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  • 😘😘❤️❤️ @OverTheRainbow I’m sorry
  • Hey ladies  

    Im 7 +3 and im feeling AWEFUL.
    IM EXHAUSTED, constantly in pain and achy and nauseous and tired  

    I know it's a blessing to have a strong healthy pregnancy. But this is shit. 
    I feel hung over every morning. Nothing I do makes me feel better. 

    @KristinO1987 how are you feeling? 

    @OverTheRainbow im so sorry for your loss. 
  • Hello everyone! I had my bfp yesterday after some faint lines earlier in the week. 
    I am likely to be due at the very end of August. 
    I was part of these forums back in 2016 in the "due in August 2016" birth club and can't believe I'm back here hopefully having number 2 after saying never ever again.. 😬

    Hope everyone is well, excited to see what the next 9 months bring 😁
  • Hey @TTCat33for1stbaby! Sorry you’re feeling that way. I completely understand 😩😩 I’ve been surviving. Thank God I get to work from home and can lay down. It helps the nausea. I’m just barely keeping it under control with unisom/b6 at night and eating frequent carbs during the day. I barely eat veggies anymore 🤯 I used to eat so many

    @MissFoy I hear ya! I hate being pregnant, this is my third. And I hate it just as much 😭 nausea all the time is just the worst. We will make it together ❤️
  • @OverTheRainbow I'm so sorry, that really is terrible news. I hope you are doing okay and have loved ones who can help you through this traumatic time ❤

    Oomph my nausea is coming and going. It was my birthday yesterday and it was like my body was like 'okay, we'll give you a break as a birthday treat!' because aside from feeling exhausted, my nausea was mostly just mild as opposed to overwhelming. This morning I feel a bit sick but nothing as bad as I was last week, which makes me feel a bit anxious.

    Isn't it crazy that we hate the sickness yet crave it as a security blanket when it teeters off a bit?! 🤣🤦‍♀️
  • Hey ladies! Im here after my bfp yesterday and today to confirm it! I did my test with hubby this morning and he was over the moon! Should be due end of August! Good luck ladiessss!
  • Hey welcome @EmPa so glad you could join us 😊
  • Morning ladies I got my bfp yesterday I think I'm due the 29th August expecting my 4th :) 
  • Hey @EmPa and @Sj83 we are all due last few days of August! Congratulations on the bfp's! 
    I don't have any symptoms at the min other than the fact I've gone into major savings mode (not a symptom but funny!) 

    ... I just wish I'd gone into savings mode a little while ago before I spent a bomb for Christmas!

    Anyway, I don't plan on spending too much this time round, did anyone else spend a fortune on their first baby? Definitely learnt my lesson I think 😐
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    Hi everyone! I’m 6w1d, due 14th August. I had a scan at the EPU on Friday as I get anxious and had some one sided cramps and I saw my little bean and a heartbeat!!

    Relating hard to the comments here about feeling awful. I’m feeling the same and struggling with it because it feels endless.

    Last week I could eat normally but this week I have strong food aversions and nausea. I’m eating so unhealthy but otherwise I can’t eat. I’m sick of feeling sick. 

    I felt okay yesterday and not bad today as I did before. I’m using the sea bands in desperation. I find I can’t handle ANY pressure on my tummy, not even my top! It’s very sore, uncomfortable and makes me feel more nauseous when there’s anything on it.

    I’m very tired and just not feeling myself. I have one six year old daughter and don’t remember feeling this bad but maybe I did. I feel so so blessed to be pregnant but I hope this stage is over soon because it sucks. It’s starting to make me feel down. Luckily my partner is AMAZING and looking after me. 
  • Hey @MissFoy my only symptom at min in needing the toilet so much and being really thirsty other then that feeling good :) I'm with you on the spending I spent so much on my 3rd there was a big gap so was totally starting over again this is my 4th and still have a few bits so wont be going over board with the spending like last time especially as they out grow things sooo quickly lol 
  • @BabyNumber2Yay glad you had some piece  of mind at your scan hopfully you be feeling a bit better soon 
  • Sj83 said:
    Hey @MissFoy my only symptom at min in needing the toilet so much and being really thirsty other then that feeling good :) I'm with you on the spending I spent so much on my 3rd there was a big gap so was totally starting over again this is my 4th and still have a few bits so wont be going over board with the spending like last time especially as they out grow things sooo quickly lol 
    They really do! I think this year has taught me what's most important and that's definitely not fancy prams and fancy clothes considering as you say, they last minutes! 

    When do you plan on ringing your GP/midwife etc? I have had my bfp but no idea on when to start the ball rolling with appointments etc. or whether I should just wait until mid jan until I'm a few more weeks along.

    Ahhh @BabyNumber2Yay I hope things get better for you, every pregnancy is different isn't it? I do hope you're feeling better soon.

  • Thank you girls, I really appreciate it. How are you all feeling?
  • I'm going to wait till next week I think I'm going to take another test make sure my lines still good I think with everything going on I have to self refer to my local midwife and I agree this year I think has made people realise the important things :) 
  • Welcome @Sj83! I’m so happy for all of us here 😊 sorry to everyone feeling sick. I definitely am. My healthy eating has gone out the window and replaced by carbs or whatever doesn’t sound disgusting that day 😣 I’m extra hungry in the morning and most places aren’t serving lunch food at that time 😭😭 I don’t even want to be smellling food and always have a bad taste in my mouth. Ugh. Ok whining over. I am very happy to be having another munchkin, but this is definitely planning to be our last 😆

    I asked my midwife for an ultrasound referral over a week ago and idk if she’s just been busy with attending home births or the holidays, but I’m getting a little anxious about not having my ultrasound scheduled. I’m coming up on 7 weeks and it usually takes a couple weeks to even get on the schedule

    This is my third child move always wanted three and so has my husband but he did take a little convincing to have this one 😊 he has really stepped up this time. Been out to get me food and keeping the littles occupied so I can rest a lot 😍 would make me horny if I wasn’t so sick 🤣🤣
  • I bought way too much stuff for my first but downsized a lot. Only bought a different baby carrier and breathing monitor for my second. Idk if I need anything for this one? Maybe different bottles since they don’t make the nipples for the kind I already have. I have plenty of diapers and wipes (cloth). Might replace my umbrella stroller since the canopy is messed up. Hoping to get an infant car seat from my friend since I gave mine away
  • @MissFoy I totally agree that this year has really taught me what’s important. I kinda already knew, but it really solidified it and gave me the needed space and time to help improve myself, my patience and anger, and loving my husband and kids ❤️
  • @BabyNumber2Yay I can’t take any pressure on any part of my abdomen either. Been in maternity pants for a couple weeks not and no bra either 🤣 my uterus feels heavy and round ligament pain is here too! Wondering if I’m having twins 🧐
  • Pmsl @KristinO1987 my oh woke me up today saying morning my pregnant lady 🥰 we dont normally get scans till 12 weeks but says I should contact a midwife or gp before I'm 10 weeks I've never really suffered with morning sickness with my others I was sick once with my son when I was about 6 months and my girls a little bit but not till after 12 weeks I remember the feeling of it not feeling real till seeing little ones at a scan have you told your other children yet we wont be telling any one till we have scan 
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