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  • Sj83 said:
    Me too I like the flavoured gin too either that are we drink jd so I could get away with just drinking coke with that lol 
    Cute bump!!!! 😍

    Mine is almost impossible to hide now haha.

    So it is so freaking hot today. 38 degrees. And tomorrow is meant to be 41 😫 the temps aren't meant to get under 25 tonight so I just KNOW my kids aren't going to sleep properly. And thus, neither will I! Bah! 

    Hope everyone is having a good weekend. We had my daughters 1st birthday yesterday. Had a bunch of family/friends over which was nice. We set up the pool and so all the kids were occupied splashing about and running around the backyard while the adults sat under the shade and chatted. It was nice and relaxing actually! 

    Scan is tomorrow morning! Excited but nervous.
  • Sounds like you had a lovely day @lozzz were forecast snow today 😪 good luck for your scan so exciting:) 
  • @lozzz good luck for your scan. Can’t wait to hear an update x
  • So it was already 32 degrees at 7am this morning. As predicted, my kids were mental 😫 and it is now 10:44am and 38.5 degrees. 🥵🥵🥵

    My scan went well! Baby looks good, and due date stays at 5/8/21. They were going mental in there; lots of flips and twists and turns 😆 was so cool seeing their hand/fingers super clearly as they were waving their arms a lot!

  • @lozzz oh that’s fantastic.

    I don’t know what’s going on with me again but the insomnia has returned and Iv managed a whopping 2 hours sleep. It’s not helped that Iv woken up to a cracking headache. Every time I try to close my eyes my head hurts more and I feel like I’m going to vomit. It’s going to be a loooooong day today 😩
  • @Jobomaphoy sorry late reply. I had some spotting when my period tracker said I was due to ovulate. Also I've heard its normal to have spotting around the time your period would be due again due to hormones so hopefully its just that. You will have to let us know what they say at the scan tomorrow.

    @lozzz congratulations on your scan. Glad everything is well. I cant wait for my dating scan two weeks tomorrow. Im just really nervous now about the tests they do in case it comes back with something wrong.

    Also I'm worried about stopping my progesterone pessaries. Im meant to stop them at 12 weeks which is before my scan but I might just carry on untill the scan xx
  • @Stokiejodie i completely get you in regards to the progesterone. I was told to keep them going until 12 weeks too. I don’t even speak to the midwife until I’m 12+1 so feel a bit anxious to just stop them, I feel like they are my security blanket at the moment. I did read up and a lot of research suggests you don’t need them after 10 weeks as your placenta has taken over at that point. I do have some spare so am thinking when I get to 12 weeks I may wean myself off them and cut them in half and just give myself 200mg twice a day for a week then just one 200mg at night for a few days.
  • @MrsH02 yh im just panicking that my body will be like oooo all that high progesterone has stopped so I best get ready for period. Stupid I know.

    The EPU said to me that they understand that women can be really anxious over stopping taking them when they have been taking them for so long so suggested if I wanted to keep taking them untill my 12 week scan then when I think I'm 12 weeks (next week) just cut down to 1 a day then stop after scan. Xx
  • @lozzz so glad scan went well big relief when see them for the first time @MrsH02 sorry to hear your feeling rubbish again were back in to home school mode again today weekend goes to quick my scans 3 weeks today 
  • @Stokiejodie it’s not stupid at all I completely understand you as I feel the same. I got myself all worked up last night as wasn’t sick yesterday and my boobs felt softer. Honestly I’m just driving myself round the bend unnecessarily, I know I am. My anxiety takes over hence not sleeping and I become irrational in my thinking. I’m forever checking I’m not bleeding, I’m starting to think at times I’m cracking up. Fridays scan cannot come quick enough.
  • @MrsH02 I think everyone is like that especially when has miscarriages before. Everytime I go toilet im expecting to see blood as I feel like some has come out but its just the pessaries lol. Personally I'm just thinking the worse that its all going come crashing down the  happy when I go for a scan and it isn't. Dont know how I'm going cope after 12 week scan waiting for next one as I wasn't going to book the first private one untill about 17 weeks which will be around mothers day. 

    And dont worry about symptoms it seems like everyone's comes and goes. Im constantly pressing my boobs to see if they still hurt 🙈 xx
  • @lozzz wonderful scan pic! I love seeing baby move around 😍

    hope everyone is doing ok today. I have had some insomnia lately too, but luckily I get a good nights rest at least a few times per week. Although my dreams and so weird
  • @KristinO1987 my dreams are so weird too I dreamed I had twins the other night lol I've finally got my booking in app over the phone with midwife for thursday :) 
  • Well I've seen on a NHS fb page for the area today that from they are going to let partners attend 12 and 20 week scans ! Fingers crossed for 2 weeks time xx
  • @Stokiejodie has your oh not been able to come to your previous ones? Mine came to my last one, he just had to wait outside until I got called into the scan room. In my trust partners have been able to come for some time thankfully. Although he can’t come on Friday as he’s currently isolating (long story and I’m absolutely fuming about it, it’s all down to his ex’s stupidity) so have to go alone 😔
  • My hospital allows one person but we have no childcare so I'll be  going on my own 
  • Hello lovelies,

    Thanks again for your support ... so turns out my little jelly baby is doing well! We have no idea why I've had such strong pains and some bleeding?! But I will take that....

    We got to see a nice, strong heartbeat and he/she is measuring 3 days further along than we thought.. 😁

    Carrying on from what you were all discussing, my husband was allowed in with me for the scan but had to wait out on the corridor until the absolute final second.

    I'm in a happy little bubble today. I cried.. I was just so convinced it was bad news. 

  • @Jobomaphoy I’m so pleased to hear all is well. I just think the 1st trimester is nothing but worrisome. Il be so glad to get past 12 weeks and see the 2nd.

    We could do with having a little chart going so we can see everyone’s EDD as I’m so rubbish at remembering how far along everyone is. 
  • @Jobomaphoy thats amazing news ! How far are you measuring now ?

    And no I've had to go all my EPU scans myself and midwife. They have only just started allowing partners to 12 and 20 scans from yesterday. So I would of been going them all on my own if they hadn't change. That is another reason I was going to book a private on so he could go xx
  • @MrsH02 that would be a great idea about the dates. Maybe we could do it when everyone has had their dating scan so we know better xx
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