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  • Hi maniacal, do you find a difference maternity wise between the two cities. Yeah I would want one before I went away too so I could relax and enjoy the break. I'm might just phone the surgery and see If I can get midwives phone number and try and get some information. My cousin who live in fife and just had a baby said the midwife visited her at home at 8 week's and then had a scan at 12 week's and that she had a big book to fill out, I guess it's different everywhere
  • Stupid auto correct that was meant to say mamacat
  • aww bless ya I bet it's driving you crazy! I've had nausea too lasting all day grrr and a few pulling sensations, tingling boobs and flu like symptoms! X

  • It's been quiet on here recently. How's everyone going?

    I'm 7 weeks today and have been exhausted and definetly feeling more yucky than I remember last time. Don't particularly feel sick, just yucky if you know what I mean? As for the tiredness I'm sure looking after a 9 mo isn't helping image
  • Hello everyone. Im due December 4th with my 5th child. Im hoping its a girl....i have 1 girl & 3 boys. Their ages this year will be 8, 6, 3 & 2. My daughter is the eldest.
  • I went to the hospital for cramps last night....they couldnt find my babys heartbeat :'(. Im at my private physician right now waiting to be seen. A million things are running thru my head. Im an emotional wreck :'(.
  • Hi JAdderley, 

    hope your private physician as some better news for you... fingers crossed.... 

    Was this your first scan or did you have any before this one where the heartbeat was visible... 

    Big Hugs xox

  • Hi girls just thought I'd give you an update. I had an early scan on Monday and found out I'm having twins!! Ahhh I'm so happy right now I feel so blessed! :0)

  • Congratulations for the great news babylis image

  • Sadly i miscarried :'(. Im still in hospital. Congrats to all you ladies. Im definately going to try again.
  • Sorry to hear that jadderly :0( xxx 


  • Its okay @babylis, thank you. Congrats on your double blessing. All the best to you image
  • Hello!

    I'm new to the group, but also due on 16th Dec 14. This will be my second after 2 years of trying, so I am very excited. My son is looking forward to becomng a big brother very much!

  • Hello ladies

    I hope everyone is keeping well? We have our 12 week scan on Tuesday I'm so excited to finally tell everybody our news! :0)


  • That's great news Babylis, hope everyone is really excited to hear your news x
  • Hi

    does anyone mind if i sneak in with you guys?  I am due 1st January but likely to he earlier due to csec last time x

  • Hello moomin-mama congratulations! How are you doing? :0)

  • Hi I'm due dec 10th so I'm currently 26.2 weeks following five years trying and two cycles of Ivf. I'm very excited but also scared hope you don't mind me joining x
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