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  • Hi ladies. Unfortunately AF showed up😢 so im back to TTC...congrats to all who are expecting!!
  • I have been craving chicken more lately, but even when I crave it, it is still hard to choke down sometimes because food is just 🤢 most of the time. I heated up some food for my kids last night and the smell 😭 and it was food that I love! I hate this part. I have been able to eat my vegetable soup so I’m happy about that. Lots of nutrition and I add some lentils for extra folate. I’m not taking a prenatal, just tracking my nutrition to make sure I’m getting everything I need 
  • @Leano sorry hon. You should join us in the ttc groups! I tagged you in one 
  • Has anyone experienced brown discharge before that sometimes has clots in it? This is one symptom I'm struggling to cope with, I have a scan in 6 days to have a check up 🤞🏻 everything will be okay. 
  • @Dayna1234 I’ve never had any other color besides clear, white or yellow in pregnancy, but I know brown is old blood and it’s not uncommon for women to have spotting in pregnancy. Sending hugs ❤️
  • Hi. Saw this site today and decided to join😊. Im 5 weeks 4 days today went for my first gyna visit and confirmed. The yolk is not yet visible. Bleeding a little hope all goes well. Fingers crossed. This is my first pregnancy and im 25 yo. 
  • Hi @Thickthighgirl and welcome! Hope your bleeding stops soon. Do you have a follow-up at the doctor scheduled? I’m having a homebirth and don’t see the midwife for a while yet. Still waiting on my ultrasound orders and will get one around 7 or 7.5w. I’m 5w3d now. Feeling so nauseous. Are you having any symptoms yet?
  • Im a first time mom to be. Hubby and I are very excited about this. I'm still about 5 weeks pregnant and have noticed that my uterus seems to get crampy when the A/C is on (it is summer for us right now and it is very hot) and always feel the need to have a small blanket on my waist and lap to keep this area warm. Is this normal in pregnancy, has anyone experienced this or should I be concerned?
  • Hello everyone 👋🙂
  • @OverTheRainbow

    Heyy congrats!! I have been experiencing crampy feelings too but have been told by the doctor that it's normal🙏 I'm now 7 weeks exactly and I'm still getting cramps, I've had a couple of scans and everything seems to be progressing fine for now 😊
  • @OverTheRainbow it’s great you’re listening to your body! I wouldn’t be concerned. The body can be very picky when it comes to temps and some other things. Cramping is very normal although I never knew until this pregnancy🤣 my first two pregnancies, I don’t think I had any cramping whatsoever 
  • @Dayna1234
    Congratulations 🎉 and thank you so much. I was getting a little worried. Every little thing that happens to my body now, I'm on Google trying to make sense of it. I feel so silly at times. 
  • @KristinO1987
    Thank you and congratulations on your pregnancy 🎉 I'm glad it's nothing to stress about. 
  • Hi all

    I am feeling rather confused I am 15 dpo and had a feeling I may be pregnant about a week and a half ago and took a test then which I am pretty sure showed a really faint line. I waited a couple of days, took another which was definitely negative. My af was due last Monday and I am normally quite regular. I took another test today which showed another faint line so I took another straight away that was negative. I'm not sure if it is evap lines I am seeing as surely the second test would have showed a faint line too?

    I normally have various symptoms a week before I come on my period including sore boobs, headaches, bloatedness but have had none of these. I have however been feeling soo thirsty and had the strangest of dreams every night! I am going to take another test in the morning first thing. 

    I am just wondering what people's thoughts on this is? I have it in my head I'm pregnant but would the line be very clear now? Sorry, this would be my first so everything is very new! 

    Thank you :smile:
  • @Bracken246 did you use first morning urine for your test? I would test again tomorrow. Did you confirm ovulation?
  • @KristinO1987 I didn't confirm ovulation, no. I just use a tracker which is normally quite accurate. Also didn't use first urine of the day but I will in the morning. Thanks 
  • @Bracken246 good luck! Def use first morning urine 
  • I’m not even 6w and this nausea is ruling my life 😩 between that and extreme exhaustion, I’m not doing well 
  • Hi everyone. We just got our positive yesterday. We haven’t been to the doctor yet but based on calculators online, due date is on August 20th. This is our first child so we are excited and a bit anxious too. Hope everything goes well.
  • @Bracken246 which test are you using? I recommend first response (so pink dye) over blue dye ones. I would assume if you are over a week late for your period that a positive would be quite strong, regardless of when you take the test. This was my test on the day my period was due.

    Either way, take a test in the morning and if you're still confused, perhaps see your GP and get a blood test done. Good luck!

    @ROADaccess congratulations! It's such an exciting (albeit nervewracking) time. Enjoy it!

    @KristinO1987 I'll be 8 weeks on Saturday and I feel ya. Lucky for me it seems to be worst in the morning and i tend to feel a bit better around 10am. Touch wood, but this seems to be the mildest of my morning sickness out of all 3 pregnancies so far. First one I was throwing up daily until 24 weeks, second I threw up less but the nausea was worse (although it went away by 14 weeks) and this one has been crap but not as bad as the first two. I'm hoping it continues this way, especially as we haven't shared the news with our families yet so I can't even palm the kids off to them using the pregnancy as an excuse 🤣
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