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Anterior placenta

Hey mama's 

I was told at my private scan at 18 weeks that I have an anterior placenta , which made sense since its my 8th I would feel baby much faster, but I was finding I am only feeling little kicks and movement. 
So when the tech told me it made sense. 
I found out after 6 boys I having a girl! I'm so excited but now I'm upset cause I can't feel her like how I would my boys. 
It gives me anxiety, I have a doppler but I try not to use it often, but I love hearing her heartbeat it puts my mind at ease. 

Anyways do any of you moms have or had anterior placenta ? When did you start really feeling your baby move and kick and did you see the movements on the outside as well? 

T.I.A ❤ 


  • Hey there, I'm sorry you are feeling stressed. I had an anterior placenta and felt v little movement until around maybe 22 wks. Then after 28 wks it was so intermittent that I had to go down several times to get checked but the wee man was OK. My sister had anterior placenta too and although she felt movements later, like 22 wks, she felt movements fine after this and never needed additional checks. But neither of us really saw, many movements from outside. Also we had nothing to compare it to as all bubs were anterior placenta. So it's prob so much harder when you can compare. 

    Congrats on the news of a baby girl. That's fab. Xx
  • Thank you for this, its a lot harder cause I know when I felt my boys and I only feel her when I'm laying on my side in bed other then that its nothing I figured when she gets bigger I can feel her more. Awe you really didnt get to see it on the outside, thats my favorite part 😔. 

    Thank you! I'm still in complete shock that I'm having a girl, my boys are excited for a baby sister ❤
  • No sadly not 😭 when he would do a big flip I would sometimes see a wee ripple. But as I didn't know any different it prob wasn't as difficult for me. Some people with an anterior placenta feel a lot more than I did but I know it's so different to a posterior one. As she gets bigger you should feel her more. 

    It's so exciting that you are having a wee girl. Congrats again 😍😍😍 xx
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