, extra tired lately. Nausea hasn’t been bad lately, but I threw up the past two days, which is very unusual. Very weird. Although I’ll take vomiting over constant nausea! Hope you all are having a good and restful weekend ❤️❤️
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